Thursday, 1 February 2007

Thursday Feb 1st

Welcome to Feb and the free monthly newsletter is on its way to you full of some fab offers like your opportunity to think of a kitchen appliance or an item that would be useful in your kitchen and created from something recycled and the lovely peeps at Milestone design will actually make you one out of totally recycled content - can't say fairer than that !  Asking for a new cooker may be pushing it though I fear....

Don't miss the chat on The Lifestyle show with Jim Davis tomorrow on LBC 97.3 I think its downloadable and a theres a podcast too.  (Bet thats written incorrectly - I'm such a technophobe - can't even text !!)

Looking forward to the weekend with the Ladies Circle event and a gig in Maidstone, slightly concerned that I feel like I'm getting a cold and sore throat, so not required, off to take lots of honey and garlic - probably need to read that book by Janey Lee Grace for some tips....

bye bye



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