Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Tues 22nd

The Tatton Park flower show is on form now till Sun and yours truly has inspired the design of a garden - I know its not exactly a rose named after me but hey ho, one of the members of the ladies circle has designed it and called it the 'natural woman' garden, now I know I'm imperfectly natural but I'm proud to be the inspiraiton - lets hope it doesn't sprout weeds before the weekend !

Chocka this week catching up after my time at Champneys - I did tell ya'll about that didn't I ?

The great news is I'll be doing some talks and events there so lots of excuses to go back and book treatments !

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Thurs 17th July

Just back from 2 nights at Champneys in Tring, man alive what a wonderful place, its years since I've been to a health resort, or 'farm' as they were known and back then it was overweight people queuing up in robes to be weighed and then waiting miserably for a sub standard treamtent and eating a bit of sad salad for lunch. This was like being at the most luxurious coutnry hotel ever but with the added benefit of an incredibiel spa and wonderful exercise classes. They say they're a spa then a hotel but I'd say they do both brilliantly. I did a fitness hula hooping session - not bad as I haven't kept a hoop up that long since I was a kid (no gags) and I went on some fab country hikes and of course did yoga.

Frank Bruno was very loud in his flourescent blue shorts in the gym and I'm sure they get a fair smattering of big time celebs but you don't feel the need to dress up - its very relaxed.
Highly recommended - well worth it for a day trip, food fantastic too, longer article coming soon...


Thursday, 10 July 2008

Thurs 10th July

I won't even bother with my sorry...where does the time go thing.....we had a ball at Hesfes even though only for the weekend, loads of sunshine incredibly. I must offer a big thanks to Morag (The Nappy Lady) I'll have you know, for letting us hang out at her motor home on site and the kids played lots of football while I discovered a bit of Mersea island in Essex I didn't know existed, namely a fab cafe where the cappucinos are good and a walk by some nice yachts, very select. We stayed with my old mate Pete from After the fire (yes - any old Christian rockers reading this...THAT After The Fire) they're still gigging with 2 original members.

Last Tues I did a small event a Berkhamsted library and tonight just back from a talk at Waterstones in St Albans, I do like local gigs, home for cocoa by 11pm, another local one on Sat at an eco fair and then I'm off to a health resort (get me !) to sample a few pampering treatments for a day or so.

Appropo to nothing don't forget to take up the offer for the Lifescape subscription - buy one get one sub free at a reduced price and you both get £25 worth of natural skincare - what an offer !