Friday, 17 October 2008

Friday 17th…pumpkins aglow

I was meant to be headed to Cumbria today but the events cancelled, relatively relieved cos I'm knackered after organising the 5 yr olds birthday party, it was a simple affair, who would have thought that 15 children carving pumpkins could be so stressful (don't worry fans of the continiuum concept - adults used the sharp knives) but anyways it went off well. I did a photo shoot today for the express, they're running a feature on charity shop shoppers and as you well know that offcially me. Sadly they don't offer styling and make up which is a drag, I may have ended up looking like I was in drag....or certainy mutton, these days I just cannot do a decent job on my own make-up...

Don't ask about the website, I'm waiting and hoping and hoping and wishing...should be soon I hope.


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