Monday, 22 September 2008

mon 22nd sept

well I promised I'd blog while I was away but thats some schedule I was on in Turkey, I am well and truly juiced !
It was a fantastic week and I'm hanging on to all the positivity as best I cam amidst - well total chaos, we had a joyous day yesterday, nit arriving home till 5am and being woken by 4 kids eager to see their mum at 7.00 Catching up on emails is like trying to catch up with Paula Radcliffe after a late start - ain't gona happen BUT I'm in new found I can do ANYTHING mode. all fired up on juicy living for a week

I'll reveal all the details and post as feature so watch this space...well the features space,

Friday, 12 September 2008

Fri 12th…a day spent re-arranging flights..

its not the best wake-up to hear that the airline you're flying with the very next day has gone bust. We spent the whole morning (punctuated with driving kids to various activities) desperately trying to book more flights for my juicy retreat. Sadly so did about 30.000 other people - they were rearranging flights - not all going juicing but you get the drift.

Anyway 6 hours and another £500 later I'm still going, horrible invonvenient flight times but at least its booked.

I'm the worlds worst at packing, oh how I wish I could do that grown up 'capsule wardrobe' thing.

Impossible, I take heaps of clothes - all unsuitable and wear usually just one sloppy shirt.

I will still blog if I can get online


Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Tues 9th Sept. Happy birthday to my baby girl…

..except shes not a baby anymore, I can't believe shes is 3 today. She got a huge baby doll in a pink babygrow as a gift and she strapped it into her buggy, I came downstairs and my heart missed a beat, it really does seem like only yesterday when she was that size and age !

The two little ones are enthralled and captivated by Peter pan and are still building pirate ships in every corner of the hourse with all manner of furniture as props, I mentioned this to Steve and Tim and they helpfully suggested I offer him the ironing board to 'walk the plank' ...God no, its the only bit of household paraphanalia he hasn't made use of yet...not that anyone makes use of an ironing board in our house.

Think of me later. I shall be rustling up fairy cakes and blancmange and praying for sunshine for Lulus tea party. I'm then flying off to do a piece on Home education for BBC London TV

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Sun 6th Sept

After an arduous journey to Bristol in the rain, it was all worth it - we stayed at the Ibis hotel and walked literally round the corner to a fab restaurant that doubles as an organic cookery school called Bordeaux Quay - highly recommended. the festival was great despite the rain and I saw lots of old freinds, well people who are featured on the site but they're kind of freinds now, hi to Sue from Green people, Sue from Natracare, Graham from Alma Win (Lavera) all the guys from Ecover, Carol from natural-house, Sam from Tatty Bumpkin and of course all at Neals Yard remedies who hosted my talk.

Today was good too, took the kids to the open air Heartbreak productions performance of Peter Pan. Sadly the open air theatre moved indoors as they couldn't predict the weather which ironically turned out fine but Rocky loved it, he insisted on wearing his own Captain hook cloak and 'hook hand' which didn't go unnoticed by the real captain hook, who hauled him out much to the delight of his little sister. He took it all in his stride of course, as if its every day hes standing calm and composed in the limelight in front of an audience...that boy must take after his mother...

Friday, 5 September 2008

Fri 5th Sept

Well the good news is last night I went to Saf - the trendy new vegan raw food restaurant in Londons east end, it was sensational, amazing food and locally sourced - yes Kent - vegan wine ! watch for my review on the site and in Lifescape magazine. The bad news is we came out to find our car gone. We assumed it had been stolen so flagged down a passing police van who were really helpful, they traced it and it had been towed, we were nonplussed as we had paked on a single yellow line in a side street at 7,30pm. We got a cab to the pound miles away which cost us £25 and then coughed up - wait for it - take a deep breath - £260 !

I am so hacked off with Hackney council - it seems there was indeed no signs on the road at all but at the road entrance there was a high up 'controlled parking' sign which unusually had times on it - and they deem it that no-one can park till after midnight (?????????????)

Outraged and furious and broke of Herts.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Thurs 4th

I'm off the scale excited cos I've just got tickets for an outdoor production of Peter Pan. Boy 3 is bonkers about Captain Hook and dresses up in full regalia at all times, he bought yet another sword to add to his swashbuckling collection just today His wig is fullon full lengh and full of curls by the way, his dad borrows it sometimes to scare passers by awa from parking spaces near our house !

if you have a child with a similar bent this company look wonderful
looks like they do lots of open air theatre through the summer, now all I need is decent weather - ha ha

Before that I'm off to the Soil Association Organic food festival and speaking with Neals Yard Remedies
Busy busy busy then...whats new