Sunday, 7 September 2008

Sun 6th Sept

After an arduous journey to Bristol in the rain, it was all worth it - we stayed at the Ibis hotel and walked literally round the corner to a fab restaurant that doubles as an organic cookery school called Bordeaux Quay - highly recommended. the festival was great despite the rain and I saw lots of old freinds, well people who are featured on the site but they're kind of freinds now, hi to Sue from Green people, Sue from Natracare, Graham from Alma Win (Lavera) all the guys from Ecover, Carol from natural-house, Sam from Tatty Bumpkin and of course all at Neals Yard remedies who hosted my talk.

Today was good too, took the kids to the open air Heartbreak productions performance of Peter Pan. Sadly the open air theatre moved indoors as they couldn't predict the weather which ironically turned out fine but Rocky loved it, he insisted on wearing his own Captain hook cloak and 'hook hand' which didn't go unnoticed by the real captain hook, who hauled him out much to the delight of his little sister. He took it all in his stride of course, as if its every day hes standing calm and composed in the limelight in front of an audience...that boy must take after his mother...

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