Monday, 29 January 2007

Monday 29th Jan

BBC Breakfast News was fun this morning, all about folk remedies and what granny used for common ailments.  I was with Dr Rosemary and for once - no arguments - we all agreed that as a 'pill popping nation' sometimes its a good idea to save your money and just go to the kitchen cupboards.   So.....lemons....ginger....garlic....and the 'peg' for the article was rosehips, remember the old style rosehip syrup that we were given as kids, apparantly they contain 10 times the vitamin C as oranges and lemons.

Anyways, thanks goodness my mate Rosi happens to be a fab stylist, she persuaded me to wear some 'colour' rather than the usual black and another friend emailed to say, 'you brought some sunshine into a dull winter's day'  sweet !

see you soon

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Feb 2nd

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Friday, 26 January 2007

Friday 26 Jan

Ah, I really am imperfect, can barely remember when I last blogged, head feels like its in a spin-dryer to be honest.  Lots happening though and all at short notice !   You may have seen me on The Wright Stuff last monday, though I say so myself what a fabulous big-up for cloth nappies and all things 'natural baby' a glorious sight Matthew pretending to suck his thumb and curling up with his herb filled 'sleep dreams' pillow !

As a result of my 'passionate' wittering on there I was asked to do BBC London to give my views on the Babyplanner - a woman who offers - for a fee - to get everything the oh so busy woman needs for birth, kitting out the nursery etc etc     Well you can imagine 'natural' old me says you don't actually need much kit - babies really just need love and your time and all this info can be found for free anyway on forums such as my own with great advice from like minded mums.

Well I think I got away with it !   This Monday I've been asked to do BBC Breakfast talking Granny's kitchen cupboard remedies for colds and flu....actually I do feel like I have the beginnings of a sore throat but am far too busy to be ill.  I've been trying out a FIR machine....also known as the 'Hothouse' I'll report back when I've decided if they work...scarily expensive though..... will elaborate in due course


Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Interview on BBC breakfast news

Mon 29th Jan check me out on BBC Breakfast news - around 9am - a discussion with a doctor about 'kitchen cupboard remedies' I think they want to major on rosehip (high in vit c)

Fri Feb 2nd Tune into LBC 97.3 I'll be with Jim Davis on the Lifestyle show approx 1pm - phone in with general stuff

Sat Feb 3rd - book signing at The Ladies circle regional lunch

PM 'an evening with' Kent - address to follow 

Tues Feb 20th The Wright Stuff on channel 5 - on that sofa approx 10am - topic to be confirmed

March 10/11th Hosting 2 Imperfectly Natural presentations at The Natural Trade show Brighton  



Tuesday, 16 January 2007

The blog begins….Tues 16th Jan

Well you know I'm imperfect so don't even think about regular updates !  but I guess a blog is to to write about whats going on and....well where to start !  Imperfectly natural Woman is still doing Ok and I'm doing a talk this week which is always fab to meet more like minded people and share some ideas and the next book is coming along...slowly...all the usual arguments about the jacket going on right now.....its miserable see-ing photos of yourself looking really ropey but the baby looks good !  Still I hear one can do wonders in photo-shop....Thats almost it for excuse is it was my little boys birthday party today - 7 years full of energetic boys and one long suffering girl ages 5-10 and..well...chaos is not the word.   Off to clean up burst balloons and party poppers...oh and must finish off that cake....told you I was imperfect....bye bye