Thursday, 22 February 2007

Thurs 22nd Feb

Its mind-numbingly boring isn't it when people go on about how tired they are ? so I won't...but I am....its not helped by several children climbing into bed with us at different times during the night (I know I know it was my choice !!!) but if only toddlers could sleep STRAIGHT - why can only get comfortable if they're stretched out horizontally with at least one foot in my eye ? it seems such a shame to wake the little angles by moving them so I 'grin' and bear it and wake with a horrendous crick in the neck and worse....

Some excellent feedback after The Wright stuff by the way, good old Matthew, end up by default doing for The Mooncup what Jamie Oliver did for school dinners ! If you've just visited the site after see-ing the show welcome on board, make sure you join our happy forum.

Don't forget I'd like your feedback on the new site, its very much a work in progress - well when I can get any time to progress it further !

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