Monday, 30 April 2007

Mon 30th

Hellishly busy and the weather is so fab its a travesty.

Frantically trying to get the tip sheet completed, its gonna be well worth the wait guys - well I hope you won't need to wait, should be with you tomorrow 1st May, some excellent offers and competitions, you've got a few hours to tell your mates to sign up !

Actually having moaned about my busy-ness I did take a couple of hours out today to meet the lovely Maria from Solgar, we had a fab meal at Lussmans which has organic and locally sourced food, I swear I will not fit into anything for the launch party on Thursday - so bloated up !
On that note......what do I wear ?....mmm I feel a charity shop rummage coming on...

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Thurs 26th

Well book day has finally arrived, a slight anti-climax - its kinda like you've given birth but no-one poeps round to congratulate you ! I have one fab review though on Amazon so I'm happy. There's also lots of fab giveaways related too if you buy the book so don't say we don't try to give you stuff. Off the scale busy as always trying to plan the launch party next week and jack up some fab stuff for the next tip sheet too.

Just had an amazing session / lesson in holographic breathing from the lovely Martin - I'll reveal all in a feature and comp soon. Feel kinda spaced out actually...its not often I sit still for more than 10 mins.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Mon 23rd

Knackered after yesterday and after all that it was BBC News 24 not BBC 1 so hope no-one got up to watch (fat chance when you can have a sunday lie-in I'm thinking) Just as well I wasn't watching the marathon, always makes me sob....

Only a few days to go till the new book hits the shelves, somehow I don't think there'll be a rush in the style of the new Harry Potter but I had an email from a lovely granny today who is waiting to get her hands on it to buy for her 'not very green at all yet' - daughter in law...that should help with family relations then !

bye for now

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Sat 21st

Knackered is the operative word, I spent hours yesterday having a massive chuck-out and re-sort of the office (well small cluttered section of room that is alledgedly the office) I now have a veritable array of car-bootable or church fete items. Of course I'm too imperfect to be able to do any of that myself - far too into 'hoarding', so I had to call in the cavalry in the guise of Naomi 'clearly organised' Saunders - see Features for her top tips. Some people really do have the knack of just getting you sorted and putting systems into place that will work with the kind of person you are.....messy...untidy...oops I mean creative

Still don't know how to upload a pic here.....still wondering why anyone would need to 'post slug' ?
Have a fab weekend

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Thurs 19th

Fab piece in The Guardian today - 'Green Living Room' - you never know with press, if they'll say some-ut you haven't said, but aside from promoting another soapnut compnay they were fab (not that I don't promo them too - its just that I had given them Sarahs details....anyways.....

One week to go till the book is released and am I booked onto Richard and Judy , LK today and This morning ?....not yet......visualise...visualise.....

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Wed 18th

You may have seen the Matthew Wright show today, what is it with me - I only ever work with people with Wright in their surname ! Matt Alwright standing in for Matthew Wright !

Anyway thouigh cynical about all my various theories he was nice,
Exhausted though, getting up at 5am twice in a row takes me back to the old days of working on virgin radio....


Sunday, 15 April 2007

Sunday 15th April

Had a fab day at Natural Products at Olympia, lots of people came to the talk and it was great to meet some of the girls on the forum. I was there at the request of Viridian Nutrition - fab stand made of recycled cardboard - inc chairs and yes they took my weight - I was concerned I can tell you ! I do love the people in this industry, so many great companies. I hadn't even realised that Solgar had been giving away my book as part of their supplement deal so they asked me to cut their cake - its their 60th anniversary - I posed for the photo session and drank the champagne with pleasure - the actual cutting I left to someone else !

Fiona and Gaby did a great job of blagging some great freebies for our goody bags - this launch party is gonna be the most talked about in town !

Bye bye

Friday, 13 April 2007

Fri 13th

Woke up with a slight headache - exhaustion its fair to say, which reminds me yesterday I walked into a hight street store and almost keeled over from the synthetic chemcial wihiff ! Isn't it interesting how when yiu stop using so many chemcials in your home and on your 'person' you become really attuned to the smalle when you are exposed to it.

Looking forward to the Natural Trade show on sunday - hoping to meet lots of people I've only known virtually till,now.


Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Wed 11th April

Feet barely touching the ground right now, BBC brekkie went well on monday but in my old age getting up at 5am knackers me now - probably not helped by the fact that I'm up with various small children 4 times during the night too. Counting down the days till the book launch and frantically trying to locate eco-friendly goodie bags and lots of fab stuff to put in them. I go then


Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter sunday

Happy easter !

I went to a fab 'dramatic easter vigil' at my church last night - boy what a service. The church was in totoal darkness apart from 5 candles We heard 5 readings and then at midnight the bells chimed - a huge indoor pyrotechnic firework went off and then the whole of the back of the church was lit by giant floodlights (behind the stained glass window if you get my drift )

Fab, I do love a theatrical service !

Have a lovely day - go easy on the choccy - I'm going to need to, I can bear fit into any of my trousers and I'm on Breakfast TV on tues talking superfoods - mmm shall I mention chocolate ?


Friday, 6 April 2007

Good Friday

Hoipe you're having a good one. Our friends finally arrived from cornwall yesterday afternoon and delivered my fab pressie hamper courtesy of Gear Farm (the organic farm event I spoke at on Mon) I thought it wa just some honey and the Helford river apple juice but theres also some goodies from Spiezia Organics and the most gorgeous outfits for Rocky and Lulu including a stripey hat which Rocky hasn't taken off since it was opened. (could be interesting if we ever do consider a hair wash)
I've also just had my first slice of organic chocolate easter cake - get down.

I'm on TV on tues - they'll need to winch me in - better choose a colour that hides my bulk !
Happy easter
P.s anyone reading this lucky enough to be going to 'Sarahs shop' opening party tonight in Helford passage I am SO jealous - have fun. Enjoy the Roskillys ice cream

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Thurs 5th

Oh so exciting I finally have ONE COPY of the next book Imperfeclty natural Baby and Toddler in my hot sticky hands, looks great, very colourful and Orion pulled off a deal with natural collection and theres a £10 voucher with every book sold to spend at the natural collection - fab - we're also drumming up a free nationwide gym membership if we can work out the logistics...

Book should be in shops and at amazon on April 26th

Exciting - just need to plan a party now


Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Tues 3rd

I know its only a few hours since my last blog (well 12) impressive for me.

Anyway just brimming with excitement that the kids have just collected a big bunch of purple sprouting broccoli from our garden that came from our organic instant veg garden last year - courtesy of Rocket Gardens - they're on the tips this month as an offer - 10 per cent off I think so get in now - fab easy way of growing your own organic veg - even if you only have a windowsill

Don't usually 'plug' stuff on my blog but its so exciting - you can tell I don't get out much !!


Monday, 2 April 2007

Mon 2nd

Just back from Cornwall, feeling re-vitalised but kind of 'twitchy' cos I've left my heart there iyswim - sounds naff doesn't it but I'm so addicted to the place and really should live there...hey ho.

Brilliant time anyway. We stayed at Mertan manor which is gorgeous - jsut on the Lizard near Constantine - gorgeous.

Met up with the divine Mike from Rocket Gardens (see the directory and the latest tip sheet offer) - such an inspirational guy. We had lunch at Helford passage and the kids played on the rocks. Cornwall must be the only place where you can get a pub lunch, then stoll to a beach ice cream kiosk and get organic ice cream for the kids and a recycled 'gem' bracelet for yourself - c/o Sarahs 'shop'

Today was excellent - a 'party' at Gear farm - the home of Cut4cloth - see the directory - jsut the most gorgeous organic coton clothes for babies (in cloth nappies ) and older kids, also Spiezia organics, an amazing Cornish Honey guy and the best organic plants, breads etc etc - oh and Heford River apple juice just near by - man alive if I did live there I'd be the size of a house - but a very happy 'organic' fat I'd be.

A huge big-up to Viv Carne who ferryed us from the train station and a huge thanks too to the guys at Trelowarren, they're plugged in the next book - check them out, fab eco time shares and self catering holidays.

so as you can see I'm full of it, back to the beeb tomorrow.

by the way, if you didn't get my tips (and why not ?) you missed some amazing offers. But also the announcement that I'm finally 'myspsced up' I am slightly billy no mates though so come on down !