Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Susan Boyle interview....

Sometimes working with Steve Wright in the afternoon is the best fun not least cos we get all the big time celebs on. Right now theres no-one hitting the headlines more than Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent winner and I was gutted that we didn't get to meet her but we did interview her over the phone, it was a pre-recording so I think you get to hear it this Friday.

I loved her performance, in fact it moved me to tears, I agree its the 'suprise factor' but you know what, I think its real testiment to how conditioned we are to think that everyone needs to look 'glamorous' to be succesful or have a talent.

After interviewing her though I must confess I feel concerned that she may end up being the recipient of some hard knocks along the 'media celeb highway' which in her absolutely wonderful naivity I doubt if shes prepared for. She has no idea what Youtube even is so she won't realise the significance of 100 million hits !

Lets hope shes got some genuinely caring friends and family who will support her throughout all the madness and heres hoping she achieves her dream, whatever that really is for her. On that note lets hope we all do !

As you know if you've read my chapter on wishes, and goals in Imperfectly Natural Woman I'm a big believer in writing down (and saying out loud if its not too daft for you !) exactly what you hope for in detail, if you want a partner, describe him or her - not just...'please can I have someone tall and goodlooking....but the details, his personality, his interests etc. They do say be careful of what you wish for because your dreams just may come true, be as creative as you like but steep it in reality, clearly if you ask to marry Brad Pitt its unlikely - hes spoken for - but within reason - dream a little, dream a lot - but careful that it what you really want. !

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