Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Tues 31st

Been mad busy but fab weekend in Monmouth, the festival was on and we all went to 'singalonga Grease' in the square, they played the fillm with karaoke lyrics and we danced and laughed for hours.

Sunday was great, Rosi and I went to Penrhos court 'organic' hotel in Herefordshire - best organic lunch ever ! I was speaking at mamaheaven - oh fab idea, a pampering retreat weekend for mums with their young babies.
will report more in the features


Friday, 27 July 2007

Fri 27th July

Where has the week gone ? I answered an email yesterday saying yes I'd b delighted to do the Jim David show on LBC on Mon 30th July mstakenly thinking that was 2 weeks off ! anyway I'll pop up on the phone briefly I hope around 1.15

Nice to be back on with Wrighty, hes very much on form and great to meet Siouxie Sous (of the Banshees fame) She looks fantastic for her age I gotta tell you. a new single and album out soon.

I'm staying in Wale his weekend, well in Monmouth and going to a 'mamaheavn' retreat on Sunday to give a little talk on Imperfectly Natural Baby and Toddler, hoping the roads into Herefordshire aren't flooded, right now for the first time in ages I'm sitting writing with the sun streaming in and no rain !

See ya


Thursday, 19 July 2007

Thurs 19th

Sorry about wrong date yesterday - a fab day today promoting prune juice - yes like your grandma used to recommend them - this ia brand thats huge in Aus - sunraysia - new to the Uk - great thing is its pure squeezed prune juice - theres no additives or preservatives / GM etc and the food miles are less - from Agen in France rather than California and its in glass bottles - oh what joy after the plastic !

Met lots of journalists and had a nice sight-seeing tour of London on an open top bus - haven't seen the tower of London in years

off to have my prune juice - part of my recommended five a day - my mate Michelle as in Ladies Circle president (get her) reckons that chocolate is one of the five too - well its from cacao - a bean - equals vegatable !

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Wed 19th

Off from the beeb this week but probably just as well with The Wright stuff and so much writing to do.
I'm hopeless when its humid, can't actually settle to do anything and sadly I don't have the fabulous distraction of the sea like I did last week.

Tomorrow I'm taking part in some interviews and promo stuff for a great new Prune Juice - see I can hear you saying - prune juice !!! but its got nothing added and tastes fab, poor prune -gets a bad rap!

Frantically trying to organise activities for the kids as lots of their usual stuff is off now for 6 weeks - guess everyone is hassling with that right now.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Thurs 12th

Starting to chill now...jsut as I'm due to come home...The Wrigth stuff monday is all things baby related so get your pregnant or baby-ed up freinds to check in - no doubt the real nappy debate will come - I feel a good argument with Ben Bradsaw on the cards after his recent declaration that real nappies aren't in fact good for the environment....

...off for a paddle

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Wednesday 11th July

Its alright for some....after an arduous train journey I am tapping away gazing at the most brilliant blue sea and for once its not only in my dreams. I am on a writing sojourn to Cornwall, seagulls laughing overhead and I'm in truth almost breathless with the relief of being back here.

Just been to see the gorgeous Simon at Making Waves - yes the one in the first book - he is now with the gorgeous Sarah and they have a lovely baby so single girls lay off. The guest house is looking homely as ever and they've also refurbished a fab self catering apartment with the finest view of St Ives bay

On another note, back to reality thanks for the support for the home ed show on Five live - listen again on bbc.co.uk if you can and lend your support by emailing julian@bbc.co.uk remember you don't have to be anti-school to appreciate that home edders have their rights too......blimey got all political there....must be the sea air.....

Back on The Wright stuff on ch 5 on Mon 16th..

Back soon...off for a paddle...


Saturday, 7 July 2007

Sat July 7th

What a week, I am so fed up with WIND ! buffeted and blown across muddy fields - aaagh ! Fab though in a bizarre kind of way, the kids loved HESFES ( home ed seaside festival ) We did have a lovely campsite and a sea view but must say I was thrilled to get back to a warm bath with essential oils - heavenly.

Up at the crack again today to go to a fab Ladies Circle event (see feature) True luxury - wined and dined at Woodlhall spa in Lincolnshire - I did threaten DH that if he didn't behave I'd take him to my old stomping ground of Skegness for some bracing sea air (he only did the first day of the camp )

Tomorrow - oh so important I'm presenting an argument ( hope it won't get ugly) on Radio 5 live on Home education - please email in your support - you don't need to be home -edding to appreciate the right to choose email julian@bbc.co.uk

its in 2 parts 11.15 and then again 12.15

its coming live from the wimbledon finals - what a waste - the pordcuer texted me to say hey we've got you in to wimbledon - you cna stay and watch the tennis - she picked the only presenter who has no interest, frankly I'd rather eat bark - no offence to tennis players or lovers....

Will report back...I'll have a strawberry for ya....

Txt is I think 85058
Check bbc.co.uk/radiofivelive