Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Movin on up !

I've been hideously incommincado, missing in action, I do apologise but moving house they do say is second only to divorce in the Stress stakes. man alive has it been a nightmare, I'm not organised at the best of times but this has flawed me. Anyways we're installed and surrounded by inordinate amounts of boxes that we'll probably never open and may not miss.

In Imperfectly Natural Woman I have a chapter on decluttering but have never really done it properly before now (told you I'm imperfect) for my book I'll be able to speak with some authority. I have however managed to complete a wonderfull space clearing session in my new home and I swear I can feel the difference, its good anyway, the walls are treated with Tachyon paint and now under the guidance of the fabulous Davina Mackail (feng shui / shamanic healing consultant) I've given it another boost of great energy.
I've also had a brand new decorating job using natural eco paint, we chose the natural paint company Nutshell paint ( who are on my directory on and it looks great, the deocrators were amazing too, I can highly recommend RMB decoraters if you're in the midlands or south east area, not all painters are happy to work with natural paints, it can take a few more coats as its thinner but the results really are worth and with no scary chemicals its inert and theres no awful whiff to give you a headache for days.

Back to the 'grind' now, my Wright stuff date has been changed to this Friday 18th approx 10.30 on the couch with Matthew Wright so gotta search through those boxes for some interesting eco / natural stuff to talk about....gotta find something to wear too, the most things are missing, had to borrow a pair of hubbys socks today, not the best look!