Sunday, 30 November 2008

Sunday 30th

Anyway counting exactly how many emails I've written saying the new site is going live ????? It FINALLY is.

Yippee, hallelujah. thanks to Pitor and Simon for all their tremendous hard work, welcome on board Elaine to the madness !

Its not 100 per cent there yet but looks fab don't ya think ?

My e-zine goes out tomorrow so if you ain't signed up, get in quick, some gorgeous comps and offers for Christmas.

On an entirely different note my 3 mates to see Circus of Horrors on fri - they couldn't beleive I know Haze the main man, if you've never seen the show get down, its wild (if you like girls in bottles kind of idea) its humour, burlesque, circus and a good dash of horror ! They didn't believe me that Haze used to kip in a coffin......lots more tales where that one came from...depends how much he wants to bribe me to keep quiet.

check them out.. google circus of tour kicking off..

Monday, 24 November 2008

Monday 24th Nov….and the new website cometh..

A frantic day...but the new site is nearly there.....crikey its been a journey but I finally feel it could be this week ....hallelujah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sp?)

I have yet another cold which is interesting as I am hitting the vit C and echinacea and chilling under my FIR machine (by the way did I tell you WE DID IT !...we raised £1400 for Yestolife to buy a hyperthermia sauna machine AND haven't even announced that the lovely Carl Munson of Health Champion fame has donated a chi machine and a FIR machine to my fave charity in association with our website..oh what joy...

We're off to Rye in Sussex to an organic B and B and I hope to drop into Organ-ics a new shop where then owner claims to be inspired by me...blimey no pressure there then.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Sat 15th

Wed was fantastic, what a great event to host and I met some wonderful people, a big hi to the lovley crew from Green TV and freinds of the earth, Nokia walked off with the 'grand priz' award - well I hope that they got the right gong cos I got them all out of order ! Hey ho.

its been a great week actually in the meeting department, with loads of celebs passing by the big show.
Catch up time now and back to reality cleaning the bathroom, fortunately I am wielding my Enjo cleaning mitt, Natural house bathroom spa and neem bathroom cleaner -an no I'm not on commission - daft aren't I ???

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Wed 12th…and bring on the green

Its today, I'm stil searching for the elusive perfect frock for tonight (presenting the green awards) also need a bag ...oh crikey charity shops shut at 5pm

Voice back thankfully, feeling much calmer too, I may also have found the perfect mary poppins to help with the mean feat round my gaff...

Will report back on the winners of the Green Awards, should be great event.


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

tues 11th….as the day gets better

Hallelujah - its not good to get holy about emails but I am oh so blessed that they are now working again, a full 24 hours worth are in the ether but hey ho.

Boy did the day get better as we interviewed David Cassidy and all my freinds came out of the woodwork to say they still had pillowcases adorned with his face, Jules even has flares with his face on both legs, thats dedication, he looks pretty good for his age I gotta tell ya.

Sometimes I love this work

Tues 11th…green kit ? …still majorly frustrated..

Well the site is back after afashion but know I have no emails, hysterical with frustration, scary isn't it how in a mere ten years emails have changed our lives and I'm rendered completely incommunicado without them.

On a hppier note - much happier I have my voice back - well a low sexy kind of version and I still can't raise my voice which is fab news for dh and the kids.

the mention of 'green kit; is unrelated but urgent, I am presenting the Green Awards tomorrow and the invitation says wear a 'hint of green' so I dragged my evening dress with a hint of green out of the closet only to find that as I've lost weight (thank you Juicemaster Jason) it is now much too big and looks sad.

I now have 24 hours to find the perfect green outfit, charity shops here I come...

Monday, 10 November 2008

Mon 10th…when I frustrated beyond measure

Frustration is the word, I've been 5 days without a website now, I think its back (you reading this ?) but meanwhile my emails have gone down completely so god knows what deadlines I've missed and we're now way behind with the new website....I feel rather like my arm has been cut off and none of the attending surgeons have a clue how to sew it back on or if it will work when they do - stress.

If I were more the cosmic meditating type I would of course go and do that very thing cos this is kinda weird, not only has my website and emails gone but my voice has gone !!! ...ergo...whole identity has come crashing too....crikey a psychologist will have a field day with this...

off to steam my head...

Green award this wed and I'm presenting...send voice vibes please

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Tues 4th Nov

Oh for goodness sake, why can't I get my act together to blog regularly ! hopeless. No idea what I've mentioned and what I haven't but my evening at the Hospice event in Berkhamsted was amazing, what an inspirational bunch of people. Info and an article to come about it all - for now see here -

Alis mum Diana is incredible, her son Ali spent a few months at the hospice before he died earlier this year and his blog has completely captured the imagination of thousands around the world, his parents have kept it up - see here -

Pics etc to come...

I need to tell you all about augill castle too.