Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Raw food Chefs training day.

What an amazing day, I did a full day course with Russell James the Raw food Chef and man alive I have dined like a king ! Full review to follow on the website for now let me just whet your appetite with delights such as the Cucumber canapes with macadamia puree and balsamic soaked fig, Toasted and caramalized onion tart on a balsamic curst with tahini sauce, oh and not to mention the 'pi-ece de resistance' (I know incorrect spelling but hey ho) the incredible Vanilla chocolate torte with ginger cream and berry sauce, - without doubt the best dessert I have EVER had, you would never know it was wheat free or vegan let alone raw. I leant so many basics I just wish I had more time but now hallelujah I feel I can manage more than just dried apples in the dehydrator, its made going raw more real for me. Oh and was it Shirley conran who said Life is too short to stuff a mushroom ? I don't think so, not if you do it the 'raw' way. Lots more on this to follow. Till then check out his site

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