Monday, 2 April 2007

Mon 2nd

Just back from Cornwall, feeling re-vitalised but kind of 'twitchy' cos I've left my heart there iyswim - sounds naff doesn't it but I'm so addicted to the place and really should live there...hey ho.

Brilliant time anyway. We stayed at Mertan manor which is gorgeous - jsut on the Lizard near Constantine - gorgeous.

Met up with the divine Mike from Rocket Gardens (see the directory and the latest tip sheet offer) - such an inspirational guy. We had lunch at Helford passage and the kids played on the rocks. Cornwall must be the only place where you can get a pub lunch, then stoll to a beach ice cream kiosk and get organic ice cream for the kids and a recycled 'gem' bracelet for yourself - c/o Sarahs 'shop'

Today was excellent - a 'party' at Gear farm - the home of Cut4cloth - see the directory - jsut the most gorgeous organic coton clothes for babies (in cloth nappies ) and older kids, also Spiezia organics, an amazing Cornish Honey guy and the best organic plants, breads etc etc - oh and Heford River apple juice just near by - man alive if I did live there I'd be the size of a house - but a very happy 'organic' fat I'd be.

A huge big-up to Viv Carne who ferryed us from the train station and a huge thanks too to the guys at Trelowarren, they're plugged in the next book - check them out, fab eco time shares and self catering holidays.

so as you can see I'm full of it, back to the beeb tomorrow.

by the way, if you didn't get my tips (and why not ?) you missed some amazing offers. But also the announcement that I'm finally 'myspsced up' I am slightly billy no mates though so come on down !


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