Tuesday, 14 August 2007

tues 14th aug

Gosh sorry for ages without blog, head down writing I guess. Fab day at work meeting Roy Wood of Wizard fame - I kinow I'm older than god, but he looks exactly the sme except for a few extra pounds (who hasn't ?) and his new band sounds fab

I did a good (I hope ) talk in Mickleove Derby last night and met up with Tanya from the forum and Janine from Naturtint as well as my sister who is local.

Tonight I met another forum member Louise who cam and did a demo on 'cooking stonewear' from pampered chef - man alive its fab, I wil be reporting back in due casserole course...



  1. Wasn't exactly looking for your site, but cool....

  2. Wasn't looking for this in particular, but cool stuff....

  3. Wasn't looking for this, but great stuff....


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