Thursday, 27 May 2010

So I get to interview the stars - Sex & the city 2

yep....possibly the first and only female journo who wasn't exactly apoplectic with excitement when asked if I'd go along and watch a screening of Sex and the city 2 and follow up with a 'junket' at Claridges hotel in London. (thats where the worlds media descend and the stars have to do one interview after another) its not that I din't used to enjoy the series just that I've changed so much in twelve years and I wondered if the glitzy gals had.

The movie is long, oh so long but fun. Aside from a rather superflous sub plot involving a trip to Abu dabi (actually Morocco) which bordered on being trashy and could possibly even be construed as was fairly innoucous and fun and actually had some reflective bittersweet moments that many a 40 something woman will identify with. In fact the movie could have been called 'marriage and the city' cos this one is more about marriage, babies, fidelity and of course...the sisterhood, theres a few timeless messages in there, not exactly earth shattering in their uniqueness but nice to be reminded such as ..... being a mother is a hard job and its ok to admit you need time-out, a break occasionally and that real freinds will always be there for you. One of the best lines in the movie ?
Carrie declares, when hubby asks whats for dinner....'come on darling you knew I was more coco chanel than coq au vin !' Crikey though theres a whole lot of women who'd don their apron for Mr Big any day.

I gotta tell you the gals all looked better in real life than on the screen, Kristen Davies is stunning and of course Chris Noth (mr big - divine) Actually my recording equipment went awol and I ended up having to do Mr Big's interview twice - oh what a shame - my colleague reckoned my 'angels' were sorting it for me to drool twice !
We also bumped into the lovely Gok Wan

You can hear the interview clips on Steve Wright in the afternoon fri 28th and tues 1st

Meanwhile back to the grind, I identified with Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie in the movie) when the first copy of her new book arrives in the post, I have mine in my hot sticky hands...'Look Great Naturally - without ditching the lipstick' is out Tues 1st - do not miss - in fact the 1st 100 people to buy on Amazon and whizz their reciept to me at get a whole bunch of natural freebies....