Tuesday, 14 April 2009

worms, gardening and vinegar...

I wonder if anyone heard the show I did with Diarmuid Gavin on BBC London on Saturday ? Though I say so myself it was very entertaining, he is lovely and many a female caller felt quite jealous I think, his blue eyes really twinkle when he talks all things seedlings and planting. I finally got an explanation as to how you take a cutting and how to successfully re-pot a plant - basic stuff for you green fingered types but as you well know I cheat and get my organic veg plants already established from Rocketgardens.co.uk We had Richard from Wigglywigglers on the phone and he did a fantastic job of explaining everything to do with composting including confirming that getting small boys to wee on it every now and then really does help the 'balance' - well not if you're teetering on top of the bin.....Julie from Living Clean was great giving tips for natural cleaning and there was much discussion about bi-carb and vinegar plus a few discussions about soapnuts - my turn to have a twinkle in the eye. In truth I'd forgotten how much I love doing my own radio show, I was a presenter on BBC London when it was GLR for 5 years, then Virgin for 6 years then my own Sat show on Radio 2 for 4 years so its only been the last couple of years that I've been co-hosting only and I really miss it, they do say radio is very addictive.

There was also a fun reminder of my Wham! days cos Gary Crowley's show was at midday and we were reminiscing about the first tour when I was a backing singer and Gary was the warm up act. All in all great memories then back for copious amounts of chocolate with the kids. My current fave is the Raw choccy from Shazzie (detox your world) and the Raw chocolate company. (with the odd chunk of Divine to be imperfect of course)

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