Saturday, 21 April 2007

Sat 21st

Knackered is the operative word, I spent hours yesterday having a massive chuck-out and re-sort of the office (well small cluttered section of room that is alledgedly the office) I now have a veritable array of car-bootable or church fete items. Of course I'm too imperfect to be able to do any of that myself - far too into 'hoarding', so I had to call in the cavalry in the guise of Naomi 'clearly organised' Saunders - see Features for her top tips. Some people really do have the knack of just getting you sorted and putting systems into place that will work with the kind of person you are.....messy...untidy...oops I mean creative

Still don't know how to upload a pic here.....still wondering why anyone would need to 'post slug' ?
Have a fab weekend

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  1. I assume that means that the font that im using doesnt have a heart symbol....


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