Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve…7 ways to Love

Just back from a lovely midnight mass service on Christmas night to find the house is quiet, no one is stirring not even a mouse...but I missed my own performance on Top of the Pops 2 and apparantly Wrighty made some comment or other !

If I were technical I'd know how to run the iplayer thingy but hey ho...if you did see it (I'm talking about my number 8 hit from 1991 with Cola boy) you'll have noticed that I was barely moving, let alone shaking my booty, that will be because my retro silver mini dress was so short and tight it would have been indecent. Seems so wierd now remembering those days, we were famous for exactly five minutes and it flew by, at the time I felt quite indignant that I'd got my 'dream' to be a pop star and yet only sang 4 words but its gotta be said the record still sounds great after all these years and its still played at clubs - depressingly I didn't write it, but the boys from St Ettiene still get fat PRS cheques I'm thinking, good on ya Pete and Bob.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Monday 22nd Dec…lapland revisited..

Well its a skating rink of sorts..the 5 year old is still re-enacting our wonderful trip to lapland UK, first all visitors are asked if they'd like to visit Father Christmas, then having laid out all my greenery (gathered from the garden to decorate the house) peppered with bits of paper shreddings across the floor, he leads us 'through the enchanted forest' (once round the dining room table) and back to the porch where Father Christmas greets us. Now when it was my turn it was the three year olds to be FC and boy did she look the part with a long red dressing gown, a red hat and a huge fluffy white cushion for a beard - it reached nicely down to her knees kinda ZZ top styley

After our visit the 5 yr old guides us to his next installation, a shoe rack where hes neatly laid out some shoes, hes asks us our size shops our shoes for some others (no concern for style that boy, I got handed hubbys tennis shoes) then we're led out by a skaing elf (he quickly stops to change hats ) onto the ice rink - a thin white piece of fabric. We all had a turn of course including Grandma and then he decided to tout for business for passers by, a freind popped in and had a quick 'tour' and we just stopped short of accosting the post lady.

Beware Terry from Riverford Organics, if you're delivering in the morning, allow extra time, oh and wrap up warm for skating.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Fri 19th Dec…’sustainable’ wrapping..

xmas madness round here, the 5 year old is wrapping up everything in sight and giving it to us in leui of Santas arrival, I'm proud of him acually, clearly hes seen my feature on the site front page talking eco Christmas cos hes wrapping everything in tea towels or scraps of fabric and tying with reclaimed string...thats my boy...shame I don't have any tea towels left.

I've been frantically trying to get my Imperfectly Natural Starter packs sorted, I've had a rush of sales before Christmas and I'm also selling them via my mates new website - take a look if you get chance, she is queen of eco building and sustainable stuff but the website has a few carefuly chosen products, lots that I recommend here on the site

Finally off to get some christmas shopping, yes - last minute dash, ho ho ho I do hate the absurd notion that xmas is only good depending on how much you spend but the charity shops don't quite cut it for the older boys....still we'll go easy.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

a gorgeous candlelit carol service..

I'm so glad I got off my butt and made the effort to go the the carols by candlelight service at my church...well not only mine but the one I love to go...only prob is its a 50 min drive and beleive me thats nigh on impossible with 4 kids to get dressed and sorted by 10am Anyway tonight I went with a freind and it was magical. The choir were fab, the church looked beautiful and we had mulled wine and mince pies after.....As always Dave tomlinson the vic was on form and gave a great talk which I won't try to prassie - (ooh how the hell do you spell that word ?) but save to say you go away thinking slightly more meaningful thoughts than when you went in.

Occasionally in all the stress and madness I forget that I love Christmas and certianly not for the absurd idea that if you spend money on it you'll be happy...more a sense of 'wonder' that I get if I stop and reflect which of course is something I rarely do all year..

best go to bed before I get all poetic or maudlin on you..

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

tues 9th Dec..return from Lapland

...don't worry I'm not flying half way round the world I've been to Lapland Uk - no not the naff ones that have ahd all the shocking publicity this was is in kent and I can't tell you how fab it is, I'm not on commission and it wouldn't matter anyway cos its fully booked I think up to xmas but it was totally MAGICAL....all the kids are exhausted but elated after making toys with the elves, making gingerbread men, reak reindeers, see-ing Father Christmas and skating on the fab real ice rink. I ache all over from trying to skate whilst supporting 2 smalls who were a-slipping and sliding but having fantastic fun.

The 'fake' snow was gorgeous, all the staff incredibly kind and helpful and all in all it was an amazing memmorable trip, pics to follow once downloaded and a full review

Isn't it nice to hear some good reports occasionally ? to help the 5 yr old compose his letter to Santa to say thanks for his special gift...

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Sun 7th

Day 7 on the 70 per cent cocoa choccy advent calendar and the kids are demanding milk choccy.

Its the most amazing crispy cold day, just been for walk and felt as though I'd stepped into a christmas card, back home and Lulu is ful of cold and bleary eyed and wants to breastfeed all the time for comfort, its tricky enough trying to fit in everything that I have to do today without a small velcro-ed to me ! Hey ho it doesn't last long this phase.

I had hoped to get a xmas tree and do the green thing (holly and ivy up) around tbe house but it will have wait now.

Did I mention the yestolife event ? They held a little drinks do to says for raising the cash for the hyperthermia sauna but it was very much a collaborative affair and if I haven't already said it, thanks to ya'll for donating, we're now raising cash for a chi machine, I'm sure I've said all of this before - crikey I'm having senior moments I'm sure of it....just too many details for any one brain to contain.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Wed 3rd Dec…the new site is here

For once not being able to blog isn't my fault ! with any new buikding comes teething problems and we've sure had our fair share but we're up and running - hurah !
We had a fab time in rye, well aside from the stress of wondering if the site would ever appear again, I met the lovely Nicola from Organ-nics, its a little shop selling natural skincare, baby kit, fairtrade stuff, well everything I recommend in Imperfectly Natural Woman which is also displayed proudly of course.Meting Nicola at Org-nics in Rye

We stayed at the fab Organic sustainable and eco ba and b in Rye called Haydens, mire on that later and a full review to follow save to say it was fab.

Bear with us while the new site kicks in and thanks for the many wishes of support, honestly I think its worth than the release of a new book at least you know where you are with print !

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Sunday 30th

Anyway counting exactly how many emails I've written saying the new site is going live ????? It FINALLY is.

Yippee, hallelujah. thanks to Pitor and Simon for all their tremendous hard work, welcome on board Elaine to the madness !

Its not 100 per cent there yet but looks fab don't ya think ?

My e-zine goes out tomorrow so if you ain't signed up, get in quick, some gorgeous comps and offers for Christmas.

On an entirely different note my 3 mates to see Circus of Horrors on fri - they couldn't beleive I know Haze the main man, if you've never seen the show get down, its wild (if you like girls in bottles kind of idea) its humour, burlesque, circus and a good dash of horror ! They didn't believe me that Haze used to kip in a coffin......lots more tales where that one came from...depends how much he wants to bribe me to keep quiet.

check them out.. google circus of tour kicking off..

Monday, 24 November 2008

Monday 24th Nov….and the new website cometh..

A frantic day...but the new site is nearly there.....crikey its been a journey but I finally feel it could be this week ....hallelujah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sp?)

I have yet another cold which is interesting as I am hitting the vit C and echinacea and chilling under my FIR machine (by the way did I tell you WE DID IT !...we raised £1400 for Yestolife to buy a hyperthermia sauna machine AND haven't even announced that the lovely Carl Munson of Health Champion fame has donated a chi machine and a FIR machine to my fave charity in association with our website..oh what joy...

We're off to Rye in Sussex to an organic B and B and I hope to drop into Organ-ics a new shop where then owner claims to be inspired by me...blimey no pressure there then.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Sat 15th

Wed was fantastic, what a great event to host and I met some wonderful people, a big hi to the lovley crew from Green TV and freinds of the earth, Nokia walked off with the 'grand priz' award - well I hope that they got the right gong cos I got them all out of order ! Hey ho.

its been a great week actually in the meeting department, with loads of celebs passing by the big show.
Catch up time now and back to reality cleaning the bathroom, fortunately I am wielding my Enjo cleaning mitt, Natural house bathroom spa and neem bathroom cleaner -an no I'm not on commission - daft aren't I ???

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Wed 12th…and bring on the green

Its today, I'm stil searching for the elusive perfect frock for tonight (presenting the green awards) also need a bag ...oh crikey charity shops shut at 5pm

Voice back thankfully, feeling much calmer too, I may also have found the perfect mary poppins to help with the mean feat round my gaff...

Will report back on the winners of the Green Awards, should be great event.


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

tues 11th….as the day gets better

Hallelujah - its not good to get holy about emails but I am oh so blessed that they are now working again, a full 24 hours worth are in the ether but hey ho.

Boy did the day get better as we interviewed David Cassidy and all my freinds came out of the woodwork to say they still had pillowcases adorned with his face, Jules even has flares with his face on both legs, thats dedication, he looks pretty good for his age I gotta tell ya.

Sometimes I love this work

Tues 11th…green kit ? …still majorly frustrated..

Well the site is back after afashion but know I have no emails, hysterical with frustration, scary isn't it how in a mere ten years emails have changed our lives and I'm rendered completely incommunicado without them.

On a hppier note - much happier I have my voice back - well a low sexy kind of version and I still can't raise my voice which is fab news for dh and the kids.

the mention of 'green kit; is unrelated but urgent, I am presenting the Green Awards tomorrow and the invitation says wear a 'hint of green' so I dragged my evening dress with a hint of green out of the closet only to find that as I've lost weight (thank you Juicemaster Jason) it is now much too big and looks sad.

I now have 24 hours to find the perfect green outfit, charity shops here I come...

Monday, 10 November 2008

Mon 10th…when I frustrated beyond measure

Frustration is the word, I've been 5 days without a website now, I think its back (you reading this ?) but meanwhile my emails have gone down completely so god knows what deadlines I've missed and we're now way behind with the new website....I feel rather like my arm has been cut off and none of the attending surgeons have a clue how to sew it back on or if it will work when they do - stress.

If I were more the cosmic meditating type I would of course go and do that very thing cos this is kinda weird, not only has my website and emails gone but my voice has gone !!! ...ergo...whole identity has come crashing too....crikey a psychologist will have a field day with this...

off to steam my head...

Green award this wed and I'm presenting...send voice vibes please

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Tues 4th Nov

Oh for goodness sake, why can't I get my act together to blog regularly ! hopeless. No idea what I've mentioned and what I haven't but my evening at the Hospice event in Berkhamsted was amazing, what an inspirational bunch of people. Info and an article to come about it all - for now see here -

Alis mum Diana is incredible, her son Ali spent a few months at the hospice before he died earlier this year and his blog has completely captured the imagination of thousands around the world, his parents have kept it up - see here -

Pics etc to come...

I need to tell you all about augill castle too.


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Wed 22nd

How fab was it to interview Roger Moore yesterday - what a charming man and man alive would I like to be that sharp when I'm 81 - piss taker of the highest order, hilarious.

sometimes the radio 2 gig is the best job in the world
..back home...frantic could be the word...on The Wright stuff this friday so researching credit crunch natural kit....gotta jack up some comps for the next newsletter and then theres this weekend to think about, off to the Bowen coneference and then next week taking the kids to a cookery course in Scotland - the lengths I'll go to to get meals made for me....

Friday, 17 October 2008

Friday 17th…pumpkins aglow

I was meant to be headed to Cumbria today but the events cancelled, relatively relieved cos I'm knackered after organising the 5 yr olds birthday party, it was a simple affair, who would have thought that 15 children carving pumpkins could be so stressful (don't worry fans of the continiuum concept - adults used the sharp knives) but anyways it went off well. I did a photo shoot today for the express, they're running a feature on charity shop shoppers and as you well know that offcially me. Sadly they don't offer styling and make up which is a drag, I may have ended up looking like I was in drag....or certainy mutton, these days I just cannot do a decent job on my own make-up...

Don't ask about the website, I'm waiting and hoping and hoping and wishing...should be soon I hope.


Monday, 13 October 2008

Mon 13th Oct…the day after my finances are splashed over the sunday Telegraph

...did I really say that ? mmm.....guess all press is good press but theres a few corrections needed...its odd when you read an article about yourself you realise how innacurate most of the stuff you read about other people must be.....

I remember when I was singing with Wham! and there was shed-loads of press, one article showed a girl with Andrew showing off her engagement ring and he'd never set eyes on her - the pic was super-imposed.

hey ho..


Saturday, 11 October 2008

Sat 11th Oct…in the style of Spinal tap…kick my ass..

Oh in the style of that wonderful manager from Spinal Tap when he gets the Stonehnege stage set dimensions wrong...kick my ass... I VOWED to keep up my blog and look at me !! I consider myself dutifully reprimanded. its been an eventful few weeks, did I tell you about my life changing Turkey juice retreat ? must have done, it seems ages ago but the effects linger. Granted I am imperfect so food and drink other than fresh juices and smoothies have passed my lips, indeed the odd vertiably toxic beverage has indeed gone down my gullet but its not on a daily basis anymore and the good news is I'm feeling fantastic and have lost a stone - yip yip yippee ! the bad news is I have no clothes that fit me whatsover, I feel a massive rummage round the charity shops coming on.

I've also been to Barcelona which was wondeful, what a groovy (if thats not too old style a word) city. Where else do you get the combination of history, fab shopping and nightmlife combined with a wonderful beach ? well San Francisco maybe but thats a hell of a schlap...

With the credit crunch hitting badly I was asked about my 'money' for an article in tomorrows Telegraph money section. I think they've quoted me as saying I don't trust the FSA...not sure I said it quite like that but you know what I mean....anyways I narrowly escaped having my hard earned savings go down the Icesave about you ?

Pics coming I facebook page will be updated...promise...more great comps on the site....honest....agggghhhh !!!!
anyone want an admin job ? ....childcare position ?

Monday, 22 September 2008

mon 22nd sept

well I promised I'd blog while I was away but thats some schedule I was on in Turkey, I am well and truly juiced !
It was a fantastic week and I'm hanging on to all the positivity as best I cam amidst - well total chaos, we had a joyous day yesterday, nit arriving home till 5am and being woken by 4 kids eager to see their mum at 7.00 Catching up on emails is like trying to catch up with Paula Radcliffe after a late start - ain't gona happen BUT I'm in new found I can do ANYTHING mode. all fired up on juicy living for a week

I'll reveal all the details and post as feature so watch this space...well the features space,

Friday, 12 September 2008

Fri 12th…a day spent re-arranging flights..

its not the best wake-up to hear that the airline you're flying with the very next day has gone bust. We spent the whole morning (punctuated with driving kids to various activities) desperately trying to book more flights for my juicy retreat. Sadly so did about 30.000 other people - they were rearranging flights - not all going juicing but you get the drift.

Anyway 6 hours and another £500 later I'm still going, horrible invonvenient flight times but at least its booked.

I'm the worlds worst at packing, oh how I wish I could do that grown up 'capsule wardrobe' thing.

Impossible, I take heaps of clothes - all unsuitable and wear usually just one sloppy shirt.

I will still blog if I can get online


Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Tues 9th Sept. Happy birthday to my baby girl…

..except shes not a baby anymore, I can't believe shes is 3 today. She got a huge baby doll in a pink babygrow as a gift and she strapped it into her buggy, I came downstairs and my heart missed a beat, it really does seem like only yesterday when she was that size and age !

The two little ones are enthralled and captivated by Peter pan and are still building pirate ships in every corner of the hourse with all manner of furniture as props, I mentioned this to Steve and Tim and they helpfully suggested I offer him the ironing board to 'walk the plank' ...God no, its the only bit of household paraphanalia he hasn't made use of yet...not that anyone makes use of an ironing board in our house.

Think of me later. I shall be rustling up fairy cakes and blancmange and praying for sunshine for Lulus tea party. I'm then flying off to do a piece on Home education for BBC London TV

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Sun 6th Sept

After an arduous journey to Bristol in the rain, it was all worth it - we stayed at the Ibis hotel and walked literally round the corner to a fab restaurant that doubles as an organic cookery school called Bordeaux Quay - highly recommended. the festival was great despite the rain and I saw lots of old freinds, well people who are featured on the site but they're kind of freinds now, hi to Sue from Green people, Sue from Natracare, Graham from Alma Win (Lavera) all the guys from Ecover, Carol from natural-house, Sam from Tatty Bumpkin and of course all at Neals Yard remedies who hosted my talk.

Today was good too, took the kids to the open air Heartbreak productions performance of Peter Pan. Sadly the open air theatre moved indoors as they couldn't predict the weather which ironically turned out fine but Rocky loved it, he insisted on wearing his own Captain hook cloak and 'hook hand' which didn't go unnoticed by the real captain hook, who hauled him out much to the delight of his little sister. He took it all in his stride of course, as if its every day hes standing calm and composed in the limelight in front of an audience...that boy must take after his mother...

Friday, 5 September 2008

Fri 5th Sept

Well the good news is last night I went to Saf - the trendy new vegan raw food restaurant in Londons east end, it was sensational, amazing food and locally sourced - yes Kent - vegan wine ! watch for my review on the site and in Lifescape magazine. The bad news is we came out to find our car gone. We assumed it had been stolen so flagged down a passing police van who were really helpful, they traced it and it had been towed, we were nonplussed as we had paked on a single yellow line in a side street at 7,30pm. We got a cab to the pound miles away which cost us £25 and then coughed up - wait for it - take a deep breath - £260 !

I am so hacked off with Hackney council - it seems there was indeed no signs on the road at all but at the road entrance there was a high up 'controlled parking' sign which unusually had times on it - and they deem it that no-one can park till after midnight (?????????????)

Outraged and furious and broke of Herts.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Thurs 4th

I'm off the scale excited cos I've just got tickets for an outdoor production of Peter Pan. Boy 3 is bonkers about Captain Hook and dresses up in full regalia at all times, he bought yet another sword to add to his swashbuckling collection just today His wig is fullon full lengh and full of curls by the way, his dad borrows it sometimes to scare passers by awa from parking spaces near our house !

if you have a child with a similar bent this company look wonderful
looks like they do lots of open air theatre through the summer, now all I need is decent weather - ha ha

Before that I'm off to the Soil Association Organic food festival and speaking with Neals Yard Remedies
Busy busy busy then...whats new

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Sat 30th

Well the firstborn was 10 last thursday and the sun came out, we had a lovely celebration and I went for an early morning walk and reflected on how my life has changed since having kids, bizarre when I remember that I was a career girl who wasn't going to have kids and here I am a mum of 4

It starts a run of balloons, jelly and ice cream (organic of course) as the baby girl is 3 next week and boy 3 is 5 in October, crikey how do we fit all that in.

Anyway on my early morning walk I saw a red envelope lying on the grass verge, in exactly my 8 year olds big scrawly handwriting it said 'mummy' Now its not like there are no other mummys in the world, but isn't it funny how we all think we're the only one ! I had to stifle the urge to pick up the card - and left it for its owner probably by now tearfully realising it had been lost as his mum opened her birthday gifts.

I did a talk at Champneys last night what a fab holistic place thats become, I'm jacking up a competition to win a holiday there and on this months tips going out monday 1st Sept there an offer code so if you need a pampering break check it out.


Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wed 27th

Ah..back to my old ..hardly ever blogging ways then....We got back from cornwall and then went straight to the Greenbelt festival, what a mad weekend ! I LOVE Greenbelt, I've been going since the late 70's - (yes I'm scarily old) and it gets better every year - if different, in the old days.....there were top bands headlining - now its more of a christian arts festival, with a big family emphasis but its always inspirational and uplifting.

The boys did a breakdancing workshop and we saw lots of great new bands. I loved the tribute to Larry Norman, he was the godfather of Christian rock, sounds naff but truly he was a genius and he died earlier this year. Lots of bands did covers of his songs including Martyn Joseph and my mate Pete Banks from After the fire.

The weather was awful but who cares... we trudged around a muddy field, drank lots of cappucino (me) hot chocolate (boys 1 and 2) and spent a fortune on smoothies and hippy type kit.

We sat in the Sacred space area for a while, I lit a candle for a freind battling illness and just sat drinking in the silence and the icon art. The boys decided to write a prayer, I was all overcome with a feeling of pride till I noticed they'd changed their mind and decided to writie a review of the books they're currrently reading...well thats admirable too I hear you say...mmm...anyone looking over their shoulder would have seen the headings...Yucks Fart club and Horrid Henrys nits...oh well down from my holy moment and back to reality.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Fri 22nd

It took me three times to write todays date, thats when you know you're chilled when you've lots track of the days.

Yesterday we were proper tourists and went to Lands End. Not my favourite kind of deal, queing up for ages to get nto the packed car park and milling around waiting for events that didn't happen (there was an air ambulance day but becasue of weather conditions etc etc)

I had an attacj of meanness and refused to pay the forty quid or whatever it would have been for us to do the various exhibitions and fortunateley the boys were happy to play on the adventure playground

Last night we went to the Gurnards head for a meal to mark the end of our hols

Bye bye cornwall, love you, see you very soon I hope

Thursday, 21 August 2008

thurs 21st aug..St Ives

Well I had to go back to meet Juicemaster Kate, showed her the Lifescape mag, that that one where the ttle for my juicy retreat article is 'the uicy way to lose weight' yet I am pictured in a puc from last Feb loking like an elephant.
Anyway we met at the surfers cafe and just about held onto our organic carrot cake while the screaming gulls whirled overhead.

I walked back up my favouirte hotel The Garrack to say hello and tell the owner that hes featured in the latest book, not in the travel section there isn't one but in the chapter on recycling cos he has such an nteresting take on it all as a small business owner.

I have zero energy today - I've 'stopped' for a while so my body is thinking...ooh whats that interesting feeling, lets get some rest in.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Tues 19th Aug …forgot to mention the sea

How could I forget ? and how bizarre that I after years of managing to blog only once or twice a month have felt the need to write twice in one day, must be the sea air.

I ventured out this monring as the sun weakly appeared, oh there are loads of easy walks around here the organic farmer told me, but he hadn't reckoned on the fact that 'easy' to me means a stroll around St Johns wood rahter than finding the correct stile and footpath in the wilds of cornwall. anyhow I made it down to the sea and wild and wonderful it was too, Without sounding like a sixth former I never tire of watching the waves roll in and the more ferocious the better. I feel so alive as soon as I arrive here, particular if I'm close to St Ives - its quite weird. I sat and looked at the sea for ages and then made my way back up the hill, crikey I thought I was fit ! 'if you turn right at the stile' they said 'you can walk over the field to the pub,' Ah, more than one way at the stile, but I made it, wandered past a few cows who looked at me as if to say'you're not from thses parts' and finally past a farmers house, well through his back yard to be precise - funny these properties with footpaths through their gardens...and finally ontio the road, around one bend stood the pub, but not just any pub, the 'Tatler' renowned Gurnards head Gastro pub. I had a fabulous cappucino at London prices and then walked back

The gales died down, the tents going up and the sun is out.
Get down

Tues 19th aug wet and windy cornwall

We're in wet and windy Cornwall, unbelievable that its high season. I don't care though, the train ride went on for hours, we were losing the will to live. the only respite was the heart lurching view when we got to the brdige and corssed into Cornwall

We're so remote here, it really is a different world, its such a problem being addicted to Cornwall - its just too far away - or maybe the real issue is that I don't live here and its me thats too far away.

We were meant to be campng on a freinds farm but there were warnings of a force 8 gale last nigth so we snuggled in sleeping bags in the main house.

The boys ate cereals this morning with milk fresh from the goat.



Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Wed 13th Aug, BBC London, a heart stopping rainbow and looking old…

Up at the absolute crack of sparrows (4.30) to be on air at BBC London at 6.45 Really fuh piece actually with Paul Ross and Jo Good, We talked credit crunch and saving cash by community buying - using companys like Suma Co-op and Infinity foods etc and of course they enjoyed playing with the soapnuts.

Wandered through London at 10 past 7 and thought how amazing it is to have this much energy. If that had been last year I would have been wiped out. Praise the lord ! - pass the juice

I saw an amazing heart stopping rainbow last nigth on my way to yoga (get her !) it was one of those that actually went from end to end, a complete arc if you get my drfit. I love rainbows and have had a sort of emotional attachment to them for as long as I can remember, I'm sure as a sixth form student I tried writing naff poetry or song lyrics around the idea...don't worry I won't inflict any of that on you. I also love the DH Lawrence book The Rainbow, think I did it for A level actually way more years ago than I care to remember. On that note I looked int he mirror yesterday and swear it was not me who looked back. it was an older woman, looking tired. it scared me, I must go and re-read my own chapters on glowing skin-care, I am religiously applying my organic line softener, so if it doesn't change soon I'll have to sue Inlight (only joking - think how old I'd look if I wsn't using the natural stuff)

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Thurs 7th aug

I'm useless at this blogging lark and feeling very frustrated right now cos I know I need to get a proper flashy new all bells and whistles website is underway but I'm afraid I'm frantically busy and very un-high tech....oh dear oh can tell I'm not having a good day so far...

kids are happy though they're at a holiday club and doing all kinds of exciting stuff, as thye're normally home-edded its been an interesting shock to their system being with hundreds of other kids and sonny commented on how loud they are ! I rather unhelpfully suggested he takes some foam earplugs...duh !! not very cool !

back when I'm feeling more upbeat I promise

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Tues 22nd

The Tatton Park flower show is on form now till Sun and yours truly has inspired the design of a garden - I know its not exactly a rose named after me but hey ho, one of the members of the ladies circle has designed it and called it the 'natural woman' garden, now I know I'm imperfectly natural but I'm proud to be the inspiraiton - lets hope it doesn't sprout weeds before the weekend !

Chocka this week catching up after my time at Champneys - I did tell ya'll about that didn't I ?

The great news is I'll be doing some talks and events there so lots of excuses to go back and book treatments !

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Thurs 17th July

Just back from 2 nights at Champneys in Tring, man alive what a wonderful place, its years since I've been to a health resort, or 'farm' as they were known and back then it was overweight people queuing up in robes to be weighed and then waiting miserably for a sub standard treamtent and eating a bit of sad salad for lunch. This was like being at the most luxurious coutnry hotel ever but with the added benefit of an incredibiel spa and wonderful exercise classes. They say they're a spa then a hotel but I'd say they do both brilliantly. I did a fitness hula hooping session - not bad as I haven't kept a hoop up that long since I was a kid (no gags) and I went on some fab country hikes and of course did yoga.

Frank Bruno was very loud in his flourescent blue shorts in the gym and I'm sure they get a fair smattering of big time celebs but you don't feel the need to dress up - its very relaxed.
Highly recommended - well worth it for a day trip, food fantastic too, longer article coming soon...


Thursday, 10 July 2008

Thurs 10th July

I won't even bother with my sorry...where does the time go thing.....we had a ball at Hesfes even though only for the weekend, loads of sunshine incredibly. I must offer a big thanks to Morag (The Nappy Lady) I'll have you know, for letting us hang out at her motor home on site and the kids played lots of football while I discovered a bit of Mersea island in Essex I didn't know existed, namely a fab cafe where the cappucinos are good and a walk by some nice yachts, very select. We stayed with my old mate Pete from After the fire (yes - any old Christian rockers reading this...THAT After The Fire) they're still gigging with 2 original members.

Last Tues I did a small event a Berkhamsted library and tonight just back from a talk at Waterstones in St Albans, I do like local gigs, home for cocoa by 11pm, another local one on Sat at an eco fair and then I'm off to a health resort (get me !) to sample a few pampering treatments for a day or so.

Appropo to nothing don't forget to take up the offer for the Lifescape subscription - buy one get one sub free at a reduced price and you both get £25 worth of natural skincare - what an offer !

Monday, 23 June 2008

monday 23rd June

A fab weekend, if exhausting. the ABM was great and I bumped into two midwives who helped me give birth to two of my kids ! On to a churches conference in Kent and Sunday at the NCT conference. A huge event with such a great informed crowd.

Today I met the lovely Rajasana from Lifescape mag, you''l be hearing lots more about that fab publication as I'm going to be writing for them.

We're finally having our vile carpet removed - man alive the kids were impressed by the industrial sander and I was hugely impressed at how beautiful the wood is when all the layers of crap have been removed ! Yippee - it will only be a matter of days till I can lay down my fab turkish rug, (bought at Yurdoncarpets in Gochek turkey) - ye I really did go to Turkey anb came back with a carpet...

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tues 17th

Yet more eons have gone by and I've barely paused for breath. Have I told you about the Dutch Nursery event ? it wetn great, such an informed audience. Last weekend was great too, I was speaking at the Babygroe conference in Chester and finally got to meet the lovley Brigit Strawbridge from its not easy being green fame, watch this space for details of her latest project.

Sat I was speaking at the Allergy show and aside from almost having a fight with a guy who was trying to convince me that his 99 per cent liquid parrafin product was the bees knees for dry skin and excema (????) it was a great event and we sold out of books.

We raced out of there over to Heathrow to catch the end of the fab Juicy seminar with Jason Vale, man alive he can talk as much as me...hes brilliant and it must have been an awesome day of juicy info.

This thursday I'm doing an event for an Ovarian Cancer charity and then off to see my boys play in their rock school concert (earplugs will be needed) and this weekend theres events at the Association of breastfeeding mothers, the churches conference in Kent and the National Childbirth Trust conference in Coventry...

Crikey I feel exhausted just thinking about it...

Friday, 30 May 2008

Fri 30th

Janey Lee Grace and Mari Wilson
Yippee Imperfectly Natural Home has been well and truly launched ! Go buy it ! Or wait till monday when I'm on The Wright stuff (10am on the channel 5 sofa) and buy it on Amazon after that - don't forget to leave a fab review too !

We had an excellent launch party at the BBc club, so many lovely people, its always tricky making sure you introduce people to other people if you get my drift but everyone had a good time - our goody bags though I say so myself were the best in town with everything from skincare goodies from Neals Yard remedies, Green people, Purenuffstuff, coconoil to name a few, some eatables from Honeyrose (fab organic choccy thingys) and cereals from rude Health...oh a ton of stuff.....The eminent Roger Coghill was holding court (he is so fascinating) and all my friends were queuing up to meet Frank Partridge who used to be on Sky TV and all the guys were queuing to say hi to Mari Wilson and yes...we are going to reunite, I'm going to sing BV's for her London gig in the autumn, will have to dust down my 50's frock.

I'm presenting the Green Awards in November and the guys were there, I did my best PR work and introduced them to the guy from Worldnakedbikeride which does exactly whats its name suggests - Gaby who works with me seemed very interested in the concept so watch this space !!!

Enjoy the new book and if you aren't already signed up join our fab freindly forum.


Saturday, 17 May 2008

Sat 17th

Back at work this week which has been fun, you cna imagine Steve reaction to my juice retreat ! Lots of very intrigued listeners though, Jason is gonna be inundated !

Got my hands on the new book, very exiting and right now I'm in cornwall at the Truro farmers market 10th celebrations, staying in Falmout at St Michaels hotel and spa - man alive its fantastic - faultless actually, I had an amazing treamtent, a cornish honey body wrap and then pottered around the vintage shops and a great shop called seikyerbooty selling ethnic and fairtrade clothes. Last night I attended the opening cermeony in Truro, sadly after all this great weather its torrential rain but hey ho !

I've jsut done an interview with BBC radio cornwall, the lovely Tim Hubbard and v. soon we're off to formally open the market, there'll be celeb chefs from cornwall, and a veritable array of fish, cheese, meat and veg, sadly I'm catching a train later so can't carry a stash home !

As you can tell I'm feeling very 'content' to be back in day....I'll get to live here...

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sun 11th May

Well I'm still motivated after my wondrous retreat, I've been juicing every single day and getting the kids at it, best of all I'm up at least 45 mins earleir than I used to drag myself up, and go for a walk (can't quite manage running - more of a fartlek approach)

I've done a couple of tai chi classes which have been great and almost made the yoga class today, sadly not quite as the queue to the carpark for the farmers market made me late (great excuse though, got some fab organic veg and a cute 'bug catcher' from a local community project - Earthworks.

We went to a local arts and craft fayre today, rediculously hot, spent most of the day nagging the kids to put sunhats back on but we all had fun.

In leui of the yoga I'm gonna have to put Kens dvd on and relive my memories of Turkey...

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Wed April 30th

Kinda excelled myself I think with the gap between blogs but I've been manically if wonderfully busy.

I had a life changing week at my Juicing retreat in Turkey, you've heard of Jason Vale (the juicemaster) I'm sure, hes the one that helped Jordan lose 71bs in 7 days, a fair few other celebs have done his thing too but Jason is about so much more than just losing weight its the holistic picture.

I did lose half a stone so thats a bonus but also gained some sanity and perspective and did yoga and tai chi every day.

See the feature I wrote and make sure you check out Jasons book and dvd and try it at home. and tell him I sent you.

More info too about Jasons only seminar this year on the May e-zine out tomorrow...creky better get completing it....
bye for now, won't leave it so long - honest !

Monday, 7 April 2008


Yet more weeks fly by...I had a good time at a Ladies circle function last Saturday in Warrington and got to see my best mate on the way.

We managed a few hours beforre the snow melted yesterday and the kids had fun.

I'm back on The Wright stuff next monday and busily jacking up some fab items to make up a lovely hamper of goodies to be auctioned at the yestolife event on the 26th april I go then...

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sun 30th March

Crikey where does the time go ? Last week was easter right ? and snowing here, its was perfect actualy for the kdis to do the snowball thing just for an hour till it melted then they ran in for eggs, it also hampered the easter bunnys tracks a little which was all good delaying tactics, talking easter bunnies the four year became obsessed with dressing up and with some help from his brother found a white dressing gown, made some paper ears and stuck on some blades of grass for whiskers, they even had a crack at making their onw choco easter bunnies in moulds though sadly all came out with ears unattached - ces't la vie

Its been another manic week checking final book edits, completing my articles for my Herts Life column and my Higher nature nutrition mag and of course jacking up some great offers and comps for the April tips sheet, if you're not signed up, get in quick, we've even got a 'bogof' and I thought that was only supermarkets...

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Wed 19th march

Just back from a productive few days in Monmouth staying with freinds and getting some writing done. Sat was fun, I stopped off briefly to say hello at a ladies Circle function and bought myself a smashing hat in the process, and fairtrade I'll have you know.

Frantically tapping away at the final final book edit and correcting mistakes, crikey if you see how many typos I make it will take a while and also completing articles to promote the book

The pic of radio 2 girlies in the sunday express was fun, I hear Wogan gave a certian publication more plugs than usual !

Happy easter by the way

Monday, 10 March 2008

Mon 10th

What a week, exhaustion is the word but I found time for a quick swim and aromatherapy sauna to revitalise myself (if you fancy it by the way theres a free family day pass to the Herts branch oif Next Gen - click on the front page for the email addy) Anyway I ws in the changing area after showering and a woman asked me if I'd put a bit of cream on her back, where she couldn't reach. Helpful old me said yes without thinking and seh handed me a bottle of - well I won't name and shame - save to say it was the kind of mainstream chemical laden product that I avoid like the plague, I hesitated but then duly rubbed her back (which was covered in angry zits by the way unsprisingly) I stood there like one fo those cartoon drawings with the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other and just cold not decide whether I should open y big mouth. I should have said, I'm sorry, I wopn't rub that stuff on you, its choc full of vile chemicals - try some of my coconut oil, it will cost you way less, help your skin and won't damage the environment....of course I actually said nothing - wimp ! I got back in my car and realised that even though I'd washed my hands I still reeked of the stuff.

That'll teach me.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

March 4th

Happy birthday to me ! What a frantic 8 days or so. Cornwall was fabulous, windy but sunny. We stayed at Trelowarren -see the feature on the site - it was wonderful. We got to visit Frugi, Spiezia and Team Lollipop - nappy lot - really nice to see everyone.

Last Fri I did the talk in Winchester - great event with 250 women, really nice people, Spirit of nature were there, Cherry active, and Anne Marie Borlind so that was good too.

Last weekend was the Brighton natural trade show and Fiona and I went around like little blue ***** flies trying to meet everyone. A fab seaside time was had by all.

This morning up at the crack of the sparrows for The Wright stuff and in truth had completely forgotten it was my birthday till I heard the date mentioned. My smashing boys baked me their own recipe blueberry cake though - divine.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

thurs 14th Feb

I've been in the presence of a legend today - no the guy from ashes to ashes though he was great on the show...lunchtime Fiona and I met up with Roger Coghill - if you don't know who he is - go look him up. read the feature on the site about 'asphalia' and grab yourself a copy of his book 'something in the air' see reading list.

This guy really knows his stuff and while I bumble around trusting my intuition to sense when progress is not actually helping us - he has full scientific back ups for all his claims I am starting my course of Asphalia right now and definitley gonna be more vigilent about switching off electrical stuff at night...

give the man an obe ...

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Tues 12th Feb

What a rush ! finished with Wrigthy and then a mad dash over to TV centre to record an Alan Titchmarsh show, hes lovely, just a quick piece with Aggie and Calvin Mackenzie on plastic surgery - me anti of course. Interestingly we have Jordan on the show...

Broadcasts on Friday pm 2.30 itv I think

Friday, 8 February 2008

Fri 8th Feb

So anyway another week has flown by and I'm whacked, mon was the Radio 2 folk awards - great performances and good to see Steve Harley again. Up at the crack to do BBC brekkie on the contraversial topic of fluoride in the water, kicked off a right debate - see the clip on the front page of the site.

Went off to St Albans and bought an old style shopping trolley - yes things are that bad ! no seriously we're selling kit to raise money for yestolife and its the easiest way to cart stuff around.

Any ideas for fundraising gratefully recieved, see the thread onthe close to that hyperthermia sauna now....

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Wed 6th Feb

Crikey I can't believe I haven't 'blogged' for so long. Life rocks on and we're all fine. In truth I can't even remember what the hells happened. Back soon for an update.


Thursday, 24 January 2008

Thurs 24th

Yet another day up with the sparrows for an early meeting and then other meetings one with the lovely Robin from Yestolife - I know I know I keep banging on about this charity but if you've ever known anyone who has had cancer you'll know how crucial their work is - and Sue Croft from consumers for health choice, a real ey opener actually when Sue spells out what it will really mean if the powers that be in Brussels decide to 'regulate' our vitamins and mineral supplements. Be very scared (for more info see the feature written by Sue and with a pic of supporter Jenny Seagrove

anyways we're going to drum up ideas for more publicity for the campaign and highlight how important these health supplements are for many of the people Yestolife help.

Meanwhile book editing a gogo and must look though the pics from mondays session....

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Tues 22 Jan

Yesterday we had a fab day doing a glamorous photo session to help promote the next book. We hired Punk in Soho, which is the club that Kate Moss had for her bash allegedly (crikey I'm at the cutting edge !) Anyway we hired some fab vintage dresses and Rosi tarted me up a treat.

Looking forward to see-ing the shots and we'll give you a sneak preview.

bye bye


Monday, 14 January 2008

Tues 15th Jan

Remind me never to have another kids party at home, stress ! They all enjoyed it though and perhaps one day the house will recover. it wasn't helped by the fact that I had to be up at 4.30 am for The Wright stuff, fun show though, Matthew sure did enjoy the Pelvic toner !

I feel like a proper grown up today off for a meeting with Supplenents compared the website people before going to Radio 2, nothing strange but I rarely do morning meetings (I know I should get out more)

Friday, 11 January 2008

Fri 11th Jan

I've been reading lately - big deal I hear you cry, well actually it is for me. I spend my life reading articles as 'research' for work etc but forget to read any of my favourite books - albeit still for research. the end result is that I've updated my recommended reading list so have alook and see if any of them are your faves too - eco classics such as 'Change the world for a fiver' what a gem of a book.

As a antidote to my literary experiences (??) I'm also frantically planning Buds 8th birthday party. You heard it here - I flatly refuse to do the 'party bag' thing. Parents across the land will thank me for campaigning for the official end to the party bag trend (I'm clearly a poet) I mean we didn't have them we were kids did we ???

...just got to go and run it by Bud....feel very scared..

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Wed 9th Jan

How do people update blogs daily ?

I had a fab if super quick time in St Ives. Terrible weather but that never bothers me. I had some bracing walks by the sea and got lots of writing done in my smashing sea view room at The Garrack. I've been researching conception. for those of you who know me don't panic its not for me ! I wanted to adapt my script for the Creative conception CD which follows joyful pregnancy and blissful birth (I know we got the order slightly wrong !)

Back at work and busy, busy, busy...

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Tues 1st Jan

Hope you all had a fab Christmas and new years eve, ours was great fun, we managed to pile 3 kids and grandma into the car and make it to our church 10 miles away for a great new years eve party and hubby and I came out of retirement and did a 'turn' He played I sang, most nerve wracking in frotn of your own kids....tell me I didn't embarrass you I said to Sonny who is 9 going on 15...oh no he said, just your hat embarrassed can be so cruel, hours before we'd had a scene when I came down wearing a 1970's retro catsuit to which at least 2 small children shouted - are you wearing THAT ? ......i rushed back to change promto

Off now to Cornwall for a fleeting solo trip to get my 'fix' and set me up for the new year.
Happy 08