Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Tues 11th…green kit ? …still majorly frustrated..

Well the site is back after afashion but know I have no emails, hysterical with frustration, scary isn't it how in a mere ten years emails have changed our lives and I'm rendered completely incommunicado without them.

On a hppier note - much happier I have my voice back - well a low sexy kind of version and I still can't raise my voice which is fab news for dh and the kids.

the mention of 'green kit; is unrelated but urgent, I am presenting the Green Awards tomorrow and the invitation says wear a 'hint of green' so I dragged my evening dress with a hint of green out of the closet only to find that as I've lost weight (thank you Juicemaster Jason) it is now much too big and looks sad.

I now have 24 hours to find the perfect green outfit, charity shops here I come...

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