Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Tues 19th Aug …forgot to mention the sea

How could I forget ? and how bizarre that I after years of managing to blog only once or twice a month have felt the need to write twice in one day, must be the sea air.

I ventured out this monring as the sun weakly appeared, oh there are loads of easy walks around here the organic farmer told me, but he hadn't reckoned on the fact that 'easy' to me means a stroll around St Johns wood rahter than finding the correct stile and footpath in the wilds of cornwall. anyhow I made it down to the sea and wild and wonderful it was too, Without sounding like a sixth former I never tire of watching the waves roll in and the more ferocious the better. I feel so alive as soon as I arrive here, particular if I'm close to St Ives - its quite weird. I sat and looked at the sea for ages and then made my way back up the hill, crikey I thought I was fit ! 'if you turn right at the stile' they said 'you can walk over the field to the pub,' Ah, more than one way at the stile, but I made it, wandered past a few cows who looked at me as if to say'you're not from thses parts' and finally past a farmers house, well through his back yard to be precise - funny these properties with footpaths through their gardens...and finally ontio the road, around one bend stood the pub, but not just any pub, the 'Tatler' renowned Gurnards head Gastro pub. I had a fabulous cappucino at London prices and then walked back

The gales died down, the tents going up and the sun is out.
Get down

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