Tuesday, 16 January 2007

The blog begins….Tues 16th Jan

Well you know I'm imperfect so don't even think about regular updates !  but I guess a blog is to to write about whats going on and....well where to start !  Imperfectly natural Woman is still doing Ok and I'm doing a talk this week which is always fab to meet more like minded people and share some ideas and the next book is coming along...slowly...all the usual arguments about the jacket going on right now.....its miserable see-ing photos of yourself looking really ropey but the baby looks good !  Still I hear one can do wonders in photo-shop....Thats almost it for now...my excuse is it was my little boys birthday party today - 7 years old....house full of energetic boys and one long suffering girl ages 5-10 and..well...chaos is not the word.   Off to clean up burst balloons and party poppers...oh and must finish off that cake....told you I was imperfect....bye bye 


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