Saturday, 31 March 2007

sat 31st

Off to sunny Cornwall. Yippee

Lets hope some sea air sorts out my cold....

Tips winging their way - if you're sunscribed on sunday - though I say so myself some amazing prizes and offers


Thursday, 29 March 2007

Thurs 29th March

sorry its been ages, thank goodness no-one is hanging on my every word - how do people blog every single day ?

Anyways I've been to a lovely event today. Actions Speak louder is an initiative that the government have funded to give £115 million in totol to various projects across the UK, Young people need to create the idea and then ask for money to implement it to help themselves and other young people in their community. I presented some fo the awards (alongside the youth minister I'll have you know !!) and I met some great people, really reminds you that the 'yoof of today' are actually great. Fantastic band played too, a bunch of guys about 16 / 17 - guess what band they chose to cover ? Led Zeppellin and Deep Purple !! I almost wofted my flares.

I actually asked a guy who came to chat to me in the style of a really old person how to take pictures on my phone, (well its a new one! ) after falling about laughing he'll helped me and then 'sent' it to his phone - wow technology. I had a true senior moment I can tell you. If only that helpful boy could pop here and show me how to upload pics to my blog I'd share it with ya'll....


Sunday, 25 March 2007

Sun 25th

Well an interesting weekend - not exactly full of the stuff dreams are made of, but fairly productive. I did the talk at the Natural wellbeing hsow to a small but perfectly formed audience and managed to watch The Secret in the evening. the boys were rather non-plussed as the remeote control (podge) as we call it for the DVD player is their domain and their alone so when Mummy highjacked it for a bunch of metaphysical talking heads they were not best pleased.

I did ask Sonny (8) if he would tidy his bedroom as it was starting to resemble the Twilight Zone and he decided to answer me with an artistic 'installation.' I went to get a drink and when I came into the hallway he'd found a toy broom, some of the baby's toys, a couple of socks and various other items to sepll out across the rug - YES - That boy will go far.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Thurs 22nd

Good day today on Steves show with Glenn Harrold on the show, hes written a book with audio CD and hes on Orion books too. I met him at the authors party and he sent me a bunch of his hypnotherapy CD's which are fantastic. Watch this space for a possible collaboration !

I have a miserable cold but am warding it off - how about you ? Poor baby Lulu has a streaming nose but mananges to smile delightedly throughout.

Any snow your end ? None here but its is oh so cold, evne for me and I never feel the cold

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Tues 20th March

A fab day I must say. I had lunch with Green people - thats a couple of women from the company not just people who are green - anyway....I'd met Sue before but not the lovely Charlotte Voltz who is the founder of Green People. What a gorgeous knowledgable woman. I also came away with some lovely goodies to try too so I'll report back.

After the show I had a meeting with a TV producer about a possible show so fingers and toes and everything crossed !!!!!

We'll get our barking mad ideas (only joking) out to the mainstream if it kills us !
bye bye

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Sunday 18th March

Happy mothers day. I did get some smashing sparkly cards from Sonny and Buddy and we had a lovely day out in Suffolk having lunch with friends. Serious sleet on the way home and oh so freezing which is quite incredible when I think only last weekend we were in Brighton on the beach I thank you ! did I even tell you how fab my weekend away was ? probably not...techncial probs getting into the blog this week, I'll bring you up to date in due course. I've also done some very interesting new photos which I'm keen to see, bout time I ditched the dodgy old ones.

Really good time last Friday too at St Peters church nr Ely - packed church for our little 'evening with' gig and I met osme great people. No rest for the wicked, sat am I was at the 'Cute in cloth' do at Maidstone County Hall, I left my own cute in cloth baby at home though and jsut did the professional thing (alledgedly)

Bye bye, any Radio 2 listeners will be sad that Tim is on hols this week so I'm doing Mon and Fri this week too.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Tues 13th March

Back from a fab weekend. Sat was the Activate conference in coventry, what a lovely bunch of women. I had a lovley dinner sitting ext to their chairperson Fiona Castle whose energy is fab. Her daughter Julia sold me some gorgeous jewllery too which is made in Peru. I'm hoping to get some info on the site cos thats ACTUAL fair trade in practice.

If I knew how to upload pics I'd show you some photos.

Sun and Monday I was in Brighton - oh what sunshine - gorgeous ! I had a fab walk by the sea and did two sessions which seemed to go down well Sun evening was the awards ceremony which I hosted and the live ban was Uncle funk, as I' so ancient and have been in the music biz for years there was at least one band member I'd worked with and a few people who knew me from Cola Boy days !

Back home and lots of fab samples and goodies to try out and hopefully I've twisted the arm of several compnaies to do some giveaways on the site

Bye bye

Friday, 9 March 2007

Fri 9th March

Boy am I tired, I have spent so much energy sorting out the chidcare arrabgements for this weekend that I feel as though my head will I need to address what I'll be talking about...oh abd the very real possibility of a bad hair day !

I'm off to Brghton on Sunday so hoping this fab weather continue so I can get a glimpse of the sea with sun shining on it.

Bye for now

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Wed 7th march

What a fab spring day and I SO love daffodils, they completely cheer me up. If you heard the Steve Wright show today you'll know Wrighty gave the site a little plug and we bigged up Tim Smith on our 'cynics corner' here on the site. I gave him an amazing body stick on air (a truly innovative natural deodorant see natural collection in directory) - he is convinced it won't work !

I also gave him a 'natural toothbrush' (see directory) and - well you can imagine the response ! I reckon he'll love it though...if you see an attractive bald guy chewing away happily on a bit of twig on the train...check if its Tim.

Bye for now..

Monday, 5 March 2007

Mon 5th March

Steady on - my 3rd blog in as many days ! it will never last !
I had a lovely birthday actually. a bunch of girlfriends and I went to Next Generation gym (see lifestyle in the directory links for your nearest one) and just had a refreshing swim and then chilled out - well, warmed up actually in the gorgeous aromatherapy spa room. (like a kind of gentle sauna with essential oils wafting by) Then we sank some imperfect non - organic wine and came home where my loving DH did his very best Jamie Oliver and cooked a fab 3 course meal for 10

All was quiet on the toddler and baby front till about 10pm when they suddenly perked up and decided to join the party. It was all really quite cute see-ing them in their PJ's It started to wear a little thin at 1.30am when they were still rocking - putting on their own little show at the end of the bed.....we're all suffering today !

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Sun 4th March

Happy birthday to me ...very rainy here but the gorgeous sunflower drawing from my little boy cheered me up no end !

Weird isn't it after a certain age, birthdays are just 'odd' I looked in the mirror and definitely do not feel a day over 20 - sadly I looked about 110 after a late night and interrupted by babies...the usual...

Off to church then having a 'girly' party tonight, no offence to my male mates....


Saturday, 3 March 2007

Sat 3rd March

You can't deny it - even with our high tech email world its great getting a few letters and parcels through the snail mail.

Today I got my bouquet of flowers from The Organic Flower company and they are FAB and smell heavenly. (check March tips sheet for special offers.) While we're on smells - since doing The Wright stuff so many people have been intrigued by the 'smell busters' that we've decided to do a giveaway. See The big Giveaway on the centre panel of the home page. They really work.

Anyone reading this blog not joined up to the forum by the way - we're missing you ! come join in, we won't bite.
We're imperfect after all

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Fri 2nd March…oh so early..

Up with the sparrows to get to BBC Breakfast - talking - well hopefully not nonsense but the whole thing of finding the right bra size and standardisation of dress sizes,

Hope ya'll got the newsletter finally, a veritable magazine though I say so myself. I am frantcially trying to slap on some of Naomi Green Hands' nasty chemcial free nail polish before I head off but fear I'll smear it if I have to go and pick up the baby who usually wakes without fail exactly 3 mins before I need to creep out of the house.

Still I'm promised a bunch of those fab organic flowers for my birthday so that should cheer me up - no end
bye bye