Friday, 22 May 2009

Organic perfume course in France

What an amazing experience ! Make your own natural beauty products or perfume in the south of France. (Discount available for readers for courses coming up, see site front page.)

I'm Just back from a weekend course with Tortue Rouge in the Langeudoc region of France (I flew to Beziers aiport but its also an hour away from Montpelier. Petre Sefton is the inspirational woman behind this set-up, she truly is an alchemist and really understand the importance of fragrance. The course I did was making your own natural skincare products and an introduction to the organic perfume making course. I thought I knew a fair bit about 'diy skincare' but man alive I learnt a lot, I had no idea that lavendar grown at high altitude (1800) could smell so different to lavendar grown at only 1200. I made a gorgeous cream with aloe vera and essential oils and concocted my own personalised facial serum, oil and toner. I also had a bash at a simple organic perfume - my blend which I'll only let on including Mandarin and Spearmint amongst other fragrances is aledgedly a great aphrodisiac ! I didn't dare wear it to work, Steve Wright made several gags about it !.

The 'chateux' hotel is gorgeous, simple but beautifully furnished, plenty of organic wine flowing and wholesome french food (do warn them if you're vegatarian though !) Best of all theres no wi-fi to 'frazzle your brain and I slept better than I have in years. The hotel is by a fresh stream and the water tastes great (Petre has bottling rights) and we did long walks into the tiny french village and stopped at the 'Fontaine des yeus' where pilgrims have been going for years to heal their eyes - there is a rather bizarre ritual of then hanging up your used handkerchief on a tree !

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Juicy detox !

I'm back from my week long juice retreat in Turkey refreshed and revigorated and about 51bs lighter, most importantly though I feel lighter 'emotionally'

Its my third Juicemaster detox retreat in Turkey and my enthusiasm for Jason Vale and his team does not wane, this is a wonderful way to lose weight but more importantly feel fantastic, and have some 'head space' to see what you want to do with your life. I went with two freinds who both had amazing epiphanys (literally) and even though its the third time I've done this I still benefited hugely.

The yoga is out of this world, Ken Ryan is the most incredible yoga teacher and he gently introduces chanting, meditation as well as yoga nidre and even kundalini yoga (I've not had so much fun since I was in Cola Boy doing raves in the 90's)

Of course rebounding is huge fun and no one can bounce like Jason Vale, I described him in Lifescape mag as a smile on the end of an elastic band ! The yoga platform looks out over the mountain so its amazing doing yoga and rebounding looking at the sun setting.

I popped into Gojec to see Mr Yurdan carpets of course, if you read my blog last year you'll know I actually went to Turkey and bought a carpet - still loving it too.

I'm back and real life is kicking in again but sticking to my juicy lifestyle and determined not to get back into what Jason would call the 'food trap'

...oh and the raw food project continues...I who have never baked a cake or biscuit in my life made the most divine raw organic chocolate cookies without going near an egg, sugar or an oven...all revealed soon.