Sunday, 11 April 2010

Brighton rocks ! Nia and amazing raw food

So the hottest day of the year so far saw me in Brighton, I love that place. I spent the day at a Nia dance fiesta (more about Nia to come in Look great naturally - without ditching the lipstick - my new book out in June) but still got my fix of walking by the sea. We found a great coffee place on the beach and did some celeb spotting in the form of Patsy Palmer (and no we didn't shout Bianca!)

After a day of totally joyful energising movement I hotfooted it over to Aloka, the absolute best restaurant in Brighton - well my new best freind anyway. Thats an incredible accolade cos tha town is awash with great restaurants, at least two fabulous veggie places. Pretty much opposite one of the best Terre a Terre is Aloka at 14 East street. Now at first glance it looks like a spa or beauty salon and indeed it is a 'quality of life' centre, with 5 floors of 'soil to soul' nourishment, theres yoga on offer, an art gallery, they offer the Aura-soma colour therapy and best of all on the ground floor theres a veggie cafe and level one has a full blown raw food restaurant. Man alive its good ! I had a beetroot gaspachio with parsley oil and cashew cream. A fabulous Spanokapita (lousy spelling but you know what I mean the raw version of filo pastry with spinach etc and of course in a raw food restaurant you have to try the desserts. I had the most divine citrus 'cheesecake' with lime sorbet. Don't forget these terms describe the look of the food but its one hundred per cent raw and vegan. Unreal. They don't publish the prices on the menu which for me was very stressful - but I needen't have worried it was £20 for 3 course, brilliant value.

They also do some great organic and biodynamic wines.

Can't wait to go back, I see Jessica Fenton (raw food expert) is hostng some raw food dinner parties there, including a raw chocoholics party...ooh could be making it for that one !

check them out - 01273 823178
Tell them I recommended you !