Friday, 12 September 2008

Fri 12th…a day spent re-arranging flights..

its not the best wake-up to hear that the airline you're flying with the very next day has gone bust. We spent the whole morning (punctuated with driving kids to various activities) desperately trying to book more flights for my juicy retreat. Sadly so did about 30.000 other people - they were rearranging flights - not all going juicing but you get the drift.

Anyway 6 hours and another £500 later I'm still going, horrible invonvenient flight times but at least its booked.

I'm the worlds worst at packing, oh how I wish I could do that grown up 'capsule wardrobe' thing.

Impossible, I take heaps of clothes - all unsuitable and wear usually just one sloppy shirt.

I will still blog if I can get online


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