Friday, 30 May 2008

Fri 30th

Janey Lee Grace and Mari Wilson
Yippee Imperfectly Natural Home has been well and truly launched ! Go buy it ! Or wait till monday when I'm on The Wright stuff (10am on the channel 5 sofa) and buy it on Amazon after that - don't forget to leave a fab review too !

We had an excellent launch party at the BBc club, so many lovely people, its always tricky making sure you introduce people to other people if you get my drift but everyone had a good time - our goody bags though I say so myself were the best in town with everything from skincare goodies from Neals Yard remedies, Green people, Purenuffstuff, coconoil to name a few, some eatables from Honeyrose (fab organic choccy thingys) and cereals from rude Health...oh a ton of stuff.....The eminent Roger Coghill was holding court (he is so fascinating) and all my friends were queuing up to meet Frank Partridge who used to be on Sky TV and all the guys were queuing to say hi to Mari Wilson and yes...we are going to reunite, I'm going to sing BV's for her London gig in the autumn, will have to dust down my 50's frock.

I'm presenting the Green Awards in November and the guys were there, I did my best PR work and introduced them to the guy from Worldnakedbikeride which does exactly whats its name suggests - Gaby who works with me seemed very interested in the concept so watch this space !!!

Enjoy the new book and if you aren't already signed up join our fab freindly forum.


Saturday, 17 May 2008

Sat 17th

Back at work this week which has been fun, you cna imagine Steve reaction to my juice retreat ! Lots of very intrigued listeners though, Jason is gonna be inundated !

Got my hands on the new book, very exiting and right now I'm in cornwall at the Truro farmers market 10th celebrations, staying in Falmout at St Michaels hotel and spa - man alive its fantastic - faultless actually, I had an amazing treamtent, a cornish honey body wrap and then pottered around the vintage shops and a great shop called seikyerbooty selling ethnic and fairtrade clothes. Last night I attended the opening cermeony in Truro, sadly after all this great weather its torrential rain but hey ho !

I've jsut done an interview with BBC radio cornwall, the lovely Tim Hubbard and v. soon we're off to formally open the market, there'll be celeb chefs from cornwall, and a veritable array of fish, cheese, meat and veg, sadly I'm catching a train later so can't carry a stash home !

As you can tell I'm feeling very 'content' to be back in day....I'll get to live here...

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sun 11th May

Well I'm still motivated after my wondrous retreat, I've been juicing every single day and getting the kids at it, best of all I'm up at least 45 mins earleir than I used to drag myself up, and go for a walk (can't quite manage running - more of a fartlek approach)

I've done a couple of tai chi classes which have been great and almost made the yoga class today, sadly not quite as the queue to the carpark for the farmers market made me late (great excuse though, got some fab organic veg and a cute 'bug catcher' from a local community project - Earthworks.

We went to a local arts and craft fayre today, rediculously hot, spent most of the day nagging the kids to put sunhats back on but we all had fun.

In leui of the yoga I'm gonna have to put Kens dvd on and relive my memories of Turkey...