Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Moving Blogs..!

My lovely new 'Janey Loves' blog is now open at  See you there!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Janey Lee Grace says 'Choose Happiness'

Well its official - 2012 is the year I will find my authentic truth and you yours I hope, amongst the usual collection of resolutions and goals (yes I do need to get back on track with upping my raw food and moving my body) but I have one big project for the year. - Choose happiness, sounds way too simple or daft or perhaps as Steve Wright suggested on Radio 2 when I mentioned it - a bit wacky and new age but in fact I think its pretty relevant and down to earth.  Even the government are doing something similar, in 2010 they commissioned a huge survey on the happiness of the nation and spent copious amounts of money researching our discontent.   In case you're thinking what I mean its I intend to simply grin like a cheshire cat most of the time, its not only the Pollyanna approach, I do believe happiness is a choice. 

I've been inspired by Grechen Rubin and the happiness project, Dr Robert  Holden and most recently by an interview I heard with author John Robbins, he was born into the Baskin Robbins family (yes as in US ice cream !) but instead of staying to inherit the family business he walked away to follow his path, he literally chose to go from riches to rags. living with his wife in a self built wooden lodge and growing 90 per cent of his own food, he got lucky again when his first book became an international bestseller.

Of course your basic needs need to be met, but so long as they are its amazing how the buiness of happiness can become a learned skill just like any other, you can choose to make it a priority, choose to make it a goal, a habit, a way of life.
Anyways thats what the happiness authors tell me, I'm starting from now and in the words of the 'medicine man' in Eat Pray Love' I'm off to practice the 'smile meditation' I'm going to simply smile, even from my liver...(which fortunately will not be burdened with alcohol as thats another resoltuon...)
I wish you a truly HAPPY new year

Monday, 12 September 2011

Janey Lee Grace Photo session -Tabitha James Kraan and Chris Stevens

Janey loves - Chris Stevens Photography !
Lets face it, I sure needed some new publicity pics but its a tricky business getting the right photographer with the right venue and the right hair and make-up.   So imagine how overjoyed I was to find that my favourite organic hairdresser Tabitha James Kraan is not only also a make-up artist, but that she works as a team with a hot new photographer on the scene Chris Stevens.   Add to that the great opportunity to use Tabithas light and airy hair salon in Stow on the Wold as the venue for our photo shoot.

We only had the morning but these guys work quicky and efficiently, after doing my hair (always looks fab when Tabithas been at it, and applying my make-up, Tabitha uses a few different ranges including Dr Hauschka, Green People and the amazing new mineral make-up shes just brought over from New York (more on that to follow) and somehow made me look - well ok - I mean I'm never delighted with my face, I seriously feel at least 20 years younger than I look so its always a shock to see myself in the mirror but Tab did a pretty fine job !

I'm quite used to strutting different pose but Chris work quickly, somehow gets the lighting absolutely right and encourages some interesting and really different shots.  We did a few outdoor ones also.  The end result ?  A set of great pics that I can use everywhere, let me know your faves and if you need a set of publicity pics for your business or just fancy half a day treating yourself to great hair and make-up and some excellent shots this combo of Tabitha and Chris take some beating !!  Check out the wonderful hair model shots he did for Tabithas website. - Oh so retro.   Email  Email:

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Are colonics really bad for you?

After the recent negative press around colonic irrigation, I'd like to point you to an article by Dr Enid Taylor on the many benefits of this therapy, as you know I wrote about my first experience of  colonics in Look Great Naturally - without ditching the lipstick (Hay House) but recently theres been lots of controversy around the subject, you may have heard the Jeremy Vine on radio 2 where there were conflicting views on its efficacy.  One thing is for certain you need to be recommended to a 'holistic' therapist who offers more than just a 'pipe' !!   That was a horror story from the guy whose practitioner simply went out of the room, good practitioners are usually trained in nutrition and can help with the emotional issues that can arise from colonics.  Dr Enid Taylor is a naturopathic doctor and really knows her stuff, she also runs accredited training courses for therapists.

See for special offers on treatments

Monday, 21 March 2011

Janey Lee Grace and Lee Mead at Tommys awards

What a fab event ! delighted to have been asked to host the Tommys Lets Get Baby Freindly Awards (some video footage to follow courtesy of and also to present the new Green Award sponsored by Environmental Busines Products (won by The Organic Baby Company)
Got to meet some lovely celebs including Lee Mead who tells me hes gonna be starring in Legally Blonde (brilliant musical) and Patsy Palmer (she is SO lovely and just had another baby, also presenting awards were Nancy Sorrell, Terri Dwyer, Tana Ramsey to name a few.
Tommys Lets get Baby Friendly Awards is such a worthwhile charity and when you hear some of the work they do including innovative new research into stillbirths (still astonishingly the same rate as 50 years ago !) and supporting neonatal units it makes you feel very blessed to have healthy children and very determined to assist them in their cause.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Energise and Revitalise - a day with Janey

Only a few places ! Energise and Revitalise with me...

Energise and Revitalise with me on an intimate one day 'retreat' Friday April 8th 10.00 - 4.30pm
Don't miss this amazing day, I've been planning a workshop day with Nia dance (suitable for all) - as you know I'm a trained Nia whitebelt - if you haven't expereinced Nia you're in for a treat, its a blend of jazz dance, tai chi, yoga, alexander technique all set to amazingly funky and inspirational music.. There'll be a Yoga session, perhaps Tai Chi, relaxation and of course some inspirational talks, but what was going round my head for ages could I offer a Gong bath? ....I then discovered that an old mate of mine who used to be a fabulous rock drummer and percussionist Gordon Coxon (not pictured in this image) has become a Gong Master and offers this amazingly therapuetic 'sound healing' sessions with gongs.

Anyways isn't it fab when it all comes together ? The most incredible yoga teacher I have ever met is on board too so its gonna be an unmissable day. its all happening at Buddha Grove a wonderful place in rural Herts, only 25 mins by train from London but totally peaceful. After a day here you really will feel energised and revitalised. I'll be offering talks and because theres a maximum of 15 people there will be lots of time for personal questions and discussion.

Get in quick - only a few places and if you book before March 15th you catch the early bird price. Book HERE. Look forward to meeting you !

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Watch Janey on TV making DIY skincare

Check out Vanessa Feltz show monday 21st Feb. I'm the 'kitchen guest' but no cooking no fact not even any raw food...(although I think the lovely Vanessa will be digging into the choccy) I'm gonna introduce her to the whole concept of skincare and beauty without chemicals and indeed rustling up easy peasy DIY skincare, raw choccy face masks et al !
See you there
Vanessa Feltz show Channel 5 11am