Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Tues 2nd Oct

Good weekend, odd being back in Nottingham, my old homestead, the traffic is worse than London though. Fab hotel near Chilwell and even a TK Maxx on the complex.

The Ldies Circle alwasy know haw to throw a party and this was no exception. A realy fab do with great food, a Frank sinatra tribute guy - usually i detest those kind of acts but he was excellent and then the Drifters played - at least one original member !

Michelle the new NALC president was made up cos Esther Rantzen attended, they gave a whopping 5K to childline

Sunday was spent in A and E cos my eldest boy got an infected foot ! stress!

Anyone waiting for Oct tips - aplogies, gonna be a week late.
Bye for now

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