Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Janey Lee Grace says 'Choose Happiness'

Well its official - 2012 is the year I will find my authentic truth and you yours I hope, amongst the usual collection of resolutions and goals (yes I do need to get back on track with upping my raw food and moving my body) but I have one big project for the year. - Choose happiness, sounds way too simple or daft or perhaps as Steve Wright suggested on Radio 2 when I mentioned it - a bit wacky and new age but in fact I think its pretty relevant and down to earth.  Even the government are doing something similar, in 2010 they commissioned a huge survey on the happiness of the nation and spent copious amounts of money researching our discontent.   In case you're thinking what I mean its I intend to simply grin like a cheshire cat most of the time, its not only the Pollyanna approach, I do believe happiness is a choice. 

I've been inspired by Grechen Rubin and the happiness project, Dr Robert  Holden and most recently by an interview I heard with author John Robbins, he was born into the Baskin Robbins family (yes as in US ice cream !) but instead of staying to inherit the family business he walked away to follow his path, he literally chose to go from riches to rags. living with his wife in a self built wooden lodge and growing 90 per cent of his own food, he got lucky again when his first book became an international bestseller.

Of course your basic needs need to be met, but so long as they are its amazing how the buiness of happiness can become a learned skill just like any other, you can choose to make it a priority, choose to make it a goal, a habit, a way of life.
Anyways thats what the happiness authors tell me, I'm starting from now and in the words of the 'medicine man' in Eat Pray Love' I'm off to practice the 'smile meditation' I'm going to simply smile, even from my liver...(which fortunately will not be burdened with alcohol as thats another resoltuon...)
I wish you a truly HAPPY new year