Sunday, 25 November 2007

Sun 25th Nov

Just back from interviewing Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig for the big show, it was one of those 'junkets' so I only got about 5 mins with each but they were charming. I also squeezed in a meeting with the lovley Miranda who wanted to show me the Inika cosmetics range - fantastic, luxurious and decadent but 100 per cent natural. i took the liberty of givng a goodie bag full of it to Nicole so watch this space, must be in for a cut if she becomes the new 'face of inika' They're already huge in aus so we'll see.

the reason for the interviews by the way was to promote the Golden compass - the new must see fantasty, the lead girl is gonna be a big star - 13 yr old Dakota I enjoyed it, jsut unsure if I should take the kids, theres a fair few scraps even if they are with armoured bears !

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Thurs 22nd

I have just 'won' Celebrity (steady on !) Popmaster on Radio 2 - in truth only cos I was greatly helped by Lee Ryan, I knew all his q's and he knew most of mine !

My stinking cold is not the best ad for my healthy lifestyle but hey ho, a girls gotta have a natural detox !

Off to snivel somewhere until Wrightys show, he'll be telling me the echinacea will take 4 weeks to kick in...

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Tues 20th

Just got back from a fab trip to my beloved Cornwall. Crispy and sunny and cold.

Bedruthan Steps Hotel is fantastic, kids had a ball. We went to the Eden project and went skating, fantastic, slipping and a sliding, Sun was the health event and there were some fab companies with stalls including Purenuffstuff, Beyond Organic Skincare, Trevarno and loads more.

We bought a gorgeous 100 per cent silk duvet,

Back to report later

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Don't know if this accepts 'links' but I've just answered a little profile thingy for Ethical Jobs

guess you'll need to cut and paste !

anyway - made me realise how lucky I am running this fab site and particulalry our cuddly forum.

Off to cornwall on Sat for a talk on Sunday - looking forward to meeting up with so many of the companies I recommend
See you soon...

Sunday, 11 November 2007

bling ! Sun 11th Nov

Well as you may know I'm a 'trashy' jewellery kind of gal, loving lots of recycled beads and colourful bits and bobs, but lately I've taken to wearing pretty much constantly the gorgeous silver stuff from LA jewellery (on my directory on main site )

I supassed myself today though, i must be getting a bit more grown up cos I went to a jewellery sample sale of Thora Walton stuff TW collection. (much cheaper than it is in boutiques, Fenwicks etc ) I know Thora but hadn't seen any of her latest pieces - man alive - I'm 'blinged up' - well rose quartz crosses on pink cord anyway (closest I'll ever be to bling !)

If I could post a pic I would...hey ho....I'll wear it when I'm on The Wright stuff next - Dec 7th I think


Thursday, 8 November 2007

Thurs 8th

Surpassed myself in not updating - sorry for anyone early awaiting news of celebs et al.

Its been a 'normal' week, is any week ever normal ? but you get my drift, we all went to a fab bonfire party and chilled out the next day, stil clearing out heaps of stuff for the charity shop (suprised they aren't screaming 'enough already'
Really looking forward to the Cornwall trip, details on the Bedruthan Steps hotel website.

Off to take the kids to a new 'rock school' tonight, 9 year old on bass, 7 yr old on drums, should be a racket...

Will report back if I suspect the forming of a boy band any day soon