Monday, 14 December 2009

A magical snowy outing

Our second family visit to Lapland UK - what a magical gorgeous day. Just like being in Lapland with husky dogs, reindeer, father Christmas in his log cabin, but without the carbon footprint. Even though I'm quite grown up enough to know that I hadn't actually taken a flight to Lapland I did feel really estactic see-ing the snowy glades and skating with my kids.

Rocky and Lulu aged 6 and 4 were off the scale excited, we were met by Eco Elf (very pc !) who taught us a song about looking after our world and then led by some very talented elves to help make toys in the workshop, after that the kids decorated their own gingerbread men and had a story from Mother Christmas - question from 9 year old by the way, is that Santa's mother or wife ????

We posted a postcard to grandma from the north pole' post office and had fantastic hot food in the log cabin restaurant, We were really lucky cos the rain held off (the older boys were concerned as to what might happen to the 'snow' if it really did rain ) and we went ice skating with profressional skating elves. Of course the big moment was being led down the snowy glade to visit the great man himself. Magically he seemed to know all about the kids, their freinds, interests and their pressie list and he gave them each a special gift.

We bought a copy of our family photo with Santa and a few trinkets and went and heard a story from one of the Sami people (they dress up in gorgeous blue kit with furry hats and boots) and made our way home as darkness started to fall and the lights started to twinkle. I can't recommend it highly enough if you've got young kids, a great bonus too is that you don't need to do another ice skating trip or a town centre Father Christmas - they've seen the real one after all.

All change for the evening, kids firmly installed in bed and we went to a Burlesque and Feathers party courtesty of Jason Vale at his new Juicy towers juicemaster pad, never seen so many basques outside a sex shop, and yes I did don the kit but no I have no pics, you'll have to settle for the Lapland pics where I was fully clothed.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Its been a tricky week, my book deadline came upon me all of a sudden, I knew if was December but hadn't quite computed that the publisher meant 1st Dec ! Its been a hideous time of working all hours and everything else being put on hold. Something wonderful happened though, my sons freind has been in a coma for four days, very seriously ill and someone suggested that we all send healing thoughts and prayers at 7.15. I put a message on my forum at and also on facebook (I'm not much cop at social networking but for this kind of thing its wonderful) and got back lots of promises of people willing to send love. light, and healing to this boy at 7.15pm

I've only just heard that at 7.30 pm he woke briefly -I've just heard today that he is home !
Talk about people power moving mountains, I'm touched at so many strangers caring enough to give a moment and encouraged that the stuff I write about is - well real. Its bizarre, I was writing my chapter on abundance and manifesting, the power of 'cosmic ordering' and the random acts of kindness by strangers and look at the incredible example I was shown.

The 'Shazzie's' of this world are brilliant at this stuff, I love her sign-off - bliss u ! I'm a much more realistic Nottinghamshire lass who finds it hard sometimes to remember that we're all Amazing. that its all within us, before I get too cosmic even for myself let me tell you I had the best raw ice cream dessert ever - almonds, agave, a bit of beetroot powder for colouring and a few drops of Rose oil, it tasted like rose petals, oh and with a few raw chocolate nibs on top - courtesy of the lovely Dr Enid at Taymount clinic.

If you're into raw and in London I hope you'll see my info on the site about the Fresh network xmas party at Saf this sunday, look forward to seeing some of you there.
by the way talking Shazzie if you click into the latest Passion mag I'm there on video making some raw sweetie treats, filmed by the lovely fresh and raw mama Victoria Leith. If you're veggie you must check out Off the hoof mag, online at or in bookshops, theres a 4 page spread on me where they go bonkers about my Cola Boy days - very funny reminscing about Paul Oakenfold, St Ettiene et al.
They also ask me an important question about politics and I swear I don't remember giving this quote but they've printed ......'all politicians scare me - Jason Vale for top dog I say' ! Must have just had a ginger shot ! I'm convinced thats the reason I'm still standing while all around me have colds and coughs....don't get me started on swine flu......

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A luxurious pampering inexpensive retreat (with raw food!)

I'm head down in meeting my new book deadline this week so off work. I'd wanted to go somewhere just for 24 hours to write (cos quite frankly with 4 kids and constant distractions its impossible, every time I sit down to wax lyrical about non toxic shampoos et al I remember that I simply must ...load the washing machine....prepare some raw snacks for the kids....hoover the get the drift...Then an important email comes in that simply MUST be answered and so it goes on, however I didn't have the luxury of travelling far or spending much cash. SO - what did I do ? Stayed in my own patch and did a B and B in Hertfordshire, but let me tell you this is a holistic 'hotel' with a difference.

I've been to veggie b and b's of course and they're very nice but you still end up eating way too much scrambed egg and toast and still need to get out of your room by 11am. Big hotels I find a bit anonymous, so anyways let me tell you where I went - The Taymount clinic - don't be put off by the name - theres nowt 'clinical' about this - the rooms are beautiful and theres pampering on hand - literally. I had a wonderful healing massage by the lovely Debs when I arrived (she also offers angelic reiki) and if you want it you can book a colonic, an organic chocolate wrap or any of the other treaments they offer (by the way theres a ten per cent discount off all their treatments if you mention janeys tips this month - their prices are rediculously reasonable anyway) You can stay without having any treatments of course too.

The huge en - suite rooms are gorgeous, towelling robes and slippers all there for your use and best of all the refreshments - omg - I had a tray of vanilla tea brought to me at my agreed wake up time with a some Chai honey sticks on the side and forget the usual hotel brekkie, I had a fantastic Green smoothie followed by fresh fruit and organic yoghurt. I was also plied all day with hand made raw chocolate snacks and offered a fantastic bean soup for lunch with raw almond breads and Enids very own recipe raw almond 'cheese' Honestly its so long since anyone has looked after me I felt like crying - us mums do lots of everyone else but forget to look after ourselves.

So I can't recommend it highly enough, also as I sat typing away there was the most amazing sun-set - apparantly that wasn't only for me - they get it all the time !

This is a perfect retreat if you want to hole up and have a few treatments, or just use it as a base for a little trip to Herts (we do have some nice places to go you know !) Theres nothing of the usual impersonal thing of hotels and its very different to any b and b or even independent hotel I've ever been to, totally holistic but very 'normal' too, I daresay if green smoothies and raw food aren't your thing, they'd be delighted to rustle up something else.

Contact them at Taymount clinic and say I recommended you, don't worry I'm not on commission !
Theres a chance to win their organic chocolate body wrap on my latest ezine too, well couldn't go there and not persuade them to offer my lovely readers a treat !

Off now to present The Green Awards, looking forward to meeting Jo Wood, the lovely Lynne Franks and unsure if he'll show up but we can dream ....(I'm talking Colin Firth of course)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

meeting Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams with us on Steve Wright in the afternoon yesterday was SO nice, and vulnerable...I like that in a guy, admitted that he wasn't in a good place for a few years but now hes feeling ay Ok, I reckon he could stick with his girlfirend Adia ...american actress right ? he acknowleged he's a committment phobe but hey at least hes honest.!

I invited him to the Green Awards ( - well I am hosting the event and of course he can't come but he was polite enough to say he'd have loved to !

I didn't remind him of the tour that he supported me on though - yes read that again - Robbie Williams - well Take That supported my band Cola Boy (pic above) on a UK club tour back in 1990 when we were number 8 in the charts and they were a brand new boy band doing the rounds trying to get a deal - theres a claim to fame !! but of course I can't claim the subsequent success !!!!

I'm coming out of retirement by the way for one night singing BV's with The Ronnies (a fantastic Rolling Stones trbute band with the most amazing Mick lookalike) this sat at their gig in Herts, See the newscreen on for more info, I'm doing the Mariane Faithful tribute bit, just gotta learn the song and find a pointy bra to wear under something sixties and demure.....

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Meeting Micheal Buble ....,..and

Isn't it funny how some people are just so different in real life to how they appear on photos / TV etc ? We interviewed Micheal Buble today (you know crooning jazzy boy) and he is just divine. Such a nice guy and not at all lost in showbiz, great voice too, such a shame I'm not a jazz fan but then he does mix it all up kind of styley.

I told you we interviewed Cheryl Cole too ? or maybe that was on one of the rare occasions I remember to twitter or facebook or whatever the hell techy thing I can never find time to do...anyways the boys got the eye candy there, she is gorgeous, in truth I thought I was going to have to send Tim Smith and Steve Wright off for a cold shower before we could continue...might have been a good opportunity to offer up some natural shower gel....I've got some nice masculine Flint Edge and some Green People for men they might like...

Deadline beckons for my new book and I'm desperate for contributions, anyone got any natural beauty secrets....and aspirational dreams ? if you'd like to contribute send me an email and how you'd like to be credited of course, can't promise, editors decision is final and all that but hey ho....I'd love your input dear blog readers....
email janey at

back on my head then....

Monday, 12 October 2009

Settling in...

Still climbing over boxes but settling in. I love this community - yoga on my doorstep and happy kids.

I'm de-stressed at last thanks to my latest Turkey Juicemaster retreat, pics to follow, I had an amazing time yet again, wonderful yoga with Ken Ryan, rebounding at sunset, kundalini yoga (barking mad but fun) long mountain walks and of course the best juices and smoothies made for me ! Its hard to beat Jasons infectious energy too, he so inspirational . I am oh so lucky I know, its a life changing experience. Steve Wright takes the mickey of course but I think perhaps hes just slightly jealous that I lost a few pounds in weight without trying and have a certain 'glow' !!!

Back at my local deli I'm trying to persuade them to offer fresh juices, its a bit of a battle, but I'm nagging them to do just one to start, apple, carrot, lemon and ginger, talking of which my 9 year old has a barking cough and his treament ? fresh ginger shots, its doing the trick I think.

Off to try out the local dance class tonight, not just any old class I'll have you know, this is Nia - see the website
niamichelle I think - a bizarre rather joyous mix of dance, tai chi, and eurythmy....worth a shot !

Hubby meanwhile has toddled off to a certain swedish furniture store for all things clips and hooks, very glad I got out of that one....

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Movin on up !

I've been hideously incommincado, missing in action, I do apologise but moving house they do say is second only to divorce in the Stress stakes. man alive has it been a nightmare, I'm not organised at the best of times but this has flawed me. Anyways we're installed and surrounded by inordinate amounts of boxes that we'll probably never open and may not miss.

In Imperfectly Natural Woman I have a chapter on decluttering but have never really done it properly before now (told you I'm imperfect) for my book I'll be able to speak with some authority. I have however managed to complete a wonderfull space clearing session in my new home and I swear I can feel the difference, its good anyway, the walls are treated with Tachyon paint and now under the guidance of the fabulous Davina Mackail (feng shui / shamanic healing consultant) I've given it another boost of great energy.
I've also had a brand new decorating job using natural eco paint, we chose the natural paint company Nutshell paint ( who are on my directory on and it looks great, the deocrators were amazing too, I can highly recommend RMB decoraters if you're in the midlands or south east area, not all painters are happy to work with natural paints, it can take a few more coats as its thinner but the results really are worth and with no scary chemicals its inert and theres no awful whiff to give you a headache for days.

Back to the 'grind' now, my Wright stuff date has been changed to this Friday 18th approx 10.30 on the couch with Matthew Wright so gotta search through those boxes for some interesting eco / natural stuff to talk about....gotta find something to wear too, the most things are missing, had to borrow a pair of hubbys socks today, not the best look!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Hanging out with Bono - U2 360 tour

You can't say I don't have an exciting life, Bono and Adam Clayton from U2 came in to Wright's show - great interview, Bono has definitely mellowed ! anyways we got chatting afterwards cos I am mates with U2's incredible lighting designer (well hes much much more than that) Willy and its his 'big' birthday around now so Bono personally invited me to the gig in Sheffield last night, travelling with the band and all - crikey a girl can't turn down an offer like that !

So off I went and man alive what a show, if you haven't seen this tour you've got Sat only to get to Cardiff (no idea if its sold out) but it was SENSATIONAL, can't even begin to describe how cool The Claw is - almost like 4 seperate shows depending on where you stand in the arena, I had the luxury of standing on the platform in front of the mixer desk but the view from immediately in front of the stage is very different and very exciting as the guys rush acorss bridges next to you, as is the view from really high up in the stands where you kind of look down on this incredible light show.

As for the music - what can I say, they did so many of my favourites including Still haven't found what I'm looking for, Sunday Bloody Sunday, One, Vertigo...the list goes on as well as the great new ones.

I was well and truly looked after, had the fab backstage catering, and backstage hospitality, saw some old mates and then was taken right back to my days backing singing with Wham and George Michael as I was bundled into a big car and we sped off in a long convoy of about 8 cars behind flashing police escorts and overhead choppers - very exciting !

When I've come up for air (still reeling from it all to be truthful) I'll tell you more including how bizarre that Adam Clayton and I were wearing matching rings - mine is a beautiful blue heart from WDlondon - Thora Walton collection, never quite sussed whether Adam's sapphire was real.....somehow I'm guessing it probably was.

Back to reality, gotta jack up some fabulous comps for the next ezine, and, get sorted out for Greenbelt festival next weekend , oh and did I mention I'm moving house......back on my head then....

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Glamping...and raw choccy truffles...

You may have heard me waxing lyrical on Radio 2 but this was a fantastic family holiday, camping without the hassle, no cold baked beans or horrible nylon sleeping bags, no trekking down the motorway with a trailor or roof rack only to find you've forgotten the tent poles, no you just show up at Jollydays in Yorkshire and open a bottle of wine, yes we're talking glamourous camping or 'glamping' Our huge lodge tent had a four poster bed, proper beds for the kids and chandeliers (yep) rather like being at boutique hotel in the woods.

Jollydays is about 20 mins from York - set in huge woodland, the kids were free range and came back only for food whcih we cooked on the barbie, in the evenings we sat around the communal firepit or lay in the hammock and looked at the stars, if it all sounds a bit idyllic its cos it was.

Total luxury - proper flushing loos and in our lodge tent a proper vitorian freestanding bath but all by candlelight - SO romantic.

Cos of the wood burning stoves in the tents they're toasty warm so I'm planning another trip for the autumn, if you're into Kath Kidson prints, pretty fabrics and vintage furniture you'll love Jollydays

Crikey I should be on commission !!!

On an entirely different note have I told you about the wondrous Geidre from Lithuania ? I introduced her to the concept of raw foods and she has overtaken me in leaps and bounds - her latest offering is spectaculer - Raw choccy truffles - basically cacao butter, powder, some advocado and some sesame seeds, you get the drift, email me if you want the recipe, I may put them in my next book....won't be out till next Spring...

Friday, 17 July 2009

Juicy break at Champneys

I was lucky enough to attend the very first Juicy break at Champneys earlier this week, as you well know I bang on about Jason Vale the juicemaster and go to his retreats in Turkey at least once a year, so its fair to say I'm well and truly juiced but the idea of a 3 day detox in the Uk is very inspiring not least because of the carbon footprint and the hassle of getting away for a full 7 days. I like Champneys, you may have read my review on my site and in Lifescape magazine but I like the fact that its not only for the pampered rich, I find it very holistic in its approach, they don't get everything right (who does ? asks the queen of being imperfect) their skincare products still contain some nonsense (unsure why these days) but they offer Reiki, Bowen, indian head massage, hypnotherapy, crystal healing and all kinds of wonderful treatments alongside the usual facials and body wraps. The juicy break package includes a couple of thalassotherapy sessions which felt amazingly therapeutic.

Theres also an array of great classes, me and my mate Mary had a huge laugh trying Salsa dancing and Nordic Walking - you do wonder how hard it can be - walking with a couple of long sticks but its suprisingly difficult to co-ordinate ! and of course I did yoga, power walking,tai chi and various 'abs and backs' classes. All this exercise was fuelled on juice alone and in some ways this break is more extreme than Turkey where you have 4 juices or smoothies a day usually containing banana, advocado etc, this is slightly more harsh cos Jason wants you to feel benefits in only 3 days so the juices are smaller and mostly based around beetroot for detoxification (no probs for me I LOVE beetroot) but you were feeling a bit woozy there was also pieces of fruit to be munched and of course Jasons award winning 'Juice in a bar' juicy bar.

I lost a pound or two in weight though that wasn't my motivation for going, mostly I wanted another dose of juicy inspiration and momentum and Jason always does that for me, God love him.

On a very exciting note the idea was mooted that I may indeed have my own 'imperfectly natural' break so watch this space, we've been talking of finding the perfect venue for a meeting of like minds where we can share our natural tips etc but pop off and do some yoga too so this could be the perfect answer. Champneys juicy breaks are currently only offered at Forest Mere, if you book tell them I recommended you and enjoy !

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bliss at Alternatives Piccadilly and my new album

No one blogs as infrequently as me do they ? We had this discussion on Steve Wrights show and my excuse is that I'm running a forum too but in truth I just can't get my head around daily blogging, all hallows to those who do. anyways so much has happened since I got my smashing organic hair do, not necessarily because of but in spite of....the kids have started at Steiner school, I know, I know, I know I'm a spokesperson for the home education community and believe me I still believe HE is awesome but for a million reasons we needed to let the kids try something new and its going well, to that end we're also gonna be moving house...huge life changes, and...wait for it, need to declutter and get rid of about 60 per cent of our possessions, scary, Now if you've read Imperfectly Natural Woman or Imperfectly Natural Home (what do you MEAN you haven't begged stolen or borrowed a copy >) you'll know I talk a lot about feng shui, space clearing and decluttering but have I ever really done it ? No. Serves me right then.

I went to a fab concert on mon at Alternatives at St James church Piccadilly, it was Lucinda Drayton of Bliss fame, (see - you know as in the song 'A hundred thousand angels' ...its a haunting melodic song thats literally gone around the world and put Bliss on the map, Shes incredilby talented and rather fragile and beautiful too, and her voice is seriously angelic though she is wonderfully real and down to earth, In truth it was a rather uncomfortable experience for me cos I'm usually her side of the mic, seeing her with her two excellent musicians relaying her own personal stories and then singing both self penned songs and well chosen covers such as Fields of Gold by Sting and Clouds by Joni Mitchell made me yearn to book up a few more gigs in churches, something I was doing a lot of a few years back, don't get me wrong I'm not blowing my own trumpet and saying I'm as talented (or gorgeous) as Lucinda, I wish, ! but as she spoke of being who you are and living life to the full I realised thats a whole side of my life that I've forgotten about. I have an album (Lulu-land)ready for release needing only a cover - why haven't I gotten it together ? crikey might a radio show, 4 kids, a new book deal, a range of pregnancy CDS and now a house move have summat to do with it ?

Time to go set goals.....I've borrowed an ipod - I'm so goddam un-hightech - which type should I buy ? and am listening to Anthony Robbins RPM time planning stuff, blimey that whips your butt into shape...(anyone use his software ?)

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Organic and mineral hairdressing

After an ardous two weeks when as you'll notice I haven't had a second to write anything I was delighted on tuesday to be thoroughly pampered. I headed out to the Cotswolds for a haircut, colour and the works with the lovely Tabitha at Spiritorganic. Now two hours is a hell of a long drive for a hair-do but this felt more like relaxation at a luxury hotel. There are two salons, one in Broadway and one in Stow and the latter is in a lovley courtyard, the huge picture windows look down on the hanging baskets and cobbles and no detail has veen forgotten.

There is even a state of the art reclining chair which gives you a shiatsu massage while your hair is washed and your head is massaged ! Tabitha and her team of skilled sylists use organic and mineral colours and a fab rnage of John Masters organics shampoos and treatments. Tabitha encourages her clients to wash their hair less but use gentle chemical free products when they do. As you'll know if you've read my books I'm a big fan of Daniel Field who is probably the pioneer of organic hairdressing but not everyone lives in Barnet ! Tabitha has managed to seemingly effortlessly combine luxury with natural and eco, no mean feat.

Today I'm proud to say my hair is really silky and soft, if you're coming to the college of naturopathic medicine tonight in W! (thurs 18th) you can check it out (visions of bizarre hair feeling session taking place!)
Talk starts at 6.30 - title - is your skincare making you sick, but as always I'll talk about all sorts of stuff.

We'll get a proper link and feature on the website but for now go to - or call 01386 848535 Tell them I sent you !

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Yusef live at the BBC

I am so lucky, I got a hot ticket to Yusef (Cat Stevens of course) at the Radio theatre and it was magical. Really great acoustic band (fab piano player) who started with a short instrumental then out he came, the gentle lovely bearded one and banged straight in with 'oh very young.....' I was breathless - took me straight back to olden days, listening to Teaser and the Firecat.

He was excellent, its a been a great week for burning the candle at both ends, I saw Sister Act on monday that was excellent too, serious liturgical dance moves !

Did I tell you I presented Vanessa Feltz show on BBC London last week, such fun and the subject got around to Bowen so I managed to plug my favourite therapy, theres now a comp on my latest ezine (hope you're signed up to recieve) to win a treatment - go for it.

We interviewed Selina Scott the other day shes so gorgeous and gave me a pair of her very own branded Angora wool socks..waiting for a cold day now, they'll be toasty warm.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Organic perfume course in France

What an amazing experience ! Make your own natural beauty products or perfume in the south of France. (Discount available for readers for courses coming up, see site front page.)

I'm Just back from a weekend course with Tortue Rouge in the Langeudoc region of France (I flew to Beziers aiport but its also an hour away from Montpelier. Petre Sefton is the inspirational woman behind this set-up, she truly is an alchemist and really understand the importance of fragrance. The course I did was making your own natural skincare products and an introduction to the organic perfume making course. I thought I knew a fair bit about 'diy skincare' but man alive I learnt a lot, I had no idea that lavendar grown at high altitude (1800) could smell so different to lavendar grown at only 1200. I made a gorgeous cream with aloe vera and essential oils and concocted my own personalised facial serum, oil and toner. I also had a bash at a simple organic perfume - my blend which I'll only let on including Mandarin and Spearmint amongst other fragrances is aledgedly a great aphrodisiac ! I didn't dare wear it to work, Steve Wright made several gags about it !.

The 'chateux' hotel is gorgeous, simple but beautifully furnished, plenty of organic wine flowing and wholesome french food (do warn them if you're vegatarian though !) Best of all theres no wi-fi to 'frazzle your brain and I slept better than I have in years. The hotel is by a fresh stream and the water tastes great (Petre has bottling rights) and we did long walks into the tiny french village and stopped at the 'Fontaine des yeus' where pilgrims have been going for years to heal their eyes - there is a rather bizarre ritual of then hanging up your used handkerchief on a tree !

See features for the full article but get in quick if you want a discount.
details of how to get a discount on the full week on news screen on front page.

If you aren’t able to take the time out to attend the amazing full week Make Your Own Beauty Products (MYOB) course, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the wonderful Tortue Rouge and consider a shorter weekend course instead. Weekend courses can be booked with and, for a limited time only, are offering a 10% discount* on all weekend Make Your Own Beauty Products courses. Read about our weekend courses here...

To book your weekend course, contact on 08445 020445 or email Quote PROMO code: JLG to claim your 10% discount*

*Terms and Conditions:
- 10% discount applicable on all weekend courses if booked through
- Bookings must be made before the end of June 2009 for travel any weekend in 2009.
- Weekend courses are priced from £379 per person.- Discount codes (JLG) must be given at the time of booking and cannot be applied retrospectively

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Juicy detox !

I'm back from my week long juice retreat in Turkey refreshed and revigorated and about 51bs lighter, most importantly though I feel lighter 'emotionally'

Its my third Juicemaster detox retreat in Turkey and my enthusiasm for Jason Vale and his team does not wane, this is a wonderful way to lose weight but more importantly feel fantastic, and have some 'head space' to see what you want to do with your life. I went with two freinds who both had amazing epiphanys (literally) and even though its the third time I've done this I still benefited hugely.

The yoga is out of this world, Ken Ryan is the most incredible yoga teacher and he gently introduces chanting, meditation as well as yoga nidre and even kundalini yoga (I've not had so much fun since I was in Cola Boy doing raves in the 90's)

Of course rebounding is huge fun and no one can bounce like Jason Vale, I described him in Lifescape mag as a smile on the end of an elastic band ! The yoga platform looks out over the mountain so its amazing doing yoga and rebounding looking at the sun setting.

I popped into Gojec to see Mr Yurdan carpets of course, if you read my blog last year you'll know I actually went to Turkey and bought a carpet - still loving it too.

I'm back and real life is kicking in again but sticking to my juicy lifestyle and determined not to get back into what Jason would call the 'food trap'

...oh and the raw food project continues...I who have never baked a cake or biscuit in my life made the most divine raw organic chocolate cookies without going near an egg, sugar or an oven...all revealed soon.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Raw food Chefs training day.

What an amazing day, I did a full day course with Russell James the Raw food Chef and man alive I have dined like a king ! Full review to follow on the website for now let me just whet your appetite with delights such as the Cucumber canapes with macadamia puree and balsamic soaked fig, Toasted and caramalized onion tart on a balsamic curst with tahini sauce, oh and not to mention the 'pi-ece de resistance' (I know incorrect spelling but hey ho) the incredible Vanilla chocolate torte with ginger cream and berry sauce, - without doubt the best dessert I have EVER had, you would never know it was wheat free or vegan let alone raw. I leant so many basics I just wish I had more time but now hallelujah I feel I can manage more than just dried apples in the dehydrator, its made going raw more real for me. Oh and was it Shirley conran who said Life is too short to stuff a mushroom ? I don't think so, not if you do it the 'raw' way. Lots more on this to follow. Till then check out his site

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Susan Boyle interview....

Sometimes working with Steve Wright in the afternoon is the best fun not least cos we get all the big time celebs on. Right now theres no-one hitting the headlines more than Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent winner and I was gutted that we didn't get to meet her but we did interview her over the phone, it was a pre-recording so I think you get to hear it this Friday.

I loved her performance, in fact it moved me to tears, I agree its the 'suprise factor' but you know what, I think its real testiment to how conditioned we are to think that everyone needs to look 'glamorous' to be succesful or have a talent.

After interviewing her though I must confess I feel concerned that she may end up being the recipient of some hard knocks along the 'media celeb highway' which in her absolutely wonderful naivity I doubt if shes prepared for. She has no idea what Youtube even is so she won't realise the significance of 100 million hits !

Lets hope shes got some genuinely caring friends and family who will support her throughout all the madness and heres hoping she achieves her dream, whatever that really is for her. On that note lets hope we all do !

As you know if you've read my chapter on wishes, and goals in Imperfectly Natural Woman I'm a big believer in writing down (and saying out loud if its not too daft for you !) exactly what you hope for in detail, if you want a partner, describe him or her - not just...'please can I have someone tall and goodlooking....but the details, his personality, his interests etc. They do say be careful of what you wish for because your dreams just may come true, be as creative as you like but steep it in reality, clearly if you ask to marry Brad Pitt its unlikely - hes spoken for - but within reason - dream a little, dream a lot - but careful that it what you really want. !

Monday, 20 April 2009

Pants !

Parkinsons Disease Society, Alzheimers Disease Society Namibia Trust for school.
I was thrilled to be the MC at the Pants ball last Saturday, heres a shot of me with the lovely Alison Meadows who organised it all, along with 3 freinds shes raised a staggering 13K so far towards this challenge which will raise money for Parkinsons and Alzheimers charities. A good wedge of their money was raised with their coconut shy, and Pants auction which they tell me involved the sale of Celeb knickers, the mind boggles as to which celebs actually wear any but presumerably less if they've given them to this worthwhile cause !

The four girls are going out to Africa in October to assist in the renovation of schools which are not maintained and have fallen in total disrepair. It was a great evening with an excellent African band and people had the most innovative ideas for the hint of Africa theme, everything from tiger skin bow ties to a guy wearing a pretend snake around his neck !

Read more about it all here

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

worms, gardening and vinegar...

I wonder if anyone heard the show I did with Diarmuid Gavin on BBC London on Saturday ? Though I say so myself it was very entertaining, he is lovely and many a female caller felt quite jealous I think, his blue eyes really twinkle when he talks all things seedlings and planting. I finally got an explanation as to how you take a cutting and how to successfully re-pot a plant - basic stuff for you green fingered types but as you well know I cheat and get my organic veg plants already established from We had Richard from Wigglywigglers on the phone and he did a fantastic job of explaining everything to do with composting including confirming that getting small boys to wee on it every now and then really does help the 'balance' - well not if you're teetering on top of the bin.....Julie from Living Clean was great giving tips for natural cleaning and there was much discussion about bi-carb and vinegar plus a few discussions about soapnuts - my turn to have a twinkle in the eye. In truth I'd forgotten how much I love doing my own radio show, I was a presenter on BBC London when it was GLR for 5 years, then Virgin for 6 years then my own Sat show on Radio 2 for 4 years so its only been the last couple of years that I've been co-hosting only and I really miss it, they do say radio is very addictive.

There was also a fun reminder of my Wham! days cos Gary Crowley's show was at midday and we were reminiscing about the first tour when I was a backing singer and Gary was the warm up act. All in all great memories then back for copious amounts of chocolate with the kids. My current fave is the Raw choccy from Shazzie (detox your world) and the Raw chocolate company. (with the odd chunk of Divine to be imperfect of course)

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

sproutman, juicemaster, so many natural peeps..

The natural and organic products show was fab ! I opened the show with my talk on sunday morning and it was a fantastic two days of meeting people. All my fave men were there which is all important, see Jason Vale's plug for my book on the front page (bless him) and his new Juice bars won best new food product so he told me many times hes now flogging an award winning bar !

I did a fab little interview with The Sproutman, what Jason is to Juicing Steve Meyerwitz is to wheatgrass and sprouts, actually I think it was his wheatgrass shots that kept me going for two days !

Amazing how the industry has developed in just three years since I wrote the first book, so many great new companies and new products. I'm reinspired to increase my raw food again after a few tips from Live Native and a few other enlightened souls. Quite a few people stoppd me and asked why I hadn't dragged Steve Wright along but he was on the air after all !

I now have a huge goody bag of new stuff to trial so sign up to what really works and I'll forward on some freebies, all you gotta do is promise to send me a quick review

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Bed of nails !..and being imperfect

No its not some weird religious trip, I've just taken possession of the most amazing thing called a Shakti mat, it was recommended to me by Glenn and Aly (I co-author my pregnancy range of CD's with hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold) and it truly is quite bizarre. (the matt not Glenn's hypnosis) and in case you're wondering its not compulsory to eat croissants before lying on it, this is a snap taken to illustrate that I truly am imperfectly natural. !

The Shakti mat is pioneered and sold in the UK by Rose-Marie Sorokin, who I havent had the pleasure of meeting yet but I've got my eye on one of her yoga retreats. Anyway what is it ? well its a bed of nails but a softer version than Indian Yogis would use many years ago to achieve inner peace. Theirs was literally a wooden construction with metal nails, crikey the only peace was getting off it surely. This one is a soft mat but the 'nails' are plastic 'buttons' with in total 6000 points of contact with your skin. In truth the first time you lie on it you shout ouch ! it hurts like hell, but almost within seconds as you settle down it feels strangely peaceful, its said to inncrease circulation and help with insomnia, back ache, depression and a whole host of other ills. Look at

Off to grab some inner peace then before I hit the Natural and Organics products show in London tomorrow, my talk is at 10am so gotta get up with the sparrows. I had hoped to get some 'outer peace' today by going to see The boat that rocked but the kids won and got to see Monsters v. aliens instead (not on at the same time, too complex to go twice) I know its had shocking reviews but then Radio is my industry and having heard Johnny Walker wax lyrical about the pirate stations I think it will be harmless fun if not exactly brain taxing. In any case Richard Curtis is officially the nicest man in the world - so there !

Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Ladies Circle and toilets !

As you may know I've been patron of The Ladies Circle for a few years now and they're still a relatively well kept secret, even though there are thousands of circles worldwide and the money they raise for various different charities is astonishing. They do like a laugh though and at the area luncheon yesterday it was great fun, theres something inspirational about this bunch of gals who all like to dress up and wear hats at lunchtime (why not ?) and certainly the majority can 'hold their beer !' The main speaker was Rani Singh who you know from Eastenders amongst other shows. They all wanted to know what it was like meeting Lionel Richie, cos he was a guest on Steve Wrights show and he is possibly the worlds nicest man, (well - nicest artist, the nicest man is undoubtedly Richard Curtis) but amidst the name dropping and revelling a huge amount of money was raised for a brilliant charity called SARIs stands for sanitation at rural indian schools. Chris who I'm pictured with here started it all when she realised that as girls reach puberty they simply stop going to school because their are no toilet facilities, this of course has a huge impact on not just their education but their nutrition too, as food is provided there. Chris has so far raised enough money to build around 60 toilets blocks at rural indian schools and a paid for contract to ensure their maintenance for twenty years - incredible. I'm going to get her to write an article for the website.

Meanwhile I had a couple of glasses of red wine to be sociable and feel like death today ! Come back 'alcoholfree' all is forgiven, when you stop being unkind to your body it reacts badly if you revert back to old habits. I sat flicking between Notting Hill and Gosford Park last night on the telly (bet loads of people did that !) and felt totally bloated and headachey, Hey ho made up for it today with a great - as Enid (Taymount clinic) calls it - Shrek juice, - green basically.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Pet shop boys and a swanky new gym

Fab to meet the Pet Shop Boys again on Steve Wrights show, we've interviewed them a few times and in the eighties I'm sure we must have been on the same bill at various european gigs (when I was touring with Nik Kershaw I think) but back in those days they were oh so sulky, didn't Wrighty used to have a slot on Radio 1 called the Pet Shop Boys at home where Neil was very efusive and OTT and Chris just grunted occasionally ! Now they're both lovely and great fun, such a distinctive sound and such a mix, they've written a ballet now too which should be excellent. Popped in briefly to the opening of a new Gym called Lifesmart near Regents Park, swanky to the enth degree ! Its Carole Caplins new venture and trust me we're not just talking a few treadmills and a treatment room, this is luxurious, (hope she knows theres a credit crunch) but wonderful to see the holistic approach filtering right through even to the products in the changing areas (which were opulent by the way) Lovely to see Cheryl from Viridian, Marie from Solgar, Charlotte from Green People and Alex from Kinetic4health who told that the Jason products are 50 this year ! How scary - natural skincare products as old as Madonna and yet still the majority of people don't use them, but thats why we have - right !

New comps popping up by the way and if you bought the new book the money off vouchers are valid to end of this month (I guess while designated stock lasts)

Friday, 13 March 2009

Live blood analysis ! woo hoo

Did I mention how astonishing this is ? I went to see Enid Taylor again today at the Taymount clinic (see her fab article on colonic hydrotherapy in the features section) and they also offer live blood analysis, now wer'e not talking sample, send off to lab, lab works on 'dead' this is the real deal and you can see your own blood cells on the screen all kind of globulus ! (is that a word ?) Its a great way to warn you if theres something amiss and shows up how much fat you'rte eating ! Anyways I have a raging sore throat and immediately without me saying anything (and I wasn't snivelling yet either) Glenn said 'oh look at the increased number of white blood must have an you feel as if you're coming down with something ?'...incredible, these white blood cells look like fizzing blobs but thank God they're active, shows my immune system is working. Blood aside on Steve Wright in the afternoon we interviewed Ronan Keating and man alive - is he looking good! I tell you 6 days up a mountain and copious amounts of exercise and water did wonders for that crew, Chris Moyles lost a stone ! Good on them. Its the end of a busy week and I hear my new book got to 23 on Amazon last Wed, I've been short-changing myself and telling everyone 34, 23 ain't bad, quite impressive considering I've done The Wright stuff but not much other TV. BBC 3 counties radio was fun today, I'm slowly convincing Lorna Milton the presenter to try all things natural, I've got her on soapnuts, shes just a bit reluctant in the natural deodorant dept. I'll keep working on it.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Happy birthday to me !

A very sweet start to the day as the kids had made a happy birthday banner and each individual letter represented something, ...The B was a bee....a was an alien etc...I know you're thinking crikey thats inventive...some were just patterns but anyways its cheers up my kitchen, no end, the five year old also gave me the best present, a necklace and braclet made from painted past shells, how sustainable is that and so funky, he'll go far that boy.

Yesterday was fun on the Wright stuff and the new book went up to number 55 on Amazon best sellers which isn't bad for Channel 5, just need to get onto BBC brekkie now.

Lovely show with Steve today too with Lionel Richie who is one of the nicest guys in showbiz without doubt.

If I'm very lucky I might get to go out tonight to a restaurant but as I'm not drinking I really need to find a BYO type ressie so that I can take my lovely new best freind my 'Pearl Blanc from Alcohol free wine, either that or I'll have to convince my fave restaurants to stock it.

By the way if you're following the Horace (my live kefir culture 'pet') story, I managed a few teaspoonfuls of yoghurty milk but not a great consistency in all truth.

I'm being real good in the cappucino dept, just need to get onto detoxyourworld and stock up on the maca and raw choccy powder, oh and on that note, DH and my own old mum by the way bought me huge boxes of chocolates....mmm.....wonder who'll be eating those, don't quite fit with my new raw regime I'm thinking....hey once again thank the LOrd that I have never claimed to be anything other than imperfect.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

The power of Maybe….

So much to tell I have to ‘eek’ it out, its not good is it when blog entries ramble about a million subjects so I won’t……Save to say please remind me that I must tell you about my new ‘pet’ – don’t worry I haven’t taken on a feline friend, dog, rabbit or even chickens – trust me 4 kids is enough, but I do have a responsibility by the name of Horace, he’s actually a ‘blob’ of kefir culture and as it was a precious gift from Dr Enid Taylor who I met the other day (lots more on that meeting to follow) I intend to cherish him and devour his offerings, if you’ve read Imperfectly Natural Woman you’ll know I was once the proud owner of a live yoghurt culture, and I did pretty well keeping that alive tamegotche (sp?) styley for a few years. I’ll update you – promise.

For now I’ve had one of those ‘aha’ moments, You know what its like, you read something (usually in a self help book) and it strikes such a chord with you it takes your breath away, of course when you relay to friends they seem nonplussed at your ignorance prior to see-ing this light so I apologise in advance if you all already know this.

You know the inspirational author Susan Jeffers (whose book ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ is life changing and an absolute\must) well I came across another book of hers today ‘Embracing Uncertainty’

Must say I was uncertain about reading it (no pun intended) I kinda knew it would challenge my ‘control freak’ ideas, I’m queen of cosmic ordering, and manifesting desires so not achieving your goals is ‘not a variable’. Yet it has been levelled at me that while my mantra is ‘imperfectly natural’ I often don’t allow myself the ‘luxury’ of not getting it all right and can sometimes try and control too much.

Anyways this book is about working towards peace of mind and living in a ‘maybe world’ Susan Jeffers suggests we should state the affirmation ‘I have no control over my life’ – ooh scary stuff, goes against the grain huh ?

Onto the next chapter….after I’ve given Horace his organic milk.
More later…….

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Tues 17th Feb

I really should update this more regularly cos I have so much to tell you now. lets start with my amazing session last Friday with a Shamanic healer, now before you write me off as totally barking I don't know much about is either but it seems truly fascinating and my experience was - well - amazing. Check out Liberate Online The lovely Dawn is the most fascinating woman who was literally 'called' by someone high up in the 'inca' tribe to learn 'energy medicine'

Its said to clear your emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic blocks in a very gentle, yet deep way through shamanic healing. it felt rather like a cross between hypnotherapy, reiki, bodywork, eft, life coaching and a bit of space clearing thrown in for good measure. I'll write my full review in more detail and Dawn is going to write something for our features, shes alos agreed to offer a prize of a full session to one lucky winner on the site or ezine so watch this space, check the front page and make sure you're signed up for the ezines.

After that experience we headed off to augill castle again, read about my trip there, its so fab and if its possible I enjoyed it even more this time around. The current ezine has a chance to win 2 places on the kids cookery courses and I show wish I'd done it myself, the kids made mexican chilli and divine toffee fudge. Yum !

Monday, 9 February 2009

Mon 9th Feb

Another week flown by then - but what a good one, apart from the obvious hassles, the book (imperfectly natural woman) shot up on Amazon after being on The Wright stuff and sometimes my job (Radio 2) is just too good, imagine getting to interview Chris Martin (Coldplay) and being paid ! I have to tell you he is gorgeous, I'm a sucker for a talented muso anyway but he really is such a charmer - and wearing the most fab funky jacket made from recycled bits of fabrics and motifs. I know I know I know hes spoken for (Gywneth Paltrow if I'm not mistaken) but a girl can look.

Health wise I could do with a few vibes, I've finally stopped breastfeeding (well Lulu is three - don't want to be recreating Little Britain 'bitty' sketches) which I thought would give me masses of new energy but the opposite is true, in truth I think perhaps my poor hormones are so confused what with 4 pregnancies in 10 years and long term breastfeeding its all gotten tricky. anyways my usual limitless energy is - well - limited.

Won't stop me for long though, I had a wonderful chat today with the lovely Petra from (sensational aromatherapy oils and so much more) and shes invited me on one of her aspirational courses to learn more about 'diy' skincare using her organic flowers and plants grown on her farm near Montpelier in France - does that sound fab or what ? don't worry I've persuaded her to offer a free 'holiday' to a lucky winner on the website too so make you check the comp and the ezine.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Mon 2nd Feb

What a day ! The Wright stuff was great and as the snow was so bad I think everyone was at home watching TV ! the book shot up on amazon even though its not out yet and the first book did well too. Amazing eh the power of TV

The poor cab driver who dropped me back had to get assistance to turn his car on the icey road and with great regret I'm now marooned and can't go to the Radio 2 folk awards which I was really looking forward to. Last year was great at the Brewery in London.

Incredible how all of life stops for snow isn't it but the kids are having a ball, we're about 6 snowmen down and counting and I'm stepping over soggy socks and wellies in every corner...hey ho.

Brings a whole new meaning to my usual plea in reponse the emails begging me for a response....I'm snowed under...

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tues 27th Jan

January is weird isn't it, lulls you into a false sense of security that there's lots of time and then suddenly boom - tis march. My new book - well the adapted / updated / extracted pocketbook version of Imperfectly Natural Woman is out march 3rd and I'm totally undecided as to whether to have a proper launch party. For the last book we held a bash at the BBC club and it was great, all sort of BBC types popped in from 6 music, Radio 4 and the Asian network and jostled alongside journalists and celebs (my old mate Mari Wilson was there for our mini Wilsations reunion) and of course the really important people - the lovely companies who help support the website with ads and promotions etc.

Trouble is theres a credit crunch and finances are tight. Add to that the problem that parties are a ton of work to organise and trust me if I do it I like to do it well with amazing goody bags full of eco /natural stuff, all that takes time and bit of me says is it actually 'greener' to do nowt ? save the cash and put the time to better use and put the effort into marketing to sell more books....mmm....its also my birthday though march 4th so I'll be feeling decidedly mis if I do literally nowt.

Maybe a virtual party ? what do you think ?

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Wed 21st Jan

Happy birthday to Fiona who is my right hand gal (21 again) and on the day I hand over a pressie to her she is sorting out for me the very thing I need to crack on with this raw food lark, a mini food processor, seems so obvious now I think about it, I've been trying to puree up and make humous and the like in a whopping great big smoothie maker and its tricky. if only I could have a new kitchen with a bit more work surface space too, no pressure there then ! clesrly I really am haing a mid life crisis if I'm lusting after dream kitchens. (from eco kitchens online of course)

Its fab getting feedback from this blogging lark, I had a wonderfully informative email from someone explaining all the details of my twinkly star spotted the other night (a planet I'll have you know) and also I've ahd some wondeffully inventive recipes to try out on my dehydrator which I gotta tell you I am starting to love, still no manual but hey how difficult can it be ? cut up fruit and veg, lay on waxy heets and turn to 105 - wait for 24 hrs - thats the bit I can't quite get my head around, surely its eating energy, the makers say not, it uses v. little power but I will need to see that for myself, I'm giving away an efergy - energy meter on, heck of a shame I can't win it for myself !

Completely forgot to tell ya'll about my wonderful time at Champneys, Tring, as you know theres a competition to win a luxury weekend away there and I was feeling so jealous of my own comp I decided to go and treat myself. Very fleeting trip but I fitted in a Thalassotherapy session, rather like being in a massive jacuzzi but with water containing thousands of therapeutic minerals, wonderfully relaxing. The food is to die for too, I msut be the only person who goes to Champneys and puts on weight, I can't leave alone the massive choice of salads and nuts and seeds.

If you want to enter the comp by the way to win the weekend get in quick, competition moniter tells me its time we announced a winner, one things for sure, if you don't enter it can't be you. Lots of luck

Monday, 19 January 2009

welcome to my new blog...


Welcome to my new blog, .well trying out a new template..more to follow..see ya'll over at

Friday, 16 January 2009

Friday 16th Jan….drying tomatoes

Yep I'm geting there, thanks to the many responses to my plea for raw food recipes, can't say I've tried many yet but I intend to do tahine kale crisps tomorrow. I've had all sorts of replies and have been pointed to raw food chefs et al In true home educating stye I'm getting the kids experimenting, so far we've had some rather brown crispy banana pieces but the dried mango was to die for.

Its been a good week at the beeb, well on our happy ship anyways, we interviewed that gorgeous Michael Sheen you know the actor in who played the Pm in The Queen and of course the lovely juicemaster Jason Vale was promoting Slim for Life on thursday.

Appropo to nowt on Wednesday night there was the most amazing twinkly star I have ever seen, I don't know if this was simply a clear sky in Herts phonomenon but it was incredible, I htought I wa see-ing things...well seeing stars...but don't worry I got it confirmed by waking up the kids (honestly it was that unusual)...perhaps its cos I've upped my quota of raw foods, I'm being rewarded from above...

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Sat 10th Jan …..going raw…well drying out I'm not off the booze (well I am sort off but thats not the problem) I've just bought an Excalibur dehydrator in an attempt to create more tasty and exciting raw food cuisine. Only problem is that being a cheapskate (and trying to be eco) I bought it from a colleague who'd only used it once (crikey hope that won't be me) but had lost the manual. Oh dear, should be so simple but no idea how long stuff takes, I've been making apple crisps for the best part of a day, surely thats not very green even if its healthy...must find out how much power thr goddam thing uses.

Any tips gratefully recieved, I know when I went to Saf the amazing raw food restaurant in London it was one of the best meals I've ever had but is it gonna be too fiddly for me... to check the crispiness of my crisps

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sun Jan 4th…St Ives..sunshine and sprouts

I'm in sunny St Ives, yippee, the weather couldn't be more perfect, sunny and crispy cold and if you read my lat blog when I was in Cornwall you'll remember this is the only time I feel really alive. I MUST have lived here in a former life and however often I come back the feeling is just as intense. I'm holed up at The Garrack hotel (check out the beat a retreat feature for details) writing ....can't tell you what, its a speculative very exciting project, will reveal all soon.

I popped into Living Sprouts of st ives (see directory for their details) and stokced up on sprotus, hemp salad dressing and the best ever raw chocolate pie - can't even begin to describe that, you have to taste it and later I'm meeting up with Jason Vale, yes the juicemaster himself ...for a coffee...well he'll order juice but I'm imperfect.

The boys are staying locally with Liz (of Team Lollipop fame - see directory if you're still at the nappy stage, her selection is awesome) and yesterday we all did the muddy walk , yes even I purchaased birght pink wellies for the squelchy occasion to the Gurnards head, its a highly commended hotel and gastro pub, I even gave them a mention on Steve Wrights show cos we did a factoid about gurnards.

I'm off for a long walk around the Island to lift my spirits further, in truth if I get much higher I'll flota off like Mary Poppins, one day I'll live here....she says hopefully...