Thursday, 21 August 2008

thurs 21st aug..St Ives

Well I had to go back to meet Juicemaster Kate, showed her the Lifescape mag, that that one where the ttle for my juicy retreat article is 'the uicy way to lose weight' yet I am pictured in a puc from last Feb loking like an elephant.
Anyway we met at the surfers cafe and just about held onto our organic carrot cake while the screaming gulls whirled overhead.

I walked back up my favouirte hotel The Garrack to say hello and tell the owner that hes featured in the latest book, not in the travel section there isn't one but in the chapter on recycling cos he has such an nteresting take on it all as a small business owner.

I have zero energy today - I've 'stopped' for a while so my body is thinking...ooh whats that interesting feeling, lets get some rest in.

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