Monday, 5 March 2007

Mon 5th March

Steady on - my 3rd blog in as many days ! it will never last !
I had a lovely birthday actually. a bunch of girlfriends and I went to Next Generation gym (see lifestyle in the directory links for your nearest one) and just had a refreshing swim and then chilled out - well, warmed up actually in the gorgeous aromatherapy spa room. (like a kind of gentle sauna with essential oils wafting by) Then we sank some imperfect non - organic wine and came home where my loving DH did his very best Jamie Oliver and cooked a fab 3 course meal for 10

All was quiet on the toddler and baby front till about 10pm when they suddenly perked up and decided to join the party. It was all really quite cute see-ing them in their PJ's It started to wear a little thin at 1.30am when they were still rocking - putting on their own little show at the end of the bed.....we're all suffering today !

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