Thursday, 24 January 2008

Thurs 24th

Yet another day up with the sparrows for an early meeting and then other meetings one with the lovely Robin from Yestolife - I know I know I keep banging on about this charity but if you've ever known anyone who has had cancer you'll know how crucial their work is - and Sue Croft from consumers for health choice, a real ey opener actually when Sue spells out what it will really mean if the powers that be in Brussels decide to 'regulate' our vitamins and mineral supplements. Be very scared (for more info see the feature written by Sue and with a pic of supporter Jenny Seagrove

anyways we're going to drum up ideas for more publicity for the campaign and highlight how important these health supplements are for many of the people Yestolife help.

Meanwhile book editing a gogo and must look though the pics from mondays session....

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Tues 22 Jan

Yesterday we had a fab day doing a glamorous photo session to help promote the next book. We hired Punk in Soho, which is the club that Kate Moss had for her bash allegedly (crikey I'm at the cutting edge !) Anyway we hired some fab vintage dresses and Rosi tarted me up a treat.

Looking forward to see-ing the shots and we'll give you a sneak preview.

bye bye


Monday, 14 January 2008

Tues 15th Jan

Remind me never to have another kids party at home, stress ! They all enjoyed it though and perhaps one day the house will recover. it wasn't helped by the fact that I had to be up at 4.30 am for The Wright stuff, fun show though, Matthew sure did enjoy the Pelvic toner !

I feel like a proper grown up today off for a meeting with Supplenents compared the website people before going to Radio 2, nothing strange but I rarely do morning meetings (I know I should get out more)

Friday, 11 January 2008

Fri 11th Jan

I've been reading lately - big deal I hear you cry, well actually it is for me. I spend my life reading articles as 'research' for work etc but forget to read any of my favourite books - albeit still for research. the end result is that I've updated my recommended reading list so have alook and see if any of them are your faves too - eco classics such as 'Change the world for a fiver' what a gem of a book.

As a antidote to my literary experiences (??) I'm also frantically planning Buds 8th birthday party. You heard it here - I flatly refuse to do the 'party bag' thing. Parents across the land will thank me for campaigning for the official end to the party bag trend (I'm clearly a poet) I mean we didn't have them we were kids did we ???

...just got to go and run it by Bud....feel very scared..

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Wed 9th Jan

How do people update blogs daily ?

I had a fab if super quick time in St Ives. Terrible weather but that never bothers me. I had some bracing walks by the sea and got lots of writing done in my smashing sea view room at The Garrack. I've been researching conception. for those of you who know me don't panic its not for me ! I wanted to adapt my script for the Creative conception CD which follows joyful pregnancy and blissful birth (I know we got the order slightly wrong !)

Back at work and busy, busy, busy...

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Tues 1st Jan

Hope you all had a fab Christmas and new years eve, ours was great fun, we managed to pile 3 kids and grandma into the car and make it to our church 10 miles away for a great new years eve party and hubby and I came out of retirement and did a 'turn' He played I sang, most nerve wracking in frotn of your own kids....tell me I didn't embarrass you I said to Sonny who is 9 going on 15...oh no he said, just your hat embarrassed can be so cruel, hours before we'd had a scene when I came down wearing a 1970's retro catsuit to which at least 2 small children shouted - are you wearing THAT ? ......i rushed back to change promto

Off now to Cornwall for a fleeting solo trip to get my 'fix' and set me up for the new year.
Happy 08