Sunday, 25 March 2007

Sun 25th

Well an interesting weekend - not exactly full of the stuff dreams are made of, but fairly productive. I did the talk at the Natural wellbeing hsow to a small but perfectly formed audience and managed to watch The Secret in the evening. the boys were rather non-plussed as the remeote control (podge) as we call it for the DVD player is their domain and their alone so when Mummy highjacked it for a bunch of metaphysical talking heads they were not best pleased.

I did ask Sonny (8) if he would tidy his bedroom as it was starting to resemble the Twilight Zone and he decided to answer me with an artistic 'installation.' I went to get a drink and when I came into the hallway he'd found a toy broom, some of the baby's toys, a couple of socks and various other items to sepll out across the rug - YES - That boy will go far.

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