Monday, 29 January 2007

Monday 29th Jan

BBC Breakfast News was fun this morning, all about folk remedies and what granny used for common ailments.  I was with Dr Rosemary and for once - no arguments - we all agreed that as a 'pill popping nation' sometimes its a good idea to save your money and just go to the kitchen cupboards.   So.....lemons....ginger....garlic....and the 'peg' for the article was rosehips, remember the old style rosehip syrup that we were given as kids, apparantly they contain 10 times the vitamin C as oranges and lemons.

Anyways, thanks goodness my mate Rosi happens to be a fab stylist, she persuaded me to wear some 'colour' rather than the usual black and another friend emailed to say, 'you brought some sunshine into a dull winter's day'  sweet !

see you soon

x  Â

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