Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Wed Feb 28th

...well actually its after technically 1st march and no....newsletter still hasn't gone out....brings a whole new meaning to the word tiredness actually.......still juggling competition entries and comps but you'll have it in all its glory by tomorrow ( well today) I promise. There are some fab comps and offers.

If you're a forum regular you'll know I'm looking for contributions for features so if you're a budding writer check the General forum....what do you mean you aren't a registered user? go for it !

its my birthday coming up soon, Pisces - bet you knew that !

Monday, 26 February 2007

Mon 26th Feb

Well I actually got to revitalise myself a bit with a fleeting weekend in Margate Kent. OK so I know its not exactly the Costa Del Sol or even Brighton but it was great to see the sea.

We were 'en famille' so the kids got excessively messy and muddy playing in rock pools and finding treasure in caves.

Back to the 'grind' and March is now scarily close so I'm frantically gathering fabulous offers for the next this space.


Thursday, 22 February 2007

Thurs 22nd Feb

Its mind-numbingly boring isn't it when people go on about how tired they are ? so I won't...but I am....its not helped by several children climbing into bed with us at different times during the night (I know I know it was my choice !!!) but if only toddlers could sleep STRAIGHT - why can only get comfortable if they're stretched out horizontally with at least one foot in my eye ? it seems such a shame to wake the little angles by moving them so I 'grin' and bear it and wake with a horrendous crick in the neck and worse....

Some excellent feedback after The Wright stuff by the way, good old Matthew, end up by default doing for The Mooncup what Jamie Oliver did for school dinners ! If you've just visited the site after see-ing the show welcome on board, make sure you join our happy forum.

Don't forget I'd like your feedback on the new site, its very much a work in progress - well when I can get any time to progress it further !

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Tues 20th - The Wright stuff

Its only 11.30 and I feel like I've been up for hours - possibly cos I have. I had to get up at 5am even I wasn't actually on the sofa with Wrighty (Matthew not Steve) till 10am

Good old Matthew - he actually suggested the feature on The Mooncup - hope no-one was offended and found it too graphic.

Nice plug too for the cookie little smell busters from Natural Collection see to try that disc under my armpits....will report back....


Sunday, 18 February 2007

Feb 18th

Hope you're all getting to this new site Ok, we'd love your feed-back, its still a work in progress. We're adding more an more personal endorsements to the directory and of course ther'll be lots more features coming soon. Email me :

I'm starting to go just slightly bonkers staring at computer screens - I wsih I could tell you'd I'd been hobnobbing with the stars at glittering parties or even jsut revitalising myself walking by the sea......truth is I desperately need a break but I guess in the words of the great Bon Jovi (showing my age) - I'll sleep when I'm dead !

To all forum users by the way make sure you check the site - set it as a favourite (she says trying to sound technical)

To whet your appetite I've just been jacking up some great offers and competitions for the March tip'll love them I promise, if you're not on sign up for Janeys tips - all free of course.

Bye bye

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Happy Valentines day

Whats left of it anyways....welcome to the new site - we're live. Boy what a steep learning curve, I'm trying to figure out html code and yes its exactly like 'Kling-on', especially for a very un-high-tech old bird like me who can't even text !! All you web-savvy types who run your own sites - I'm really impressed

Fab time last night by the way, I don't get out much (bless) but did make it to the private view at Tate modern of the big new Gilbert and George exhibition. Great evening, rubbed shoulders with Graham Norton who bizarrely was then on Wrighty's show today

Off to learn more get this site happening...

Monday, 12 February 2007

Monday 12th Feb

Told you I wouldn't manage an update every day - even managed to lose my password in the interim ! Still.... back on track - how do people make blogs interesting ? I thought my life moved at a fair old pace but I guess when I get really hi-tech I could upload a few snaps. Mind you right now that would be a terrible idea as I have a serious bad hair day ! I'm thankful that berets are back in fashion, though in my charity shop chic wardrobe they've never been out.

Currently sorting out some features on eco-fashion by the way for the site so keep an eye out and there'll be an opportunity to ask a top styling consultant your style (or lack of !) questions
Bye bye...

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Thursday Feb 1st

Welcome to Feb and the free monthly newsletter is on its way to you full of some fab offers like your opportunity to think of a kitchen appliance or an item that would be useful in your kitchen and created from something recycled and the lovely peeps at Milestone design will actually make you one out of totally recycled content - can't say fairer than that !  Asking for a new cooker may be pushing it though I fear....

Don't miss the chat on The Lifestyle show with Jim Davis tomorrow on LBC 97.3 I think its downloadable and a theres a podcast too.  (Bet thats written incorrectly - I'm such a technophobe - can't even text !!)

Looking forward to the weekend with the Ladies Circle event and a gig in Maidstone, slightly concerned that I feel like I'm getting a cold and sore throat, so not required, off to take lots of honey and garlic - probably need to read that book by Janey Lee Grace for some tips....

bye bye