Friday, 11 May 2007

Fri 11th May

Just got back from a smashing fleeting trip to France with Ecover to see their brand new factory at Bolougna (sp ?) We did the Eurotunnel (missed it going out !) and had a lovely meal where the waiters were most concerned that a fairly high number of us were veggies, but the parma ham ws duly slipped out of the melon dish....fab hotel and wonderful to have a nights sleep away from the cherubs....the new factory is HUGE - an amazing eco-build, fascinating systmes in place. Ecover really are one dedicated company - sadly I missed several of the what seemed like entertaining speeches as they were in renditiion of 'je suis une rock star' really wasn't quite enough !

Met some lovely guys from Ecotopia and tried Ecovers brand new 'personal care' range not yet out in the this space..

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