Saturday, 26 May 2007

Sat 26th May

Rainy murky old day and the kids are depressed cos they wanted to hold a car boot sale and sell all their toys. The Rocket gardens veggie plants are perking up after looking a bit lacklustre in the heat.

Yesterday was good fun with Jim Davis from LBC - boy did we enjoy that Nourish chocolate - he ate the 'alert' one and I ate 'female balancing' - seemed to sort us both out !

I recieved an 'ionic toothbrush' in the post today for review....don't ask...I haven't tried it yet...sometimes this is fascinating work !

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Thurs 24th

Fab day yesterday, we went to the only soil association accredited pub in the Uk. Duke of Cambridge in Islington.
Great wine and food etc, it was the venue for a party held by Bray Leino a great PR company so I got to meet the lovely people from the Eden Project, Innocent Smoothies and wigglywigglers.

Tonight is the dutch Nursery event where I hear the organisers have lined up organic wine from Vintage roots a la my launch party, can't be bad....

Monday, 21 May 2007

Mon 21st

Walk to School
Just been to do an event for Hertfordshire county council, part of their 'walk to school week' campaign. we had a huge unflatable globe - (good for photo opportunities) which represented the amount of carbon emissions 4 short journeys to school would be in a vehicle. (they reckon most journeys are less then a mile)

Really sweet kids and I just posed with them for a pic. I have a nice life don't I !

I rarely watch TV but did catch wife swap last night - anyone see it ! Lol !

Getting on the phone now to drum up some people to come to the event on Thursday, their website has been down, oh the joys of technology !

Friday, 18 May 2007

Fri 18th may

Just back from the gorgeous city of York. a really nice event organised by a very energetic Ecoflow distributer, great that some forum members came along too.
We stayed with our friends Carolyn and Christian and their 4 kids in their divine farmhouse that put me to shame with its elegance and tidyness - only consolation is that they have 3 girls and a boy and we have 3 very messy boys and a baby girl.....retrned home to that veritable messy homestead after a fleeting visit to York city centre. I signed a few copies of the new book in Waterstones so theres ome signed copies there gals and enjoyed a really girly hald an hour in Lakeland. Boy that glorious catagloue really does come to life ! DH remained singularly unimpressed till I showed him 'barbecue corner' We came out with a fab kitchen crock composter and lots of gadgets we don't need !

tomorrow.....shame I'm not reavelling anywhere...the roads should be light....the boys tell me theres a footy match on...


Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Tues 15th May

The sun has finally come out, Hallelujah - I feel like we've all had cabin fever with a water -logged garden !

Desperately trying to plan a trip to Cornwall but keep getting diverted by offer to do talks etc, very nice but I need to see the sea !
Off to York on Thursday (see diary) but sadly may not see much of the place.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Fri 11th May

Just got back from a smashing fleeting trip to France with Ecover to see their brand new factory at Bolougna (sp ?) We did the Eurotunnel (missed it going out !) and had a lovely meal where the waiters were most concerned that a fairly high number of us were veggies, but the parma ham ws duly slipped out of the melon dish....fab hotel and wonderful to have a nights sleep away from the cherubs....the new factory is HUGE - an amazing eco-build, fascinating systmes in place. Ecover really are one dedicated company - sadly I missed several of the what seemed like entertaining speeches as they were in renditiion of 'je suis une rock star' really wasn't quite enough !

Met some lovely guys from Ecotopia and tried Ecovers brand new 'personal care' range not yet out in the this space..

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Sun May 6th

Me and Sharon at the launchYou can tell how busy I've been as its a week since my last one of these, a record even for me. The launch party was fantastic,(pic here of me and Sharon Trotter) - huge amount of organisation but it was a great atmosphere and loads of nice people, fab organic wine from Vintage roots and though I say so myself the BEST goody bags. Thanks to all the companies who gave us freebies to give away.

The next day - thankfully no major headache as the wine was organic.....I went to Cardiff for a Ladies Circle ball and AGM - see my features for more on NALC - boy do those guys know how to party !

Sat am went to Waterstones and signed some books and Sat Pm coc-a hoop to see the new book in Sainsburys ! Number 32 in the chart - get her !

Holed up in a recording studio today finshing my latest venture a pregnancy CD - all will be revealed.....