Saturday, 4 April 2009

Bed of nails !..and being imperfect

No its not some weird religious trip, I've just taken possession of the most amazing thing called a Shakti mat, it was recommended to me by Glenn and Aly (I co-author my pregnancy range of CD's with hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold) and it truly is quite bizarre. (the matt not Glenn's hypnosis) and in case you're wondering its not compulsory to eat croissants before lying on it, this is a snap taken to illustrate that I truly am imperfectly natural. !

The Shakti mat is pioneered and sold in the UK by Rose-Marie Sorokin, who I havent had the pleasure of meeting yet but I've got my eye on one of her yoga retreats. Anyway what is it ? well its a bed of nails but a softer version than Indian Yogis would use many years ago to achieve inner peace. Theirs was literally a wooden construction with metal nails, crikey the only peace was getting off it surely. This one is a soft mat but the 'nails' are plastic 'buttons' with in total 6000 points of contact with your skin. In truth the first time you lie on it you shout ouch ! it hurts like hell, but almost within seconds as you settle down it feels strangely peaceful, its said to inncrease circulation and help with insomnia, back ache, depression and a whole host of other ills. Look at

Off to grab some inner peace then before I hit the Natural and Organics products show in London tomorrow, my talk is at 10am so gotta get up with the sparrows. I had hoped to get some 'outer peace' today by going to see The boat that rocked but the kids won and got to see Monsters v. aliens instead (not on at the same time, too complex to go twice) I know its had shocking reviews but then Radio is my industry and having heard Johnny Walker wax lyrical about the pirate stations I think it will be harmless fun if not exactly brain taxing. In any case Richard Curtis is officially the nicest man in the world - so there !

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