Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Eve

Well we had a party....we've been to a party, I've spent what seems likes days wrapping and tagging gifts (all eco styley of course - well in truth as eco as re-using paper gets !

We've tracked Santa's wearabouts on the 'noradsanta' site and the kids are now all a-kip - albiet keeping one eye open for him. They've left 4 carrots and a mince pie and milk for the reindeer so lets hope they're hungry.

Off to midnight mass now - the one service I never miss

Thanks for a great year if you've been a regular on the site or forum.

Have a great Christmas and new year


Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Tues 18th

Date wrong on last post, sorry. I've foolishly decided to have a small christmas drinks bash - am I mad ? 4 kids and no help and way too much to do...hey ho...

hence short blog....

Friday, 14 December 2007

Fri 13th

I truly am a hopeless blogger and I've been called worse. Last Fri was great fun on The Wrigjht Stuff, not much chance to mention many gadgety gifts excpt the Eco media player but we did a good plug for a 'green Christmas'

Not much xmas shoppng been done round here, we've all been manicly packing up the fab 'natural home', 'beauty' and 'baby' boxes for the lucky website comp winners.

Tues night was great, went to the Yestolife xmas party and met some of the charits supporters and a few people who've benefited greatly from the charitys help, determined to buy that sauna for them (see front page) I realise I should have made the hamper comp a raffle !

Back on BBC brekkie yesterday talking ways of getting the kids doing the housework.....oh dear so glad they didn't film it round here.....

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Wed 5th

Just want to say a big thanks to everyone who has donated to our 'yestolife' cause. We want to buy a hyperthermia sauna, (see info on front page of site) and I'd love to get it by the new year - come on we're nearly half way there !

Hope ya'll got the tips this month, man alive its gonna be hard parting with these goodies boxes to the 3 lucuky winners ...if you haven't entered yet please do and drop a quid or two into paypal for the charity - way better odds of winning than the lottery and a more inspirational prize !

I'm 'Inika-ed' up today wearing all my gorgeous new mineral make-up, if you listne to Steve Wrigth this afternoon you'll know I interviewed Nicole Kidman aand gave her some...hope she likes it too !


Saturday, 1 December 2007

Sat 1st Dec

I managed a fleeting press trip to cornwall this week courtesy of '4 companies 1 vision. Fiona and I stayed at Trelowarren estate - man alve what a fab place, dined at their wonderful restaurant and enjoyed some samples from spiezia Organics. Had a look at the lovely organic ranges from Frugi and Seasalt cornwall and whizzed back on the train (with a biodeisel taxi to get us there ) all within 24 hours !
Felt refreshed though I must say.

Today I've been in Brentwood at their fantastic ligthing up Brenwood event, they really put some effort in, its a great town and I paraded with the mayor in all his finery.

great fun - oh and there were real reindeer there with antlers and everything...everybody say aaaahhh

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Sun 25th Nov

Just back from interviewing Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig for the big show, it was one of those 'junkets' so I only got about 5 mins with each but they were charming. I also squeezed in a meeting with the lovley Miranda who wanted to show me the Inika cosmetics range - fantastic, luxurious and decadent but 100 per cent natural. i took the liberty of givng a goodie bag full of it to Nicole so watch this space, must be in for a cut if she becomes the new 'face of inika' They're already huge in aus so we'll see.

the reason for the interviews by the way was to promote the Golden compass - the new must see fantasty, the lead girl is gonna be a big star - 13 yr old Dakota I enjoyed it, jsut unsure if I should take the kids, theres a fair few scraps even if they are with armoured bears !

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Thurs 22nd

I have just 'won' Celebrity (steady on !) Popmaster on Radio 2 - in truth only cos I was greatly helped by Lee Ryan, I knew all his q's and he knew most of mine !

My stinking cold is not the best ad for my healthy lifestyle but hey ho, a girls gotta have a natural detox !

Off to snivel somewhere until Wrightys show, he'll be telling me the echinacea will take 4 weeks to kick in...

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Tues 20th

Just got back from a fab trip to my beloved Cornwall. Crispy and sunny and cold.

Bedruthan Steps Hotel is fantastic, kids had a ball. We went to the Eden project and went skating, fantastic, slipping and a sliding, Sun was the health event and there were some fab companies with stalls including Purenuffstuff, Beyond Organic Skincare, Trevarno and loads more.

We bought a gorgeous 100 per cent silk duvet,

Back to report later

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Don't know if this accepts 'links' but I've just answered a little profile thingy for Ethical Jobs

guess you'll need to cut and paste !

anyway - made me realise how lucky I am running this fab site and particulalry our cuddly forum.

Off to cornwall on Sat for a talk on Sunday - looking forward to meeting up with so many of the companies I recommend
See you soon...

Sunday, 11 November 2007

bling ! Sun 11th Nov

Well as you may know I'm a 'trashy' jewellery kind of gal, loving lots of recycled beads and colourful bits and bobs, but lately I've taken to wearing pretty much constantly the gorgeous silver stuff from LA jewellery (on my directory on main site )

I supassed myself today though, i must be getting a bit more grown up cos I went to a jewellery sample sale of Thora Walton stuff TW collection. (much cheaper than it is in boutiques, Fenwicks etc ) I know Thora but hadn't seen any of her latest pieces - man alive - I'm 'blinged up' - well rose quartz crosses on pink cord anyway (closest I'll ever be to bling !)

If I could post a pic I would...hey ho....I'll wear it when I'm on The Wright stuff next - Dec 7th I think


Thursday, 8 November 2007

Thurs 8th

Surpassed myself in not updating - sorry for anyone early awaiting news of celebs et al.

Its been a 'normal' week, is any week ever normal ? but you get my drift, we all went to a fab bonfire party and chilled out the next day, stil clearing out heaps of stuff for the charity shop (suprised they aren't screaming 'enough already'
Really looking forward to the Cornwall trip, details on the Bedruthan Steps hotel website.

Off to take the kids to a new 'rock school' tonight, 9 year old on bass, 7 yr old on drums, should be a racket...

Will report back if I suspect the forming of a boy band any day soon

Monday, 29 October 2007

Mon 29th

Where has the week gone ? Today I was up at the crack of 4am to do a quick thing on BBC1 brekkie on organic food, then onto The Wright Stuff over at ch 5 to do my bit on the sofa, Matthew is such a star.

Haven't told you either about Fri night at the Green Awards finally found a green sparkly vintage top to wear with flares and met some fab people including the lovely Pennie Poyser who was hosting the event.

Sat I did a talk for Higher nature at the London school of pharmacy, a highly intelligent audience - welcome on board anyone who was there and is new to the site. Sun we made a rare appearance at our church which is sadly miles from where we live and were delighted to find Martyn Joseph playing a couple of numbers. fortuitous as I'd planned to go to his gig the night before at Union chapel Islington - see previous blogs for more on Martyn

Sunday, 21 October 2007

sun 21st

Rocky was 4 yesterday but we're celebrating tomorrow as yesterday was also the big 50 for our mate Lushi. He roped us all in to do a gig with him. If you get chance go see The 2 Ronnies - fantastic tribute band, great 'steve marriot' style singer and a top Mick Jagger lookalike. I togged up in my vintage 1970's catsuit and sang b.v's (have you ever counted the amount of 'woo woos' on Sympathy for the devil ?)

Go see em live if you can -

Great fun night hampered only by a power cut so the gig couldn't actually start till 10.30 !

Needless to say knackered and hoarse today

Monday, 15 October 2007

mon 15th

What a week ! I finally got to Riverford Organics in Devon for a talk and 'supper evening' last Fri, fantastic and the BEST organic food and wine. Up at the crack and off to open the Cheltenham Health show, got to meet a great bowen guy Tim and fixed my RSI in 5 mins !

Sun was - well.. a mix... the bouys were desperate to do a car boot sale (we've been clearing out....I did a (short) interview on BBC London and got a parking ticket to boot. Mid evening I went to Stanton Manor Hotel and today did a photo session and TV commercial for Supplements - exhausted ! Trusted stylist Rosi was there to sort oiut my clothes, thank goodness ! trouser hems down et al....

Monday, 8 October 2007

Mon 8th Oct

Book has finally been delivered - yippee, frantically manged to complete the tip sheet too. I did a talk at a District Rotary conference yesterday - another well kept secret - they have 1.2 million memember internationally and raise a fortune for charity.

We sold out of books which was very stressful but good I suppose.

Sun PM I took Rocky nearly 4 to the West end to see The Lion King, he almost exploded with excitement ! (the imperfect sweets probably didn't help !)

Promise to update this blog a bit more often now...

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Tues 2nd Oct

Good weekend, odd being back in Nottingham, my old homestead, the traffic is worse than London though. Fab hotel near Chilwell and even a TK Maxx on the complex.

The Ldies Circle alwasy know haw to throw a party and this was no exception. A realy fab do with great food, a Frank sinatra tribute guy - usually i detest those kind of acts but he was excellent and then the Drifters played - at least one original member !

Michelle the new NALC president was made up cos Esther Rantzen attended, they gave a whopping 5K to childline

Sunday was spent in A and E cos my eldest boy got an infected foot ! stress!

Anyone waiting for Oct tips - aplogies, gonna be a week late.
Bye for now

Friday, 28 September 2007

Fri 28th Sept

Just heard I'm doing Love Songs again on Oct 7th that will be fun. Gonna be on LBC this lunchtime as part of their green week, I hope they're OK with me being on barely lime green and imperfect to boot.

Off up country later for a Ladies Circle Presidential ball - man alive can those girls party ! - really looking forward to it.

(anyone fearful I'm not working hard enough the laptops coming with me...

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Tues 25th

Back from Harrogate - Natural Health show - fantastic to meet everyone there.

Tonight I've been to a great charity gala event for the Lowe syndrome Trust - great fun chatting to Johnathon Ross who is one of their patrons and Tony Hadley - we had such a laugh about the old music biz days. a star studded event actually with Russell Watson, Beverly Knight and Newton Faulkner on the bill.

No idea how I feel I've got time for such galivanting, 3rd book deadline is now extended to next week so back on my head...

Sunday, 16 September 2007

sun 16th sept

I presented Love songs on Radio 2 today, forgotten what a lovely show to present it really is, stacks of slushy letters !

Fri we went to a fabulous party in surrey, I hope to part of an new venture around 'conscious Living'. ther'll be an online radio station, a website and a central London shop so watch this space, its gonna be exciting. Met up with matt Harvey again - poet, and he did an impromptu 'turn' He is HiLIARIOUS !! I'm still laughing at his poem called - clouds - whata are you like ?

Yesterday was good too, I did an opening talk at the Maternity Services public meeting organised by the NCT, met osme lovley ante natal teachers and persuaded a few of them to try out my new 'joyful pregnancy Cc hope they find it goes down well

Knuckiling bakc down now to book 3 (completion date looms) and for a break I'll bowup a few balloons, my baby girl is 2

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Tues 12th Sept

Of course I'll update it regularly was my response to hubby telling me I'll never have time to keep a blog, hey ho, hes right again.

I feel as though my feet haven't touched the ground since last thurs - Fri I did some interviews to help promote Neals Yard remedies then headed off to Totnes in Devon to do some writing. Beleive or not I have never visited the holsitic capital of the Uk before and I LOVED it. Trust me I can't cope with a new addiciton in addition to St Ives in cornwall !

Anyways got some work done in between shopping trips looking at the fab new agesy shops and organic supermarkets like Greenlife. The BEST veggie restaurnat Willow and on sunday I went for lunch with some freinds and met Matt Harvey a poet, what a lovely guy. the train home was delayed but I had Matts book to keep me company.

Photo session madness going on...will report back in due course...

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Thurs 6th sept

The last few days have flown by....jsut been to get my hair highlighted with Daniel Field (what you mean you're not a nautral blonde ???? ) well yes actually but as one gets older you need help) and he tells me he has a new range of skincare products coming out that are totally pure - labelled 'free from' cos thats what they are - toxic free - well watch this space.

Up at the crack tomorrow doing some radio interviews - I've been asked to do them becasue Neals Yard remedies are sponsoring Organic fortnight with the soil association and they're holding organic 'wake up to organic brunches' across the Uk, I gotta tell you I'm converted to their organic orange flower oil, its fantastic. I had one of their holistic facials and it was incredible - still can't stop people asking me if I really am the old woman...

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Tues 4th

Great day - was asked at short notice to be on Jeremy Vine show at lunchtime to comment on the report about the dangers of deodorants. He even plugged the first book for me, bless his heart ! It flew straight up to 125 on sales on amazon !

Slight come-down as the site then crashed while potentially thousands of people were checking in but we're back now.

Photo session for the 3rd book is being set up for next week so I'm very conscious that I've eaten all the pies lately ! any tips on losing inches in 6 days - apart from fasting of course !

Monday, 3 September 2007

Mon 3rd Sept

Back from a great weekend at Rude health in Dublin, met some fab people - a special hi to everyone from Solgar and the inspirational Ian from Orchid books.

Frantically finishing off the tips now so they'll be on the email to you tonight I hope, some fab comps as usual......hope you're signed up.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Thurs 30

What a fab party we had yesterday, Questsonline did us a fantastic personalised Horrid Henry and Dennis the menace treasure hunt. Brilliant clues and drawings. they even do adult versions ! and no I'm not on commission !

all a bit of a come down now....for about 2 weeks then my baby is 2 ! boy is having 4 kids expensive !

Monday, 27 August 2007

Tues 28th

well early firstborn is 9 today ! what a milestone...somehow seems so much more grown up than 8 - Just had a couple of fab days at Greenbelt, I've been going for so many years but still always come away feeling uplifted.

the talk went great and I got to meet a few forum members which was fab. greenbelt has also gone officially 'green' I've never seen so many stalls claining to be sustainabel, organic and environmentally friendly...imperfect old me though trolled round the site with poor Lulu in disposable nappies - hey ho.

Off to plan 'horrid henry / denis the menace' style games and hopefully we have a treasure hunt coming from questsonline - lets hope I can work out the clues....

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Sat 25th Aug

Feeling odd cos ususally at this time on a bank hol saturday I'm at the Greenbelt festival - (speaking there on monday) but today has been wonderful.

I was a speaker at the conference of the Church of Scotland guild - must be a website but I don't have it to hand - anyways what a well kept secret - these women (and a few guys) raise astronomical amounts of money for their chosen charity projects including one close to my heart the bluebell project for post natal depression

It was a great expereince hearing 2000 women singing in Dundee Caird Hall and after my short talk I met so many inspiring women, and I also sold nearly 200 books !! Get down - spread the word - any guild members please come and join our forum and share all....

Thursday, 23 August 2007

relaxed at last..

I had the BEST holistic facial last night. You'll know of Neals Yard remedies for their gorgeous creams, oils etc but I didn't know that they did treatments.

Anyways they sure do, and this was the best most fantastic holistic facial. Organic Orange flower facial oils and a beautfial white tea spray and balms et al

anyway my puffy eyes aren't as puffy and I will defintiely be repeating the experience - I had no idea Neals Yard had so many fab products either

check them out on my directory - health and beauty

I also have a 'mens box' for tim Smith - watch out cynics corner - he won't be able to slag that off !

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Tues 21st Aug

Just back from a fab fleeting trip to Cornwall with the older boys. I got my fix of sea air and they had a wonderful time cycling, climbing over rocks in the rain (!) and we went to an incredible Daredevil Stunt show, a fridn of ours actually has a relative who is the UKS only female human cannonball !

We popped into Bedruthan Steps hotel and also went to the Eden project - first time I've been there, really well done, the kdis had a ball building a den and then putting all the bits away !

wish I'd made it down during July for one of the open air gigs there, sounds fab but I already planning a trip in Nov for the open air ice skating

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

tues 14th aug

Gosh sorry for ages without blog, head down writing I guess. Fab day at work meeting Roy Wood of Wizard fame - I kinow I'm older than god, but he looks exactly the sme except for a few extra pounds (who hasn't ?) and his new band sounds fab

I did a good (I hope ) talk in Mickleove Derby last night and met up with Tanya from the forum and Janine from Naturtint as well as my sister who is local.

Tonight I met another forum member Louise who cam and did a demo on 'cooking stonewear' from pampered chef - man alive its fab, I wil be reporting back in due casserole course...


Monday, 6 August 2007

mon 6th

What a fab weekend, bit hot but proper old style seaside family break for us. down on the beach in sunny Margate and no typing for 2 whole days ! Bit of a I'm back on it of course.

Watched a really silly girlie vid - Hope Springs with Colin Firth - is it me or does he always play the same role ? not that it matters a jot - hes gorgeous.



Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Tues 31st

Been mad busy but fab weekend in Monmouth, the festival was on and we all went to 'singalonga Grease' in the square, they played the fillm with karaoke lyrics and we danced and laughed for hours.

Sunday was great, Rosi and I went to Penrhos court 'organic' hotel in Herefordshire - best organic lunch ever ! I was speaking at mamaheaven - oh fab idea, a pampering retreat weekend for mums with their young babies.
will report more in the features


Friday, 27 July 2007

Fri 27th July

Where has the week gone ? I answered an email yesterday saying yes I'd b delighted to do the Jim David show on LBC on Mon 30th July mstakenly thinking that was 2 weeks off ! anyway I'll pop up on the phone briefly I hope around 1.15

Nice to be back on with Wrighty, hes very much on form and great to meet Siouxie Sous (of the Banshees fame) She looks fantastic for her age I gotta tell you. a new single and album out soon.

I'm staying in Wale his weekend, well in Monmouth and going to a 'mamaheavn' retreat on Sunday to give a little talk on Imperfectly Natural Baby and Toddler, hoping the roads into Herefordshire aren't flooded, right now for the first time in ages I'm sitting writing with the sun streaming in and no rain !

See ya


Thursday, 19 July 2007

Thurs 19th

Sorry about wrong date yesterday - a fab day today promoting prune juice - yes like your grandma used to recommend them - this ia brand thats huge in Aus - sunraysia - new to the Uk - great thing is its pure squeezed prune juice - theres no additives or preservatives / GM etc and the food miles are less - from Agen in France rather than California and its in glass bottles - oh what joy after the plastic !

Met lots of journalists and had a nice sight-seeing tour of London on an open top bus - haven't seen the tower of London in years

off to have my prune juice - part of my recommended five a day - my mate Michelle as in Ladies Circle president (get her) reckons that chocolate is one of the five too - well its from cacao - a bean - equals vegatable !

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Wed 19th

Off from the beeb this week but probably just as well with The Wright stuff and so much writing to do.
I'm hopeless when its humid, can't actually settle to do anything and sadly I don't have the fabulous distraction of the sea like I did last week.

Tomorrow I'm taking part in some interviews and promo stuff for a great new Prune Juice - see I can hear you saying - prune juice !!! but its got nothing added and tastes fab, poor prune -gets a bad rap!

Frantically trying to organise activities for the kids as lots of their usual stuff is off now for 6 weeks - guess everyone is hassling with that right now.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Thurs 12th

Starting to chill now...jsut as I'm due to come home...The Wrigth stuff monday is all things baby related so get your pregnant or baby-ed up freinds to check in - no doubt the real nappy debate will come - I feel a good argument with Ben Bradsaw on the cards after his recent declaration that real nappies aren't in fact good for the environment.... for a paddle

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Wednesday 11th July

Its alright for some....after an arduous train journey I am tapping away gazing at the most brilliant blue sea and for once its not only in my dreams. I am on a writing sojourn to Cornwall, seagulls laughing overhead and I'm in truth almost breathless with the relief of being back here.

Just been to see the gorgeous Simon at Making Waves - yes the one in the first book - he is now with the gorgeous Sarah and they have a lovely baby so single girls lay off. The guest house is looking homely as ever and they've also refurbished a fab self catering apartment with the finest view of St Ives bay

On another note, back to reality thanks for the support for the home ed show on Five live - listen again on if you can and lend your support by emailing remember you don't have to be anti-school to appreciate that home edders have their rights too......blimey got all political there....must be the sea air.....

Back on The Wright stuff on ch 5 on Mon 16th..

Back for a paddle...


Saturday, 7 July 2007

Sat July 7th

What a week, I am so fed up with WIND ! buffeted and blown across muddy fields - aaagh ! Fab though in a bizarre kind of way, the kids loved HESFES ( home ed seaside festival ) We did have a lovely campsite and a sea view but must say I was thrilled to get back to a warm bath with essential oils - heavenly.

Up at the crack again today to go to a fab Ladies Circle event (see feature) True luxury - wined and dined at Woodlhall spa in Lincolnshire - I did threaten DH that if he didn't behave I'd take him to my old stomping ground of Skegness for some bracing sea air (he only did the first day of the camp )

Tomorrow - oh so important I'm presenting an argument ( hope it won't get ugly) on Radio 5 live on Home education - please email in your support - you don't need to be home -edding to appreciate the right to choose email

its in 2 parts 11.15 and then again 12.15

its coming live from the wimbledon finals - what a waste - the pordcuer texted me to say hey we've got you in to wimbledon - you cna stay and watch the tennis - she picked the only presenter who has no interest, frankly I'd rather eat bark - no offence to tennis players or lovers....

Will report back...I'll have a strawberry for ya....

Txt is I think 85058

Friday, 29 June 2007

Fri 29th June

Great afternoon on the big show yesterday, we interviewd jellyellie - fab if you've got teenagers (theres a comp on July tip sheet out this weekend - you signed up ?)
Also we interviewed Candi Staton - what a legend, 'you got the love' one of my fave records and took me back to my days presenting the gospel show on GLR when I interviewed her, Pops Staples, and the womacks etc
She looks great for her age too, gigging with Al Green - the reverend no less.
Sadly I'll be in a wet field next week camping - don't ask....I'll tell you about it if I make it though....


Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Heres comes the rain Tues 24

Well actually slightly better today, you may have seen BBC brekkie this morning, I was on agian with Dr rosemary talking food supplements picking up on the echinacea story yesterday.

Then I read that fascinating survey from the states that proves that patients whose beds are on the sunny side of the ward imrove far quicker with the same treatment - no suprise there then - after a thoroughly wet dark couple of days i'm off for a walk - my light therapy box has taken a hammering I can tell you.

No pressure on me right now, only got 2 articles July's tips sheet and a third book to write (well the first 2 by this Friday - the book I have another 6 weeks) Feel free to feel sorry for me !

Monday, 18 June 2007

Mon 18th June…still crazy after all these years

What a fab night, I took my mate Sue,left the kids with DH and went to catch a gig at a local folk club. The artist was Martyn Joseph and I've known him for a scary 25 years. I've alwasy been a fan but I swear he gets better and still looks gorgeous.....made me realise I should have a links 'not related to natural living but still fab' category on the site.

Sue was completely converted and he had us blubbing to one of his oldest songs 'Cardiff Bay'

Go see him live if you can, hes always gigging though often in Canada and the States


Sunday, 17 June 2007

Sunday 17th June

Yesterday was fun at the Association of breastfeeding mothers conference in Liverpool. What a great bunch of people and some inspirational speakers inc Michel Odent and myself of course - she says modestly !

Hi to the woman with the gorgeous newborn tucked neatly into a sling...don't even thinj about making me broody again...I have far too many children as it is !

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Thurs 14th

Is it me or is it getting hot and humid ? When its like this I SO wish I were by the sea. Sadly not, I'm in Hitchin Herts tomorrow am for a talk and then off the ABM in Liverpool on Sat, fortunatley the lovely Fiona is keeping me company, I am now being very un-green and driving there as it was just too problematic trying to organise book delivery and train times around childcare. My dear mate is having nightmare with 'sitters' for her dog when shes away from home. Difficult one, kennels seem to cost a fortune in some areas.

I'm actually wittering now, its v. late and the kids are only just in bed having trashed the office. A good thing actually cos its forced the issue of a lock and key - some places really do need to be 'kid-free' !

15 mins on the chi machine then off to bed listening to the fab meditate in 20 mins CD (not sure if its meant to send you off to kip but it works for me)
Unlikely to report back till sunday

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Tues 12th June

Fab weekend, we went to a friends wedding, the perfect summers occasion really, Sun was spent having another clear-out - boy am I a hoarder but the good news is I have now been 'Rosi-ed' - see features by Rosi Flood, she helped me finally clear out all my clothes that were'nt exactly doing me any favours, still can't compet with fashion icon DH though - Rosi really has made hime a new man and its great working with a stylist who just wants to help the individual find their style whether thats charity shop chic (me) or slightly more upmarket.

On an entirely different note we're going to the home educaters seaside festival in a few weeks and interestingly don't actually have a tent...better get on it...

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Tues 5th

Can't remember if I told you about - I was filmed as one of their talking heads for the website - lots of celebs - (and me) talking about what they re-use, recycle etc.

It was the 'pre-launch' party last night, I met Vanessa Feltz pic, coming soon...and a host of other fab people.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Mon 4th

Back from a fab weekend away for DH's birthday.
Hope you've got the June tips and I've now got to get working on my next column for Herts life (the June one is out)
Trying to think of something for Tim on cynics truth he wants something he can truly be cynical about ! currently he has some organic chocolate and some Cherryactive cherry juice - something tells me they'll go down well. I've also passed on a 'green 8' radiation protection thingy for your mobile phone, that could go either way with Tim.

Have a good week

Friday, 1 June 2007

Fri June 1st

Where does time go ? Busy week.....I did Breakfast Tv on Wed talking organic beauty products...followed by an exciting TV meeting, then another meeting with Junior mag who I hope to be writing for.....After that I went to Johnny Walkers book launch party ....meanwhile during the day DH (darling husband) was being 'styled' by Rosi Flood (see features) That was my birthday pressie to him, anyways I was expecting him to have a new jacket or something but I walked into Johnnys bash and he was there before me looking like a veritiable pop star - new choppy haircut and a fab red shirt that he would never have chosen for himself but looked amazing.

...gonna be fighting for the mirror now....

Off for the weekend...June tips out now...some fab offers including a chance to win life coaching et al

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Sat 26th May

Rainy murky old day and the kids are depressed cos they wanted to hold a car boot sale and sell all their toys. The Rocket gardens veggie plants are perking up after looking a bit lacklustre in the heat.

Yesterday was good fun with Jim Davis from LBC - boy did we enjoy that Nourish chocolate - he ate the 'alert' one and I ate 'female balancing' - seemed to sort us both out !

I recieved an 'ionic toothbrush' in the post today for review....don't ask...I haven't tried it yet...sometimes this is fascinating work !

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Thurs 24th

Fab day yesterday, we went to the only soil association accredited pub in the Uk. Duke of Cambridge in Islington.
Great wine and food etc, it was the venue for a party held by Bray Leino a great PR company so I got to meet the lovely people from the Eden Project, Innocent Smoothies and wigglywigglers.

Tonight is the dutch Nursery event where I hear the organisers have lined up organic wine from Vintage roots a la my launch party, can't be bad....

Monday, 21 May 2007

Mon 21st

Walk to School
Just been to do an event for Hertfordshire county council, part of their 'walk to school week' campaign. we had a huge unflatable globe - (good for photo opportunities) which represented the amount of carbon emissions 4 short journeys to school would be in a vehicle. (they reckon most journeys are less then a mile)

Really sweet kids and I just posed with them for a pic. I have a nice life don't I !

I rarely watch TV but did catch wife swap last night - anyone see it ! Lol !

Getting on the phone now to drum up some people to come to the event on Thursday, their website has been down, oh the joys of technology !

Friday, 18 May 2007

Fri 18th may

Just back from the gorgeous city of York. a really nice event organised by a very energetic Ecoflow distributer, great that some forum members came along too.
We stayed with our friends Carolyn and Christian and their 4 kids in their divine farmhouse that put me to shame with its elegance and tidyness - only consolation is that they have 3 girls and a boy and we have 3 very messy boys and a baby girl.....retrned home to that veritable messy homestead after a fleeting visit to York city centre. I signed a few copies of the new book in Waterstones so theres ome signed copies there gals and enjoyed a really girly hald an hour in Lakeland. Boy that glorious catagloue really does come to life ! DH remained singularly unimpressed till I showed him 'barbecue corner' We came out with a fab kitchen crock composter and lots of gadgets we don't need !

tomorrow.....shame I'm not reavelling anywhere...the roads should be light....the boys tell me theres a footy match on...


Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Tues 15th May

The sun has finally come out, Hallelujah - I feel like we've all had cabin fever with a water -logged garden !

Desperately trying to plan a trip to Cornwall but keep getting diverted by offer to do talks etc, very nice but I need to see the sea !
Off to York on Thursday (see diary) but sadly may not see much of the place.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Fri 11th May

Just got back from a smashing fleeting trip to France with Ecover to see their brand new factory at Bolougna (sp ?) We did the Eurotunnel (missed it going out !) and had a lovely meal where the waiters were most concerned that a fairly high number of us were veggies, but the parma ham ws duly slipped out of the melon dish....fab hotel and wonderful to have a nights sleep away from the cherubs....the new factory is HUGE - an amazing eco-build, fascinating systmes in place. Ecover really are one dedicated company - sadly I missed several of the what seemed like entertaining speeches as they were in renditiion of 'je suis une rock star' really wasn't quite enough !

Met some lovely guys from Ecotopia and tried Ecovers brand new 'personal care' range not yet out in the this space..

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Sun May 6th

Me and Sharon at the launchYou can tell how busy I've been as its a week since my last one of these, a record even for me. The launch party was fantastic,(pic here of me and Sharon Trotter) - huge amount of organisation but it was a great atmosphere and loads of nice people, fab organic wine from Vintage roots and though I say so myself the BEST goody bags. Thanks to all the companies who gave us freebies to give away.

The next day - thankfully no major headache as the wine was organic.....I went to Cardiff for a Ladies Circle ball and AGM - see my features for more on NALC - boy do those guys know how to party !

Sat am went to Waterstones and signed some books and Sat Pm coc-a hoop to see the new book in Sainsburys ! Number 32 in the chart - get her !

Holed up in a recording studio today finshing my latest venture a pregnancy CD - all will be revealed.....

Monday, 30 April 2007

Mon 30th

Hellishly busy and the weather is so fab its a travesty.

Frantically trying to get the tip sheet completed, its gonna be well worth the wait guys - well I hope you won't need to wait, should be with you tomorrow 1st May, some excellent offers and competitions, you've got a few hours to tell your mates to sign up !

Actually having moaned about my busy-ness I did take a couple of hours out today to meet the lovely Maria from Solgar, we had a fab meal at Lussmans which has organic and locally sourced food, I swear I will not fit into anything for the launch party on Thursday - so bloated up !
On that note......what do I wear ?....mmm I feel a charity shop rummage coming on...

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Thurs 26th

Well book day has finally arrived, a slight anti-climax - its kinda like you've given birth but no-one poeps round to congratulate you ! I have one fab review though on Amazon so I'm happy. There's also lots of fab giveaways related too if you buy the book so don't say we don't try to give you stuff. Off the scale busy as always trying to plan the launch party next week and jack up some fab stuff for the next tip sheet too.

Just had an amazing session / lesson in holographic breathing from the lovely Martin - I'll reveal all in a feature and comp soon. Feel kinda spaced out actually...its not often I sit still for more than 10 mins.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Mon 23rd

Knackered after yesterday and after all that it was BBC News 24 not BBC 1 so hope no-one got up to watch (fat chance when you can have a sunday lie-in I'm thinking) Just as well I wasn't watching the marathon, always makes me sob....

Only a few days to go till the new book hits the shelves, somehow I don't think there'll be a rush in the style of the new Harry Potter but I had an email from a lovely granny today who is waiting to get her hands on it to buy for her 'not very green at all yet' - daughter in law...that should help with family relations then !

bye for now

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Sat 21st

Knackered is the operative word, I spent hours yesterday having a massive chuck-out and re-sort of the office (well small cluttered section of room that is alledgedly the office) I now have a veritable array of car-bootable or church fete items. Of course I'm too imperfect to be able to do any of that myself - far too into 'hoarding', so I had to call in the cavalry in the guise of Naomi 'clearly organised' Saunders - see Features for her top tips. Some people really do have the knack of just getting you sorted and putting systems into place that will work with the kind of person you are.....messy...untidy...oops I mean creative

Still don't know how to upload a pic here.....still wondering why anyone would need to 'post slug' ?
Have a fab weekend

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Thurs 19th

Fab piece in The Guardian today - 'Green Living Room' - you never know with press, if they'll say some-ut you haven't said, but aside from promoting another soapnut compnay they were fab (not that I don't promo them too - its just that I had given them Sarahs details....anyways.....

One week to go till the book is released and am I booked onto Richard and Judy , LK today and This morning ?....not yet......visualise...visualise.....

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Wed 18th

You may have seen the Matthew Wright show today, what is it with me - I only ever work with people with Wright in their surname ! Matt Alwright standing in for Matthew Wright !

Anyway thouigh cynical about all my various theories he was nice,
Exhausted though, getting up at 5am twice in a row takes me back to the old days of working on virgin radio....


Sunday, 15 April 2007

Sunday 15th April

Had a fab day at Natural Products at Olympia, lots of people came to the talk and it was great to meet some of the girls on the forum. I was there at the request of Viridian Nutrition - fab stand made of recycled cardboard - inc chairs and yes they took my weight - I was concerned I can tell you ! I do love the people in this industry, so many great companies. I hadn't even realised that Solgar had been giving away my book as part of their supplement deal so they asked me to cut their cake - its their 60th anniversary - I posed for the photo session and drank the champagne with pleasure - the actual cutting I left to someone else !

Fiona and Gaby did a great job of blagging some great freebies for our goody bags - this launch party is gonna be the most talked about in town !

Bye bye

Friday, 13 April 2007

Fri 13th

Woke up with a slight headache - exhaustion its fair to say, which reminds me yesterday I walked into a hight street store and almost keeled over from the synthetic chemcial wihiff ! Isn't it interesting how when yiu stop using so many chemcials in your home and on your 'person' you become really attuned to the smalle when you are exposed to it.

Looking forward to the Natural Trade show on sunday - hoping to meet lots of people I've only known virtually till,now.


Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Wed 11th April

Feet barely touching the ground right now, BBC brekkie went well on monday but in my old age getting up at 5am knackers me now - probably not helped by the fact that I'm up with various small children 4 times during the night too. Counting down the days till the book launch and frantically trying to locate eco-friendly goodie bags and lots of fab stuff to put in them. I go then


Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter sunday

Happy easter !

I went to a fab 'dramatic easter vigil' at my church last night - boy what a service. The church was in totoal darkness apart from 5 candles We heard 5 readings and then at midnight the bells chimed - a huge indoor pyrotechnic firework went off and then the whole of the back of the church was lit by giant floodlights (behind the stained glass window if you get my drift )

Fab, I do love a theatrical service !

Have a lovely day - go easy on the choccy - I'm going to need to, I can bear fit into any of my trousers and I'm on Breakfast TV on tues talking superfoods - mmm shall I mention chocolate ?


Friday, 6 April 2007

Good Friday

Hoipe you're having a good one. Our friends finally arrived from cornwall yesterday afternoon and delivered my fab pressie hamper courtesy of Gear Farm (the organic farm event I spoke at on Mon) I thought it wa just some honey and the Helford river apple juice but theres also some goodies from Spiezia Organics and the most gorgeous outfits for Rocky and Lulu including a stripey hat which Rocky hasn't taken off since it was opened. (could be interesting if we ever do consider a hair wash)
I've also just had my first slice of organic chocolate easter cake - get down.

I'm on TV on tues - they'll need to winch me in - better choose a colour that hides my bulk !
Happy easter
P.s anyone reading this lucky enough to be going to 'Sarahs shop' opening party tonight in Helford passage I am SO jealous - have fun. Enjoy the Roskillys ice cream

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Thurs 5th

Oh so exciting I finally have ONE COPY of the next book Imperfeclty natural Baby and Toddler in my hot sticky hands, looks great, very colourful and Orion pulled off a deal with natural collection and theres a £10 voucher with every book sold to spend at the natural collection - fab - we're also drumming up a free nationwide gym membership if we can work out the logistics...

Book should be in shops and at amazon on April 26th

Exciting - just need to plan a party now


Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Tues 3rd

I know its only a few hours since my last blog (well 12) impressive for me.

Anyway just brimming with excitement that the kids have just collected a big bunch of purple sprouting broccoli from our garden that came from our organic instant veg garden last year - courtesy of Rocket Gardens - they're on the tips this month as an offer - 10 per cent off I think so get in now - fab easy way of growing your own organic veg - even if you only have a windowsill

Don't usually 'plug' stuff on my blog but its so exciting - you can tell I don't get out much !!


Monday, 2 April 2007

Mon 2nd

Just back from Cornwall, feeling re-vitalised but kind of 'twitchy' cos I've left my heart there iyswim - sounds naff doesn't it but I'm so addicted to the place and really should live there...hey ho.

Brilliant time anyway. We stayed at Mertan manor which is gorgeous - jsut on the Lizard near Constantine - gorgeous.

Met up with the divine Mike from Rocket Gardens (see the directory and the latest tip sheet offer) - such an inspirational guy. We had lunch at Helford passage and the kids played on the rocks. Cornwall must be the only place where you can get a pub lunch, then stoll to a beach ice cream kiosk and get organic ice cream for the kids and a recycled 'gem' bracelet for yourself - c/o Sarahs 'shop'

Today was excellent - a 'party' at Gear farm - the home of Cut4cloth - see the directory - jsut the most gorgeous organic coton clothes for babies (in cloth nappies ) and older kids, also Spiezia organics, an amazing Cornish Honey guy and the best organic plants, breads etc etc - oh and Heford River apple juice just near by - man alive if I did live there I'd be the size of a house - but a very happy 'organic' fat I'd be.

A huge big-up to Viv Carne who ferryed us from the train station and a huge thanks too to the guys at Trelowarren, they're plugged in the next book - check them out, fab eco time shares and self catering holidays.

so as you can see I'm full of it, back to the beeb tomorrow.

by the way, if you didn't get my tips (and why not ?) you missed some amazing offers. But also the announcement that I'm finally 'myspsced up' I am slightly billy no mates though so come on down !


Saturday, 31 March 2007

sat 31st

Off to sunny Cornwall. Yippee

Lets hope some sea air sorts out my cold....

Tips winging their way - if you're sunscribed on sunday - though I say so myself some amazing prizes and offers


Thursday, 29 March 2007

Thurs 29th March

sorry its been ages, thank goodness no-one is hanging on my every word - how do people blog every single day ?

Anyways I've been to a lovely event today. Actions Speak louder is an initiative that the government have funded to give £115 million in totol to various projects across the UK, Young people need to create the idea and then ask for money to implement it to help themselves and other young people in their community. I presented some fo the awards (alongside the youth minister I'll have you know !!) and I met some great people, really reminds you that the 'yoof of today' are actually great. Fantastic band played too, a bunch of guys about 16 / 17 - guess what band they chose to cover ? Led Zeppellin and Deep Purple !! I almost wofted my flares.

I actually asked a guy who came to chat to me in the style of a really old person how to take pictures on my phone, (well its a new one! ) after falling about laughing he'll helped me and then 'sent' it to his phone - wow technology. I had a true senior moment I can tell you. If only that helpful boy could pop here and show me how to upload pics to my blog I'd share it with ya'll....


Sunday, 25 March 2007

Sun 25th

Well an interesting weekend - not exactly full of the stuff dreams are made of, but fairly productive. I did the talk at the Natural wellbeing hsow to a small but perfectly formed audience and managed to watch The Secret in the evening. the boys were rather non-plussed as the remeote control (podge) as we call it for the DVD player is their domain and their alone so when Mummy highjacked it for a bunch of metaphysical talking heads they were not best pleased.

I did ask Sonny (8) if he would tidy his bedroom as it was starting to resemble the Twilight Zone and he decided to answer me with an artistic 'installation.' I went to get a drink and when I came into the hallway he'd found a toy broom, some of the baby's toys, a couple of socks and various other items to sepll out across the rug - YES - That boy will go far.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Thurs 22nd

Good day today on Steves show with Glenn Harrold on the show, hes written a book with audio CD and hes on Orion books too. I met him at the authors party and he sent me a bunch of his hypnotherapy CD's which are fantastic. Watch this space for a possible collaboration !

I have a miserable cold but am warding it off - how about you ? Poor baby Lulu has a streaming nose but mananges to smile delightedly throughout.

Any snow your end ? None here but its is oh so cold, evne for me and I never feel the cold

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Tues 20th March

A fab day I must say. I had lunch with Green people - thats a couple of women from the company not just people who are green - anyway....I'd met Sue before but not the lovely Charlotte Voltz who is the founder of Green People. What a gorgeous knowledgable woman. I also came away with some lovely goodies to try too so I'll report back.

After the show I had a meeting with a TV producer about a possible show so fingers and toes and everything crossed !!!!!

We'll get our barking mad ideas (only joking) out to the mainstream if it kills us !
bye bye

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Sunday 18th March

Happy mothers day. I did get some smashing sparkly cards from Sonny and Buddy and we had a lovely day out in Suffolk having lunch with friends. Serious sleet on the way home and oh so freezing which is quite incredible when I think only last weekend we were in Brighton on the beach I thank you ! did I even tell you how fab my weekend away was ? probably not...techncial probs getting into the blog this week, I'll bring you up to date in due course. I've also done some very interesting new photos which I'm keen to see, bout time I ditched the dodgy old ones.

Really good time last Friday too at St Peters church nr Ely - packed church for our little 'evening with' gig and I met osme great people. No rest for the wicked, sat am I was at the 'Cute in cloth' do at Maidstone County Hall, I left my own cute in cloth baby at home though and jsut did the professional thing (alledgedly)

Bye bye, any Radio 2 listeners will be sad that Tim is on hols this week so I'm doing Mon and Fri this week too.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Tues 13th March

Back from a fab weekend. Sat was the Activate conference in coventry, what a lovely bunch of women. I had a lovley dinner sitting ext to their chairperson Fiona Castle whose energy is fab. Her daughter Julia sold me some gorgeous jewllery too which is made in Peru. I'm hoping to get some info on the site cos thats ACTUAL fair trade in practice.

If I knew how to upload pics I'd show you some photos.

Sun and Monday I was in Brighton - oh what sunshine - gorgeous ! I had a fab walk by the sea and did two sessions which seemed to go down well Sun evening was the awards ceremony which I hosted and the live ban was Uncle funk, as I' so ancient and have been in the music biz for years there was at least one band member I'd worked with and a few people who knew me from Cola Boy days !

Back home and lots of fab samples and goodies to try out and hopefully I've twisted the arm of several compnaies to do some giveaways on the site

Bye bye

Friday, 9 March 2007

Fri 9th March

Boy am I tired, I have spent so much energy sorting out the chidcare arrabgements for this weekend that I feel as though my head will I need to address what I'll be talking about...oh abd the very real possibility of a bad hair day !

I'm off to Brghton on Sunday so hoping this fab weather continue so I can get a glimpse of the sea with sun shining on it.

Bye for now

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Wed 7th march

What a fab spring day and I SO love daffodils, they completely cheer me up. If you heard the Steve Wright show today you'll know Wrighty gave the site a little plug and we bigged up Tim Smith on our 'cynics corner' here on the site. I gave him an amazing body stick on air (a truly innovative natural deodorant see natural collection in directory) - he is convinced it won't work !

I also gave him a 'natural toothbrush' (see directory) and - well you can imagine the response ! I reckon he'll love it though...if you see an attractive bald guy chewing away happily on a bit of twig on the train...check if its Tim.

Bye for now..

Monday, 5 March 2007

Mon 5th March

Steady on - my 3rd blog in as many days ! it will never last !
I had a lovely birthday actually. a bunch of girlfriends and I went to Next Generation gym (see lifestyle in the directory links for your nearest one) and just had a refreshing swim and then chilled out - well, warmed up actually in the gorgeous aromatherapy spa room. (like a kind of gentle sauna with essential oils wafting by) Then we sank some imperfect non - organic wine and came home where my loving DH did his very best Jamie Oliver and cooked a fab 3 course meal for 10

All was quiet on the toddler and baby front till about 10pm when they suddenly perked up and decided to join the party. It was all really quite cute see-ing them in their PJ's It started to wear a little thin at 1.30am when they were still rocking - putting on their own little show at the end of the bed.....we're all suffering today !

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Sun 4th March

Happy birthday to me ...very rainy here but the gorgeous sunflower drawing from my little boy cheered me up no end !

Weird isn't it after a certain age, birthdays are just 'odd' I looked in the mirror and definitely do not feel a day over 20 - sadly I looked about 110 after a late night and interrupted by babies...the usual...

Off to church then having a 'girly' party tonight, no offence to my male mates....


Saturday, 3 March 2007

Sat 3rd March

You can't deny it - even with our high tech email world its great getting a few letters and parcels through the snail mail.

Today I got my bouquet of flowers from The Organic Flower company and they are FAB and smell heavenly. (check March tips sheet for special offers.) While we're on smells - since doing The Wright stuff so many people have been intrigued by the 'smell busters' that we've decided to do a giveaway. See The big Giveaway on the centre panel of the home page. They really work.

Anyone reading this blog not joined up to the forum by the way - we're missing you ! come join in, we won't bite.
We're imperfect after all

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Fri 2nd March…oh so early..

Up with the sparrows to get to BBC Breakfast - talking - well hopefully not nonsense but the whole thing of finding the right bra size and standardisation of dress sizes,

Hope ya'll got the newsletter finally, a veritable magazine though I say so myself. I am frantcially trying to slap on some of Naomi Green Hands' nasty chemcial free nail polish before I head off but fear I'll smear it if I have to go and pick up the baby who usually wakes without fail exactly 3 mins before I need to creep out of the house.

Still I'm promised a bunch of those fab organic flowers for my birthday so that should cheer me up - no end
bye bye

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Wed Feb 28th

...well actually its after technically 1st march and no....newsletter still hasn't gone out....brings a whole new meaning to the word tiredness actually.......still juggling competition entries and comps but you'll have it in all its glory by tomorrow ( well today) I promise. There are some fab comps and offers.

If you're a forum regular you'll know I'm looking for contributions for features so if you're a budding writer check the General forum....what do you mean you aren't a registered user? go for it !

its my birthday coming up soon, Pisces - bet you knew that !

Monday, 26 February 2007

Mon 26th Feb

Well I actually got to revitalise myself a bit with a fleeting weekend in Margate Kent. OK so I know its not exactly the Costa Del Sol or even Brighton but it was great to see the sea.

We were 'en famille' so the kids got excessively messy and muddy playing in rock pools and finding treasure in caves.

Back to the 'grind' and March is now scarily close so I'm frantically gathering fabulous offers for the next this space.


Thursday, 22 February 2007

Thurs 22nd Feb

Its mind-numbingly boring isn't it when people go on about how tired they are ? so I won't...but I am....its not helped by several children climbing into bed with us at different times during the night (I know I know it was my choice !!!) but if only toddlers could sleep STRAIGHT - why can only get comfortable if they're stretched out horizontally with at least one foot in my eye ? it seems such a shame to wake the little angles by moving them so I 'grin' and bear it and wake with a horrendous crick in the neck and worse....

Some excellent feedback after The Wright stuff by the way, good old Matthew, end up by default doing for The Mooncup what Jamie Oliver did for school dinners ! If you've just visited the site after see-ing the show welcome on board, make sure you join our happy forum.

Don't forget I'd like your feedback on the new site, its very much a work in progress - well when I can get any time to progress it further !

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Tues 20th - The Wright stuff

Its only 11.30 and I feel like I've been up for hours - possibly cos I have. I had to get up at 5am even I wasn't actually on the sofa with Wrighty (Matthew not Steve) till 10am

Good old Matthew - he actually suggested the feature on The Mooncup - hope no-one was offended and found it too graphic.

Nice plug too for the cookie little smell busters from Natural Collection see to try that disc under my armpits....will report back....


Sunday, 18 February 2007

Feb 18th

Hope you're all getting to this new site Ok, we'd love your feed-back, its still a work in progress. We're adding more an more personal endorsements to the directory and of course ther'll be lots more features coming soon. Email me :

I'm starting to go just slightly bonkers staring at computer screens - I wsih I could tell you'd I'd been hobnobbing with the stars at glittering parties or even jsut revitalising myself walking by the sea......truth is I desperately need a break but I guess in the words of the great Bon Jovi (showing my age) - I'll sleep when I'm dead !

To all forum users by the way make sure you check the site - set it as a favourite (she says trying to sound technical)

To whet your appetite I've just been jacking up some great offers and competitions for the March tip'll love them I promise, if you're not on sign up for Janeys tips - all free of course.

Bye bye

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Happy Valentines day

Whats left of it anyways....welcome to the new site - we're live. Boy what a steep learning curve, I'm trying to figure out html code and yes its exactly like 'Kling-on', especially for a very un-high-tech old bird like me who can't even text !! All you web-savvy types who run your own sites - I'm really impressed

Fab time last night by the way, I don't get out much (bless) but did make it to the private view at Tate modern of the big new Gilbert and George exhibition. Great evening, rubbed shoulders with Graham Norton who bizarrely was then on Wrighty's show today

Off to learn more get this site happening...

Monday, 12 February 2007

Monday 12th Feb

Told you I wouldn't manage an update every day - even managed to lose my password in the interim ! Still.... back on track - how do people make blogs interesting ? I thought my life moved at a fair old pace but I guess when I get really hi-tech I could upload a few snaps. Mind you right now that would be a terrible idea as I have a serious bad hair day ! I'm thankful that berets are back in fashion, though in my charity shop chic wardrobe they've never been out.

Currently sorting out some features on eco-fashion by the way for the site so keep an eye out and there'll be an opportunity to ask a top styling consultant your style (or lack of !) questions
Bye bye...

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Thursday Feb 1st

Welcome to Feb and the free monthly newsletter is on its way to you full of some fab offers like your opportunity to think of a kitchen appliance or an item that would be useful in your kitchen and created from something recycled and the lovely peeps at Milestone design will actually make you one out of totally recycled content - can't say fairer than that !  Asking for a new cooker may be pushing it though I fear....

Don't miss the chat on The Lifestyle show with Jim Davis tomorrow on LBC 97.3 I think its downloadable and a theres a podcast too.  (Bet thats written incorrectly - I'm such a technophobe - can't even text !!)

Looking forward to the weekend with the Ladies Circle event and a gig in Maidstone, slightly concerned that I feel like I'm getting a cold and sore throat, so not required, off to take lots of honey and garlic - probably need to read that book by Janey Lee Grace for some tips....

bye bye



Monday, 29 January 2007

Monday 29th Jan

BBC Breakfast News was fun this morning, all about folk remedies and what granny used for common ailments.  I was with Dr Rosemary and for once - no arguments - we all agreed that as a 'pill popping nation' sometimes its a good idea to save your money and just go to the kitchen cupboards.   So.....lemons....ginger....garlic....and the 'peg' for the article was rosehips, remember the old style rosehip syrup that we were given as kids, apparantly they contain 10 times the vitamin C as oranges and lemons.

Anyways, thanks goodness my mate Rosi happens to be a fab stylist, she persuaded me to wear some 'colour' rather than the usual black and another friend emailed to say, 'you brought some sunshine into a dull winter's day'  sweet !

see you soon

x  Â

Feb 2nd

LBC 97.3 1300

Friday, 26 January 2007

Friday 26 Jan

Ah, I really am imperfect, can barely remember when I last blogged, head feels like its in a spin-dryer to be honest.  Lots happening though and all at short notice !   You may have seen me on The Wright Stuff last monday, though I say so myself what a fabulous big-up for cloth nappies and all things 'natural baby' a glorious sight Matthew pretending to suck his thumb and curling up with his herb filled 'sleep dreams' pillow !

As a result of my 'passionate' wittering on there I was asked to do BBC London to give my views on the Babyplanner - a woman who offers - for a fee - to get everything the oh so busy woman needs for birth, kitting out the nursery etc etc     Well you can imagine 'natural' old me says you don't actually need much kit - babies really just need love and your time and all this info can be found for free anyway on forums such as my own with great advice from like minded mums.

Well I think I got away with it !   This Monday I've been asked to do BBC Breakfast talking Granny's kitchen cupboard remedies for colds and flu....actually I do feel like I have the beginnings of a sore throat but am far too busy to be ill.  I've been trying out a FIR machine....also known as the 'Hothouse' I'll report back when I've decided if they work...scarily expensive though..... will elaborate in due course


Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Interview on BBC breakfast news

Mon 29th Jan check me out on BBC Breakfast news - around 9am - a discussion with a doctor about 'kitchen cupboard remedies' I think they want to major on rosehip (high in vit c)

Fri Feb 2nd Tune into LBC 97.3 I'll be with Jim Davis on the Lifestyle show approx 1pm - phone in with general stuff

Sat Feb 3rd - book signing at The Ladies circle regional lunch

PM 'an evening with' Kent - address to follow 

Tues Feb 20th The Wright Stuff on channel 5 - on that sofa approx 10am - topic to be confirmed

March 10/11th Hosting 2 Imperfectly Natural presentations at The Natural Trade show Brighton  



Tuesday, 16 January 2007

The blog begins….Tues 16th Jan

Well you know I'm imperfect so don't even think about regular updates !  but I guess a blog is to to write about whats going on and....well where to start !  Imperfectly natural Woman is still doing Ok and I'm doing a talk this week which is always fab to meet more like minded people and share some ideas and the next book is coming along...slowly...all the usual arguments about the jacket going on right now.....its miserable see-ing photos of yourself looking really ropey but the baby looks good !  Still I hear one can do wonders in photo-shop....Thats almost it for excuse is it was my little boys birthday party today - 7 years full of energetic boys and one long suffering girl ages 5-10 and..well...chaos is not the word.   Off to clean up burst balloons and party poppers...oh and must finish off that cake....told you I was imperfect....bye bye