Monday, 12 July 2010

Dancing my way to health....

I'm hooked - line and sinker...I've mentioned Nia before and everyone says oh is it like five rythms ? do I need to have some co-ordination ? Is it just free dance ?
No to all of the above, but it is an inspirational joyful form of movement that I can only say has transformed me, Interestingly I did a degree in performance arts majoring in dance, I did ballet, jazz, the lot but it was always rather like hard work and I remember constantly looking at the clock (the fact that I wasn't that great at it didn't help!) Nia is about the whole person and no prerequisites are needed - I guarantee if you try it you'll love it. I on commission no I am not but I am going to consolidate all those years of dance training by completing my White belt in Nia which means I will be qualified to teach ! Oh laudy watch out ! I so want to combine my holistic stchick (is it a word ? sp ?) with Nia - they fit together so well !

To that end first up is my very first retreat weekend at Champneys in Henlow Beds.
25th / 26th Sept - there will the opportunity to do all the usual stuff, nordic walking, yoga, pilates, hulahooping (yes its fab) aerobics etal plus we will throw in 2 free thalassotherapy sessions (wonderfully therapeutic) and of course my talks and lots of time for individual consultations PLUS 2 complimentary Nia classes -I defy you not to love it !!!

Champneys is a little pricey but this is a chock full weekend - go on you deserve it,bring a freind !