Thursday, 30 August 2007

Thurs 30

What a fab party we had yesterday, Questsonline did us a fantastic personalised Horrid Henry and Dennis the menace treasure hunt. Brilliant clues and drawings. they even do adult versions ! and no I'm not on commission !

all a bit of a come down now....for about 2 weeks then my baby is 2 ! boy is having 4 kids expensive !

Monday, 27 August 2007

Tues 28th

well early firstborn is 9 today ! what a milestone...somehow seems so much more grown up than 8 - Just had a couple of fab days at Greenbelt, I've been going for so many years but still always come away feeling uplifted.

the talk went great and I got to meet a few forum members which was fab. greenbelt has also gone officially 'green' I've never seen so many stalls claining to be sustainabel, organic and environmentally friendly...imperfect old me though trolled round the site with poor Lulu in disposable nappies - hey ho.

Off to plan 'horrid henry / denis the menace' style games and hopefully we have a treasure hunt coming from questsonline - lets hope I can work out the clues....

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Sat 25th Aug

Feeling odd cos ususally at this time on a bank hol saturday I'm at the Greenbelt festival - (speaking there on monday) but today has been wonderful.

I was a speaker at the conference of the Church of Scotland guild - must be a website but I don't have it to hand - anyways what a well kept secret - these women (and a few guys) raise astronomical amounts of money for their chosen charity projects including one close to my heart the bluebell project for post natal depression

It was a great expereince hearing 2000 women singing in Dundee Caird Hall and after my short talk I met so many inspiring women, and I also sold nearly 200 books !! Get down - spread the word - any guild members please come and join our forum and share all....

Thursday, 23 August 2007

relaxed at last..

I had the BEST holistic facial last night. You'll know of Neals Yard remedies for their gorgeous creams, oils etc but I didn't know that they did treatments.

Anyways they sure do, and this was the best most fantastic holistic facial. Organic Orange flower facial oils and a beautfial white tea spray and balms et al

anyway my puffy eyes aren't as puffy and I will defintiely be repeating the experience - I had no idea Neals Yard had so many fab products either

check them out on my directory - health and beauty

I also have a 'mens box' for tim Smith - watch out cynics corner - he won't be able to slag that off !

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Tues 21st Aug

Just back from a fab fleeting trip to Cornwall with the older boys. I got my fix of sea air and they had a wonderful time cycling, climbing over rocks in the rain (!) and we went to an incredible Daredevil Stunt show, a fridn of ours actually has a relative who is the UKS only female human cannonball !

We popped into Bedruthan Steps hotel and also went to the Eden project - first time I've been there, really well done, the kdis had a ball building a den and then putting all the bits away !

wish I'd made it down during July for one of the open air gigs there, sounds fab but I already planning a trip in Nov for the open air ice skating

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

tues 14th aug

Gosh sorry for ages without blog, head down writing I guess. Fab day at work meeting Roy Wood of Wizard fame - I kinow I'm older than god, but he looks exactly the sme except for a few extra pounds (who hasn't ?) and his new band sounds fab

I did a good (I hope ) talk in Mickleove Derby last night and met up with Tanya from the forum and Janine from Naturtint as well as my sister who is local.

Tonight I met another forum member Louise who cam and did a demo on 'cooking stonewear' from pampered chef - man alive its fab, I wil be reporting back in due casserole course...


Monday, 6 August 2007

mon 6th

What a fab weekend, bit hot but proper old style seaside family break for us. down on the beach in sunny Margate and no typing for 2 whole days ! Bit of a I'm back on it of course.

Watched a really silly girlie vid - Hope Springs with Colin Firth - is it me or does he always play the same role ? not that it matters a jot - hes gorgeous.