Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Wed 13th Aug, BBC London, a heart stopping rainbow and looking old…

Up at the absolute crack of sparrows (4.30) to be on air at BBC London at 6.45 Really fuh piece actually with Paul Ross and Jo Good, We talked credit crunch and saving cash by community buying - using companys like Suma Co-op and Infinity foods etc and of course they enjoyed playing with the soapnuts.

Wandered through London at 10 past 7 and thought how amazing it is to have this much energy. If that had been last year I would have been wiped out. Praise the lord ! - pass the juice

I saw an amazing heart stopping rainbow last nigth on my way to yoga (get her !) it was one of those that actually went from end to end, a complete arc if you get my drfit. I love rainbows and have had a sort of emotional attachment to them for as long as I can remember, I'm sure as a sixth form student I tried writing naff poetry or song lyrics around the idea...don't worry I won't inflict any of that on you. I also love the DH Lawrence book The Rainbow, think I did it for A level actually way more years ago than I care to remember. On that note I looked int he mirror yesterday and swear it was not me who looked back. it was an older woman, looking tired. it scared me, I must go and re-read my own chapters on glowing skin-care, I am religiously applying my organic line softener, so if it doesn't change soon I'll have to sue Inlight (only joking - think how old I'd look if I wsn't using the natural stuff)

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