Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Wed 22nd

How fab was it to interview Roger Moore yesterday - what a charming man and man alive would I like to be that sharp when I'm 81 - piss taker of the highest order, hilarious.

sometimes the radio 2 gig is the best job in the world
..back home...frantic could be the word...on The Wright stuff this friday so researching credit crunch natural kit....gotta jack up some comps for the next newsletter and then theres this weekend to think about, off to the Bowen coneference and then next week taking the kids to a cookery course in Scotland - the lengths I'll go to to get meals made for me....

Friday, 17 October 2008

Friday 17th…pumpkins aglow

I was meant to be headed to Cumbria today but the events cancelled, relatively relieved cos I'm knackered after organising the 5 yr olds birthday party, it was a simple affair, who would have thought that 15 children carving pumpkins could be so stressful (don't worry fans of the continiuum concept - adults used the sharp knives) but anyways it went off well. I did a photo shoot today for the express, they're running a feature on charity shop shoppers and as you well know that offcially me. Sadly they don't offer styling and make up which is a drag, I may have ended up looking like I was in drag....or certainy mutton, these days I just cannot do a decent job on my own make-up...

Don't ask about the website, I'm waiting and hoping and hoping and wishing...should be soon I hope.


Monday, 13 October 2008

Mon 13th Oct…the day after my finances are splashed over the sunday Telegraph

...did I really say that ? mmm.....guess all press is good press but theres a few corrections needed...its odd when you read an article about yourself you realise how innacurate most of the stuff you read about other people must be.....

I remember when I was singing with Wham! and there was shed-loads of press, one article showed a girl with Andrew showing off her engagement ring and he'd never set eyes on her - the pic was super-imposed.

hey ho..


Saturday, 11 October 2008

Sat 11th Oct…in the style of Spinal tap…kick my ass..

Oh in the style of that wonderful manager from Spinal Tap when he gets the Stonehnege stage set dimensions wrong...kick my ass... I VOWED to keep up my blog and look at me !! I consider myself dutifully reprimanded. its been an eventful few weeks, did I tell you about my life changing Turkey juice retreat ? must have done, it seems ages ago but the effects linger. Granted I am imperfect so food and drink other than fresh juices and smoothies have passed my lips, indeed the odd vertiably toxic beverage has indeed gone down my gullet but its not on a daily basis anymore and the good news is I'm feeling fantastic and have lost a stone - yip yip yippee ! the bad news is I have no clothes that fit me whatsover, I feel a massive rummage round the charity shops coming on.

I've also been to Barcelona which was wondeful, what a groovy (if thats not too old style a word) city. Where else do you get the combination of history, fab shopping and nightmlife combined with a wonderful beach ? well San Francisco maybe but thats a hell of a schlap...

With the credit crunch hitting badly I was asked about my 'money' for an article in tomorrows Telegraph money section. I think they've quoted me as saying I don't trust the FSA...not sure I said it quite like that but you know what I mean....anyways I narrowly escaped having my hard earned savings go down the Icesave about you ?

Pics coming I facebook page will be updated...promise...more great comps on the site....honest....agggghhhh !!!!
anyone want an admin job ? ....childcare position ?