Friday, 28 September 2007

Fri 28th Sept

Just heard I'm doing Love Songs again on Oct 7th that will be fun. Gonna be on LBC this lunchtime as part of their green week, I hope they're OK with me being on barely lime green and imperfect to boot.

Off up country later for a Ladies Circle Presidential ball - man alive can those girls party ! - really looking forward to it.

(anyone fearful I'm not working hard enough the laptops coming with me...

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Tues 25th

Back from Harrogate - Natural Health show - fantastic to meet everyone there.

Tonight I've been to a great charity gala event for the Lowe syndrome Trust - great fun chatting to Johnathon Ross who is one of their patrons and Tony Hadley - we had such a laugh about the old music biz days. a star studded event actually with Russell Watson, Beverly Knight and Newton Faulkner on the bill.

No idea how I feel I've got time for such galivanting, 3rd book deadline is now extended to next week so back on my head...

Sunday, 16 September 2007

sun 16th sept

I presented Love songs on Radio 2 today, forgotten what a lovely show to present it really is, stacks of slushy letters !

Fri we went to a fabulous party in surrey, I hope to part of an new venture around 'conscious Living'. ther'll be an online radio station, a website and a central London shop so watch this space, its gonna be exciting. Met up with matt Harvey again - poet, and he did an impromptu 'turn' He is HiLIARIOUS !! I'm still laughing at his poem called - clouds - whata are you like ?

Yesterday was good too, I did an opening talk at the Maternity Services public meeting organised by the NCT, met osme lovley ante natal teachers and persuaded a few of them to try out my new 'joyful pregnancy Cc hope they find it goes down well

Knuckiling bakc down now to book 3 (completion date looms) and for a break I'll bowup a few balloons, my baby girl is 2

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Tues 12th Sept

Of course I'll update it regularly was my response to hubby telling me I'll never have time to keep a blog, hey ho, hes right again.

I feel as though my feet haven't touched the ground since last thurs - Fri I did some interviews to help promote Neals Yard remedies then headed off to Totnes in Devon to do some writing. Beleive or not I have never visited the holsitic capital of the Uk before and I LOVED it. Trust me I can't cope with a new addiciton in addition to St Ives in cornwall !

Anyways got some work done in between shopping trips looking at the fab new agesy shops and organic supermarkets like Greenlife. The BEST veggie restaurnat Willow and on sunday I went for lunch with some freinds and met Matt Harvey a poet, what a lovely guy. the train home was delayed but I had Matts book to keep me company.

Photo session madness going on...will report back in due course...

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Thurs 6th sept

The last few days have flown by....jsut been to get my hair highlighted with Daniel Field (what you mean you're not a nautral blonde ???? ) well yes actually but as one gets older you need help) and he tells me he has a new range of skincare products coming out that are totally pure - labelled 'free from' cos thats what they are - toxic free - well watch this space.

Up at the crack tomorrow doing some radio interviews - I've been asked to do them becasue Neals Yard remedies are sponsoring Organic fortnight with the soil association and they're holding organic 'wake up to organic brunches' across the Uk, I gotta tell you I'm converted to their organic orange flower oil, its fantastic. I had one of their holistic facials and it was incredible - still can't stop people asking me if I really am the old woman...

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Tues 4th

Great day - was asked at short notice to be on Jeremy Vine show at lunchtime to comment on the report about the dangers of deodorants. He even plugged the first book for me, bless his heart ! It flew straight up to 125 on sales on amazon !

Slight come-down as the site then crashed while potentially thousands of people were checking in but we're back now.

Photo session for the 3rd book is being set up for next week so I'm very conscious that I've eaten all the pies lately ! any tips on losing inches in 6 days - apart from fasting of course !

Monday, 3 September 2007

Mon 3rd Sept

Back from a great weekend at Rude health in Dublin, met some fab people - a special hi to everyone from Solgar and the inspirational Ian from Orchid books.

Frantically finishing off the tips now so they'll be on the email to you tonight I hope, some fab comps as usual......hope you're signed up.