Friday, 5 September 2008

Fri 5th Sept

Well the good news is last night I went to Saf - the trendy new vegan raw food restaurant in Londons east end, it was sensational, amazing food and locally sourced - yes Kent - vegan wine ! watch for my review on the site and in Lifescape magazine. The bad news is we came out to find our car gone. We assumed it had been stolen so flagged down a passing police van who were really helpful, they traced it and it had been towed, we were nonplussed as we had paked on a single yellow line in a side street at 7,30pm. We got a cab to the pound miles away which cost us £25 and then coughed up - wait for it - take a deep breath - £260 !

I am so hacked off with Hackney council - it seems there was indeed no signs on the road at all but at the road entrance there was a high up 'controlled parking' sign which unusually had times on it - and they deem it that no-one can park till after midnight (?????????????)

Outraged and furious and broke of Herts.

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