Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Eve

Well we had a party....we've been to a party, I've spent what seems likes days wrapping and tagging gifts (all eco styley of course - well in truth as eco as re-using paper gets !

We've tracked Santa's wearabouts on the 'noradsanta' site and the kids are now all a-kip - albiet keeping one eye open for him. They've left 4 carrots and a mince pie and milk for the reindeer so lets hope they're hungry.

Off to midnight mass now - the one service I never miss

Thanks for a great year if you've been a regular on the site or forum.

Have a great Christmas and new year


Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Tues 18th

Date wrong on last post, sorry. I've foolishly decided to have a small christmas drinks bash - am I mad ? 4 kids and no help and way too much to do...hey ho...

hence short blog....

Friday, 14 December 2007

Fri 13th

I truly am a hopeless blogger and I've been called worse. Last Fri was great fun on The Wrigjht Stuff, not much chance to mention many gadgety gifts excpt the Eco media player but we did a good plug for a 'green Christmas'

Not much xmas shoppng been done round here, we've all been manicly packing up the fab 'natural home', 'beauty' and 'baby' boxes for the lucky website comp winners.

Tues night was great, went to the Yestolife xmas party and met some of the charits supporters and a few people who've benefited greatly from the charitys help, determined to buy that sauna for them (see front page) I realise I should have made the hamper comp a raffle !

Back on BBC brekkie yesterday talking ways of getting the kids doing the housework.....oh dear so glad they didn't film it round here.....

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Wed 5th

Just want to say a big thanks to everyone who has donated to our 'yestolife' cause. We want to buy a hyperthermia sauna, (see info on front page of site) and I'd love to get it by the new year - come on we're nearly half way there !

Hope ya'll got the tips this month, man alive its gonna be hard parting with these goodies boxes to the 3 lucuky winners ...if you haven't entered yet please do and drop a quid or two into paypal for the charity - way better odds of winning than the lottery and a more inspirational prize !

I'm 'Inika-ed' up today wearing all my gorgeous new mineral make-up, if you listne to Steve Wrigth this afternoon you'll know I interviewed Nicole Kidman aand gave her some...hope she likes it too !


Saturday, 1 December 2007

Sat 1st Dec

I managed a fleeting press trip to cornwall this week courtesy of '4 companies 1 vision. Fiona and I stayed at Trelowarren estate - man alve what a fab place, dined at their wonderful restaurant and enjoyed some samples from spiezia Organics. Had a look at the lovely organic ranges from Frugi and Seasalt cornwall and whizzed back on the train (with a biodeisel taxi to get us there ) all within 24 hours !
Felt refreshed though I must say.

Today I've been in Brentwood at their fantastic ligthing up Brenwood event, they really put some effort in, its a great town and I paraded with the mayor in all his finery.

great fun - oh and there were real reindeer there with antlers and everything...everybody say aaaahhh