Monday, 29 October 2007

Mon 29th

Where has the week gone ? Today I was up at the crack of 4am to do a quick thing on BBC1 brekkie on organic food, then onto The Wright Stuff over at ch 5 to do my bit on the sofa, Matthew is such a star.

Haven't told you either about Fri night at the Green Awards finally found a green sparkly vintage top to wear with flares and met some fab people including the lovely Pennie Poyser who was hosting the event.

Sat I did a talk for Higher nature at the London school of pharmacy, a highly intelligent audience - welcome on board anyone who was there and is new to the site. Sun we made a rare appearance at our church which is sadly miles from where we live and were delighted to find Martyn Joseph playing a couple of numbers. fortuitous as I'd planned to go to his gig the night before at Union chapel Islington - see previous blogs for more on Martyn

Sunday, 21 October 2007

sun 21st

Rocky was 4 yesterday but we're celebrating tomorrow as yesterday was also the big 50 for our mate Lushi. He roped us all in to do a gig with him. If you get chance go see The 2 Ronnies - fantastic tribute band, great 'steve marriot' style singer and a top Mick Jagger lookalike. I togged up in my vintage 1970's catsuit and sang b.v's (have you ever counted the amount of 'woo woos' on Sympathy for the devil ?)

Go see em live if you can -

Great fun night hampered only by a power cut so the gig couldn't actually start till 10.30 !

Needless to say knackered and hoarse today

Monday, 15 October 2007

mon 15th

What a week ! I finally got to Riverford Organics in Devon for a talk and 'supper evening' last Fri, fantastic and the BEST organic food and wine. Up at the crack and off to open the Cheltenham Health show, got to meet a great bowen guy Tim and fixed my RSI in 5 mins !

Sun was - well.. a mix... the bouys were desperate to do a car boot sale (we've been clearing out....I did a (short) interview on BBC London and got a parking ticket to boot. Mid evening I went to Stanton Manor Hotel and today did a photo session and TV commercial for Supplements - exhausted ! Trusted stylist Rosi was there to sort oiut my clothes, thank goodness ! trouser hems down et al....

Monday, 8 October 2007

Mon 8th Oct

Book has finally been delivered - yippee, frantically manged to complete the tip sheet too. I did a talk at a District Rotary conference yesterday - another well kept secret - they have 1.2 million memember internationally and raise a fortune for charity.

We sold out of books which was very stressful but good I suppose.

Sun PM I took Rocky nearly 4 to the West end to see The Lion King, he almost exploded with excitement ! (the imperfect sweets probably didn't help !)

Promise to update this blog a bit more often now...

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Tues 2nd Oct

Good weekend, odd being back in Nottingham, my old homestead, the traffic is worse than London though. Fab hotel near Chilwell and even a TK Maxx on the complex.

The Ldies Circle alwasy know haw to throw a party and this was no exception. A realy fab do with great food, a Frank sinatra tribute guy - usually i detest those kind of acts but he was excellent and then the Drifters played - at least one original member !

Michelle the new NALC president was made up cos Esther Rantzen attended, they gave a whopping 5K to childline

Sunday was spent in A and E cos my eldest boy got an infected foot ! stress!

Anyone waiting for Oct tips - aplogies, gonna be a week late.
Bye for now